National is a gray area according to Griffarages new logo.

Terrified that he will lose members (ie donations) to the B.F.P. (the sick homosexual, multicult. promoting party),  and the E.D.L. Griffarage has now deemed it fit to gray out the word national altogether, this is of course in line with the establishment modus operandi of destroying nationalism as a force, just the same modus operandi of the B.F.P. and indeed the E.D.L., what we have here are two nefarious parties, fighting over money that they both seek to fraudulently obtain from well meaning nationalists.

Nationalism has never been in such a dire state, as it is in today..

28 thoughts on “National is a gray area according to Griffarages new logo.

  1. Anonymous

    How come the debt was so high in the first place when the party had the industry expert on board raising thousands of pounds but constantly sending out begging letter after begging letter ?

  2. Anonymous

    What happened to the court case involving Michaela and the court case involving Kenny Smith and Steve Blake. It was publicised that the cases were going on but what was the outcome.

  3. Anonymous

    I've just spotted this on the BNP website about what was discussed at the weekend conference, it appears that the bastard Griffin is trying to get his 4 year rule in again after it was voted out at the EGM in 2008!"The national leader, the proposal says, would be elected for a fixed four year term with the right of recall by the national executive."

  4. Anonymous

    The verdict on the EHRC case will be heard this Friday at the Royal Courts of Justice, I wonder what will happen?“Judgement will be handed down at 10am sharp,” Mr Griffin said

  5. Anonymous

    Griffin wants more people on the streets ? Way to go Nick we used to have 24 activists and then we had none as you let in so many left wing dimmi's that fucked us all off and i never mentioned griffin is state ?

  6. Anonymous

    May I point out what I believe to be an error in your latest post?I believe what you meant to say was "Nationalism has NEVER been in such a dire state as it is today".Dr Andrew Emerson

  7. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… May I point out what I believe to be an error in your latest post? I believe what you meant to say was "Nationalism has NEVER been in such a dire state as it is today". Dr Andrew Emerson"We have no problem with facts here. We have a really big problem with Zionist lies.

  8. GriffinWatch

    "Nick is sick said… Ok I won't waste your time.Nationalism is a waste of time. There is no one to lead it."Yes we are lacking a real leader, stay involved and help us find one.

  9. Anonymous

    reference GW at 14 December 2010 20:17I can only think that for some reason, Dr Andrew Emerson is for some obscure reason making a grammatical point of your double use of the word "in" at the end of your article."Nationalism has never been in such a dire state, as it is 'in' today.."GW can you amplify on why you believe the BFP is "the sick homosexual………promoting party"? I'm straight as an arrow by the way! I've just had a quick look through all the BFP's policies and mission statement and so on but cannot find a single reference to it. I know the BFP is a multicult waste of true nationalist space but am just curious as to why you also mention the homosexual thing. I think 'Nick is sick' was just asking what I'm sincerely asking.anon at 21:52 hardly helps by stating what is clearly not the case. Where has all this homosexual stuff come from? I don't see it anywhere in their articles or posts apart from one or two nonsensensical posts/views about nationalism occupying the political middle ground.

  10. Anonymous

    Why don't you just try to educate those out there and some of us on this thread then? You arrogant sonofabitch! How are we supposed to get educated if you just insult people by telling them not to ask such/silly questions? Fucking moron for saying that.

  11. GriffinWatch

    Now you can insult me all that you like, that's freedom of speech and your right, what you won't be allowed to do, is call my mother a bitch. So as we say in England F*ck off, you c*nt.

  12. Anonymous

    GW, You know full damn well it was just a figure of speech and not a personal insult to your dear mother. Isn't 'freedom of speech and your right' and 'what you won't be allowed to do, is call my mother a bitch' an oxymoron? Make your bloody mind up what you believe in!Your absolute refusal to answer valid questions has made me decide to rate your website from a previous high Hero to a now and new low Zero.

  13. GriffinWatch

    Rate G.W. as you like, this blog has earned a great deal of W.N.respect worldwide and that is all that matters to me. The B.F.P. have a loud mouth homosexual openly touting for membership online. The B.F.P. leadership (sic)are aware of this and supportive. Hence they are supportive of homosexual members and homosexuality. These are FACTS. Don't ever involve my family again if you want your say on here.

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…More bullshit from Gri££in? It appears he has made same drastic cuts!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shame is wasn't to his throat.KEEP DICKING THE BASTARDFly On The Wall

  15. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… have you any idea gw how ridiculous this thread is making you seem? all the guy said was son of a bitch. you should have just answered his or her question."Having had my family abused before because MY stance in the movement, it's something that I have no tolerance for.

  16. Anonymous

    Stop digging GW, it obviously had nothing to do with your mother or family. I think 3. was what he had in mind. I tend to agree with him on this one as I didn't know what you were talking about either. I still don't. Any chance of a name as I dont go on BFP and I dont intend to start now.son of a bitch/sonofabitch1. taboo term: a highly offensive term for somebody, usually a man, regarded as hateful, despicable, or intensely annoying (taboo insult)2. any person: used as a familiar, humorous, and slightly vulgar term for a person, usually a man, who has the named characteristic (slang) (sometimes considered offensive)e.g. He's a lucky son of a bitch.3. exclamation of anger: used as a swearword to express anger or defiance (slang) (sometimes considered offensive)


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