Game over for Griffarage? UPDATED.

Has Griffarage been asking for donations from the members to fight legal cases, whilst at the same time getting donations from elsewhere?


3 thoughts on “Game over for Griffarage? UPDATED.

  1. Anonymous

    I've known the BNP is state for a long time but have stayed alongside but at a safe distance because of the years I've put into the party for the sake of friends. Many ordinary bnp are unaware or not interested of the deceit and treason that is being played out. They are incapable of understanding treachery and betrayal. Their best ever friend could be giving their husband or wife one and they wouldn't ever believe it. They would shoot you for telling them and call you a liar. Assange is being shot by BNP at the moment for telling the truth. They are backing a nwo bitch called Palin. Fuck the BNP from now on.


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