Is this 5Imon Darby desperately trying to cover his own backside as a suspected state operative? We think so

The police’s undercover operations unit is actively involved in supporting extremist far leftist and communist UAF public violence against the British National Party, sensational new photographs have revealed.
Mark Kennedy (highlighted) at a UAF demonstration against the British National Party, Derbyshire.Mark Kennedy (highlighted) at a UAF demonstration against the British National Party, Derbyshire.The photographs, which show now-exposed undercover National Public Order Intelligence Unit police constable Mark Kennedy taking part in a UAF protest against the British National Party in Derbyshire during 2009, have been released by party spokesman Simon Darby.
In the photographs, taken by a British National Party activist at a UAF demonstration outside a licensing application for the 2009 Red, White and Blue event, Pc Kennedy is clearly visible.
Wearing dark clothes and carrying a green rucksack, Pc Kennedy, who was known by the nickname ‘flash’ amongst his far leftist colleagues because he often funded activists’ transportation to demonstrations and their accommodation, can be seen in the crowd of UAF protestors.”
Are we seeing the widely suspected state operative 5IMon Darby attempting to cover his own backside here?
We think so.

Aside from that he is mentioned above underlined as “party spokesman Simon Darby”

We had been told that 5IMon Darby had resigned his post as deputy chairman and was no longer even a member of the party, so how he can be a “party spokesman” is beyond us here at G.W.
Anyway, more on the infamous 5IMon Darby can be read here:
 We already know from 1999 that the state had plans in place to infiltrate the BNP:


9 thoughts on “Is this 5Imon Darby desperately trying to cover his own backside as a suspected state operative? We think so

  1. Anonymous

    5IMon Darby or the man from uncle as i always referred to him always seemed to leave every function or meeting early one minute he was there the next he was gone slipped out the room with no goodbyes.My mate watched and followed him once from a meeting and he was sat in the car park on his mobile phone for quite some time.

  2. Anonymous

    Sean,I was always taught as a kid to recognise a copper. I was told to look at someone and imagine him with a coppers helmet on his head. Does it suit him?As bizarre as it sounds, try photo-shopping a coppers helmet on Darby. I've done it – it's a perfect match.I hereby stake my kids life on the fact that Darby is state – 110%.

  3. Anonymous

    No doubt the griffsters and sparrowtards will have been told certain expelled members were secret operatives and thats why they were expelled just to throw the idiots off the scent as anything nick or simon says must be true.Well i suggest we all submit a comment to the above article along the lines of " Oh my god the police operating undercover with the greens & the uaf then there has got to be undercover agents CURRENTLY operating within in the BNP ?see if they print it !

  4. Anonymous

    Who ever runs this blog has ran a good site on BNP election results over the past few years but look at his/hers latest comment :St Helens and Poole St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council – Haydock ward Lab 1234 Lib Dem 540Con 112 BNP 82 (4.2%)Poole Unitary Authority – Poole Town WardPP 462 Con 438 LD 214 Lab 201 UKIP 55 BNP 32 (2.3%)I do not know what sort of campaigns were run by the party in these constituencies, or what sort of anti-BNP lies were distrubuted, but we have to be honest, these were poor results. I would not expect any great shakes in Poole, but would have expected better than 4.2% in St Helens. Results need to start improving, and quickly. If results like this are witnessed in next years local elections it could spell the end for many disillusioned groups, which I certainly hope is not the case.

  5. Anonymous

    As a matter of interest a long term member of Birmingham NF told me a few weeks after the murder of BNP activist Keith Brown Birmingham NF hired a mini bus to travel up to Stoke meet up with NF activists up there. They had intended to leaflet the area, within twenty minutes police cars and riot vans cordoned off the road. The leaflets where confiscated and the Brumies where told to leave the area or face arrest. The mini bus was hired from a firm in East Birmingham a guy who worked their told one of the activists he knew that when the vehicle was returnrd on the monday. Mi5 officers took finger prints inside. Why would Mi5 want with a dozen or so NF activists? The BNP would the next year hold a rally for Keith Brown and 18 months later on Simon Darby would stand as a Parliametary candidate in Stoke central after washing his hands on Dudley. All figures out?

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… P.C.Kennedy has now left the force and left the country i wonder if he's moved to Croatia by any chance ?24 January 2011 07:41Gri££in has probably made that wonky-eyed verminous filth a BNP organiser and given him a mobile phone permanently tuned to MI5 headquarters and Special Branch.


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