Where is the missing £109,000?


A supporter of the British National Party, Edward Alderson, of Bradford in West Yorkshire sadly died on 31st January 2010.

He had decided to leave the British National Party a sum in his will. A copy of the will is attached. Click on each image to read them.

The gross value of his estate was £364,868.

In his will Mr Alderson divided his estate as follows:

• To David Irving £1,000

• To his helper he left his house or if it was sold, the sum of £150,000 free of tax. His house was at 5 Shay Grange and it was sold in October 2008 for £155,000 (see this link for details of the sale price (http://www.zoopla.co.uk/house-prices/west-yorkshire/bradford/shay-grange/). Mr Alderson died in a nursing home. This means that the helper will have received £150,000.

• To the British National Party he left the balance in the estate up to the inheritance tax threshold after the two above bequests have been deducted. The inheritance tax threshold at the time of Mr Alderson’s death was £350,000. This means that the British National Party should have received £199,000. That is £350,000 less £1,000 and £150,000.

• The residue of the estate – any sum over £350,000 – was left to two Yorkshire based medical charities. The net value of the estate was £361,633, so these charities will have shared the sum of £11,633.

The money would have been received by the British National Party after 16th August, when probate was granted. The sum would have then to be declared to the Electoral Commission as a donation in the third quarterly return (i.e. as having been received between 1st July and 30th September). However the sum declared is only £65,000. It can be found in this link:



What happened to the other £134,000?


Updated with corrrections. 

Eddy Butlers analysis of Edward Alderson’s Will contains one error, but is otherwise essentially correct.

Of the net estate of £361,633, just £325,000 will have been applied towards fulfilling the specific bequests, (the Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band is only £325,000 and not £350,000 as Eddy assumes), and the residue of £36,633 will have been given to Yorkshire Cancer Research and Yorkshire Vascular and Surgical Research.

Of the £325,000 applied to fulfill the specific bequests; £150,000 will have gone to Carole Illingworth; £1,000 will gave gone to the David Irving Fighting Fund; leaving £174,000 for the benefit of the BNP.

As only £65,000 has been declared as a donation to the party, one is drawn to ask, what happened to the remaining £109,000?”




5 thoughts on “Where is the missing £109,000?

  1. In the know,

    Eddie Butler was sabotaging Epping Forest branch on the orders of Mad Nick for years.(Mad Nick's biggest enemy Ian Anderson lives in Epping and Mad Nick was determined to wreck the branch rather than have Ian Anderson obtaining any power there). Anderson is one of many who have been stabbed in the back by Mad Nick but this time Anderson actually got the better of Mad Nick.Mad Nick wasn't going to forget this. He finally gave up and changed tactics wanting to control the branch totally to keep Mad Nick happy. Butler was doing Mad Nick's dirty work up to October 2009 and had an hand in destroying the branch then (probably to get in Mad Nick's good books). If Butler was to admitt this he might make some new friends.

  2. Anonymous

    After reading this i suspect griffin has his eyes one the numbers now attending EDL rallies, 64,500 members on facebook the £££ signs are going off in his head at the amount of disenfranchised youth where he can make a few extra quid for the griffin family empire (BNP) Well griffin we have 2 words to say to you and your inner circle of ilks " FUCK OFF " your names are not down and your not coming in.http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/british-national-party-promises-%E2%80%9Cincreased-militancy-future%E2%80%9D


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