This turd in a suit is now the Captain of England in a friendly against Denmark.

Shame on England, shame on football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “This turd in a suit is now the Captain of England in a friendly against Denmark.

  1. Anonymous

    On second thoughts, better drop-off the mongrelized ingrate Black No.9 Coal in the middle of Notting Hill – he'll feel more at home with lawless urban jungle bunnies with chips on both shoulders and shooting and stabbing each other daily.

  2. Anonymous

    Used to follow England all across the globe in the 80s and 90s now i hate them with a vengeance,when they stand for the national anthem its like looking at the entire cast of fraggle rock.Last night it was Scotland v Northern Ireland for me who show a bit more pride and passion.

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in will never ever be able to compete with this?"Has Richard Desmond decided to back the English Defence League?"it reported its activities in an uncritical manner and noted that, in a phone poll of readers the previous day, 98 per cent of respondents had "said they agreed with the EDL's policies".Ivan Lewis, shadow Culture secretary, said: "Newspapers have a right to cover whatever they want in a democracy within the constraints of the law and their code of practice."

  4. Anonymous

    An umbrella organisation of so called European Nationalist political parties made a trip to Israel last December and visited the Knesset as guests. The group European Freedom Alliance is a Neo-Con front. Most of the big so called European Nationalist parties appear to be onboard. Here is an interview with just two of these deluded men! I bet Gri££in wished he was onboard, these parties avoid him in the EU parliament.


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