Griffarage is all p*ss and wind.

Tweeting codswallop.

. . . neglected. Same as our elections systems. Not any more. Hand brake’s off, now we motor!”
Griffarage insinuates that that’s it, he has had enough with the electoral bullsh*t., this is merely posturing on his part, with no serious intent, if Griffarage tries to send our activists back on the street, the establishment will hit him with everything that they have (that decent Nationalists like us have exposed)  and most probably more besides.

Griffarage is desperate now, he has lost whichever way he turns, he must know that, so what will he do? Resign and apologise to us Nationalists or go to jail for fraud  at the hands of the establishment that has so far protected him and who now have no further use for him?


10 thoughts on “Griffarage is all p*ss and wind.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffarge has been sending some of his goons along to EDL rallies to sus it out,some have been spotted causing trouble and using football rivalry as an excuse to cause divisions.We have now warned any active members in the BNP are not welcome so please do not come to Luton next month you had your chance when the ship was sinking but you decided to do the dirty work for king nick so dont think you can jump on our ship and think you can sink it as we are now too big to sink.

  2. GriffinWatch

    Whoa there fella. You have your right to your say, that's a given. If you have a problem with Griffarages idiots, take it to him, don't bring it here please.Regards.The G.W. Team.

  3. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said…If you have a problem with Griffarages idiots, take it to him, don't bring it here please.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damn right, well said, Gri££in Watch. It's an iron sick joke that the EDL are worrying about moronic Gri££inite infiltraitors (infiltraitors – geddit (o; ) when the EDL have already been fully infiltrated by jews/zionists – the very people behind the deliberate uncontrolled mass-influx of muslims into Briton.Wakey, wakey, EDL, you're already terminally stuffed and controlled by a group with no respect or love for the English people – any Briton waving a foreign flag when going up against enemies of the indigenous British is a traitor, so what the hell do you EDLers think you are achieving by waving Israeli flags when protesting about islam and the building of mosques ?Anyway, fuck Gri££in, and fuck his brainless acolytes.

  4. Anonymous

    I've just received a renewal membership letter yesterday, inside is a return envelope addressed : Administration Centre, Y Gribin, Llanerfyl, Welshpool SY210JQ, which is Griffin's home address! Everything must be run from his home now?

  5. Anonymous

    EDL – ASBO bait need to be on guard that true patriots/nationalists/racialists don't get fed up of their State sponsored antics and commence the blood letting!

  6. Anonymous

    Latest bullshit from Gri££in! " Disappointed with the vote in Oldham……The new database system, that we are working on to mirror what Labour and the LibDems have behind the scenes, is going to take more time and money to get really up to speed than we had in the run-up to Oldham and a data base is only as good as the data we put into it and we did not have that data from Oldham. Barnsley is a different matter as we ran a major national canvassing campaign there as well as having more people on the ground there locally "

  7. Anonymous

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