Blogs law.

It’s always nice to post some positive news in these days of doom and gloom:
Bloggers, tweeters and other internet users who post instant criticisms of artists, politicians and television shows have been granted new protection from libel claims.
The Supreme Court strengthened the defence of “fair comment” yesterday, bringing the law into line with the age of the internet and 24-hour broadcasting. Under the ruling, it is no longer necessary for defamation defendants to prove all the facts upon which their comment or criticism was made.”
To be honest with the knowledge of the establishment organisations and high ranking legal bods that have viewed this blog, we would be lying if we said that G.W.s metaphorical “arris” hadn’t been clenched tighter than a heterosexuals botty at a gay pride parade!!!, on more than one occasion. (that’s humour by the way, before any of those “types” who push the barrow up the muddy hill get irate).
Anyway descriptive transgressions aside, great news for the blogging/truthtelling community.

(thanks anon.)

p.s. I do like the border around the screenshot pictured above. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogs law.

  1. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… Certainly recently Gri££in has been nervous of things being said on the web about his leadership and financial mismanagement, keep up the good work GW!"We would love to get Nicholas John Griffin in court, over the contents of this blog. (He isn't stupid enough to try it on)G.W. has already beaten Griffin by exposing him and he knows it. G.W. exists to serve white people not abuse them for financial gain.This blog positions itself based on truth and the available facts, whilst we don't sleep often, when we do we sleep, we sleep well.We don't seek fame or wealth, just results.When I die, I will do so knowing that I did the best for my people.


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