The British Democracy Forum (sic) allows incitement to murder?

Griffarage is a scumbag and has held nationalism back for far too long now but this public call is beyond the pale. The British Democracy Forum (sic) has a BNP section for one reason and one reason only (they won’t even allow any BNP links). The BDF BNP section is designed to embarrass nationalism by letting scumbags post there, they have CROSSED THE LINE IN ALLOWING THIS, if this post was aimed at a Jew or a Black, the poster would soon be facing jail.
I urge everyone to complain against this.

It must also be noted that Southhall1962 claims to be “Teabagger” in its avatar, this creature that incites murder is most definately not a nationalist, more of a “false flag” operative intending to harm nationalism. Which fits in well with the modus operandi of the B.D.F.  



12 thoughts on “The British Democracy Forum (sic) allows incitement to murder?

  1. Anonymous

    Its even gone quiet on the Barnsley front i remember stories on the main website some 18 months ago about packed out meetings in Barnsley.Those kind of stories are now dead and buried as i think packed out BNP meetings are now a thing of the past which goes to show how many people have lost interest since griffin fell out the cuckoo nest and put people like jefferson,howson,deacon and the rest of the numpties in key positions.

  2. Anonymous

    Our only hope is economic ruin. Better our race than wealth.the latter can always be replaced.The political route is a non entity people are literally voting for their own demise,when the shit hits the fan and which it will as outgoings are exceeding incomings at an alarming rate then we will see people start to wake up,its only a matter of time.Theres only one show in town at the minute and thats the EDL dont believe all the bollocks about it being a state set up as i left the BNP to become a major player when we launched as the wheels were going backwards under griffin.We are the homeguard here ready and waiting to protect our people and the survival of our race and nation.

  3. Anonymous

    In a town like Oldham with serious social and race problems we should have got a hugh vote not 1,560 4.4%, something is very wrong with the current leadership, I would how Gr££in will spin this one? In the last General Election the BNP saved its deposit with 5.7% of the vote and 2,546 votes. The BNP polled 5,091 votes which was 11.2% back in 2001.


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