It’s legal and permitted to set up Whites only groups in Britain.…Sector_acc.pdf

LOOK AT PAGE 4 in the above pdf.

So according to the rules quoted in the screenshot below, it is permitted for us to set up a White mans culture club.

The constitution of the White Man’s
Culture Club states that membership
is open only to men whose national
origins are in Britain or Europe.
This restriction would be permitted.

Quoting from the pdf file linked above with screenshot proof:

“The constitution of the Black Women’s
Culture Club states that membership
is open only to women whose national
origins are in Africa or the Carribean.
This restriction would be permitted.”

A free pdf reader can be found here if you haven’t got one installed:


10 thoughts on “It’s legal and permitted to set up Whites only groups in Britain.

  1. Anonymous

    And griffarge played along with trevor phillips & co whilst begging money off members for the court case does now raise ones suspicion who and what griffarge has been all along.

  2. GriffinWatch

    Political parties are classed differently to associations, but yes Griffarage did use Phillips to extract money from the members with no real intention of fighting the case.

  3. Anonymous

    Apparently Griffin has submitted the party accounts to the Electoral Commission on Wed 5th Jan (7 months late,) hopefully we will be able to view them shortly. I wonder what kind of story they will tell?

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…I applied to register the White Mans Paki Bashing Club and they rejected it.Lying cunts!19 January 2011 22:10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~On what spurious grounds was the rejection ?Fly On The WallBy the way, FUCK GRI££IN

  5. Anonymous

    The accounts will never reveal the truth especially as so much cash was donated along with personal cheques to Griffin. The Truth Truck fiasco should be looked in to very thoroughly. I recall the appeal to raise at least £18,000 for a speaker system for the truck. Strange as to why it was not used in the Oldham and Saddleworth campaign.

  6. Anonymous

    Griffin is more than aware that the Asian community is swimming in affluance and wants a bit of it whilst at the same time making sure that Whites are left to drown in the effluence!


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