Happy Christmas everyone.

We have much to do in 2011 and together WE CAN GET IT DONE.


8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas everyone.

  1. Anonymous

    Eddy Butler has told people on his blog not to renew their membership of the BNP, do you think that is a good idea? Sometime next year Griffin's is holding an EGM we need to be there or he will pack it out with Yes men, also to contest the leadership you must have 2 years unbroken membership. I would personally say stay in the BNP in 2011 and fight the beast from within?

  2. Anonymous

    As Ed Butler hasn't got 2 years full membership, his tactics must have changed. I expect he's giving up. You have to laught tho, he thinks 'trolley pushers' and the 'semi literate' are below him but he's missed out on thousands in compo and the chance of getting revenge on mad Nick,just for the sake of a £30 membership fee. And isn't it a disgrace that the National Organiser of the BNP wasn't a member.

  3. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said… Didn't you notice the santa hat?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hat? – what hat? but I noticed the swinging headphones for hearing the splash in sterio (o:Happy Christmas to Gri££in Watch for patiently putting up with my un-PC postings.Happy Christmas to Nemisis for his well-researched articles.And, last, but certainly not least in importance, Happy Christmas to all honourable nationalists striving for a safer, better Britain.Fly On The Wall


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