B.N.P. 2009 accounts to be "reviewed" by the Electoral Commission.

“• And nasty Nick does need friends. For after all those draining months spent tussling with the equalities watchdog, the relative peace he sought has been shattered. We learn that the party financial accounts for 2009 are being formally “reviewed” by the official watchdog, the Electoral Commission. Eyebrows there were raised by the decision of the party’s auditor to issue only a “qualified” statement, noting that he could not possibly fully sign off on the accounts as full and fair or complete. There is also the matter for the leader of a £1,250 fine from the Commission, levied because both the party’s national and regional accounts were submitted beyond the deadline – the third such transgression in the past four years. Add to that, bitter testimony from the party’s preferred printer, who has told the Commission that he is still owed £15,000 for leaflets and bulletins – thereby challenging the party’s legal pronouncement that it has no outstanding general election debts – and it does seem that the finances are all over the place. Some doubt that Nick is the man to sort it out. For our part, we wish him well.”


Granted the above is taken from the odious Grauniad snoozepaper, however this doesn’t mean that it isn’t the case.


12 thoughts on “B.N.P. 2009 accounts to be "reviewed" by the Electoral Commission.

  1. Anonymous

    I've just been watching Griffin & Brons in an empty EU parliament making speeches last week, concerning nothing about the Nationalist cause, they appear to be both wasting time?

  2. Anonymous

    The BNP is starting to remind of the scene at the farmhouse in the film BUSTER,everyones happy counting their share of the loot at the table but it all starts to go pear shaped because of one or two incompetent loud mouths.Griffin they always get you on the money.

  3. Anonymous

    Can it be proven that the money owed is for election material or just for printing of the VoF newspaper? I'm sure slippery Gri££in will have a way of getting out of this, as he seems to do with everything else? He appears to have the whole mapped out in advance.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like Gri££in is going to have some competition? The Daily Star & Express owned by Mr Desmond have been backing the EDL for 2 years now!"EDL To Go Political""THE English Defence League is set to break into mainstream politics with a bid to get MPs in Parliament..It wants to field official EDL candidates in national and council elections. The move is an attempt to increase the organisation’s political influence, just like the BNP under Nick Griffin."http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/175956/EDL-TO-GO-POLITICAL/

  5. ex-bnp

    The filth Gri££in will see the BNP utterly wreaked before he'd see it gone. Remember the Blackpool conference 2007? HE SAID IT THERE BEFORE US ALL REMEMBER!Just let the scum and his dogs carry on ripping it to bits, fuck 'em. As for Butler? He needs to increase his medication if he thinks he'll ever win the tatters of what was the BNP; who the hell wants it now anyway? We need to be building a real political party with the talent we have out there untapped at the moment. This obsession with 'getting rid of Gri££in' has gone way too far – he is filth and will be remembered for his stealing, sexual deviancy, greed, lies, cowardice and gluttony – this will be his epitaph.

  6. Anonymous

    The printer if he keeps his bookwork in good working order will have his invoices set up on a ledger system be it an excel spreadsheet or an old fashioned accounts book for accounts payable and accounts receivable.If you have ever had a small business you eneter every invoice that you owe and every invoice that is owed to you this way you can project your cashflow for the following month and usually pay or expect to be paid in a 30 day cycle.If the printer has no record of being paid and feels the need to take further action down the legal route then griffin and his so called ACCOUNTS PAYABLE people will need to proove invoices have been paid if they are saying they have paid them.What makes this whole episode stink is the BNPs accountants may be called into a court of law to proove the said invoices have been paid as they were paid to sign off the accounts.It stinks as much as dealing with muslim business's who will try every trick in the book not to pay you but you only get bitten once.If anyone on here has access to companies house then the BNP will have to be registerd on there go and check out their credit rating as it used to be worth us paying the £1 just to check out new potential customers.

  7. Anonymous

    Griffarage will NO DOUBT be trying to worm his way inside the EDL, just as Barnes's B.F.P. are trying to do.They all are GW especially as griffarge has seen how much merchandise has been sold to young kids after his scam of robbing elderly BNP members for years has now run dry ! a new generation of mugs,money for the welshpool estate in griffins eyes.Well watch this space.


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