6 thoughts on “It wasn’t the muzzies, how many more times must you be told?

  1. Anonymous

    Final Conflict said…it's holohoax mark II.Agreed. I'm just worried that it's going to go on and on and on for another 56 years (1945 – 2001) and then in 2057 we'll have holohoax mk lll. good website btw. especially like the way 'or just come here to complain? click here…' copies and pastes as 'Enjoy… millions wouldn't!' and sends complaining visitors to all things israel. classic if I'm reading things correctly.

  2. Anonymous

    Several BNP members turned away from the Greenwich (S.E London) branch meeting last night, where Gri££in was guest speaker. Some other members walked out in disgust. The new London Regional organiser is a Griffinite Yes Man!


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