The National Front to remember our fallen.

This weekend is Remembrance weekend.
Try to join the National Fronts march in London if you can. They assemble at Bressenden Place, Victoria, London at 2PM this Sunday for a 2.30pm march off.
If you cannot make that event, then try to join your own local services.

But above all, buy a poppy !

3 thoughts on “The National Front to remember our fallen.

  1. Anonymous

    Immigration is still at the top of their priorities even though they've put it lower down. Gilders does the same, even though it's top of his priorities. Watch and wait. You behave like the National Front no one will vote for you. They want people who can run the country.

  2. Anonymous

    It was conceded back in the early '80s by a very senior MI5 bod that the NF would never have got anywhere near Westminster back in the 70s because the State would not have felt it well within its remit to manipulate/rig any Election result which would have returned an NF canditate.NOTHING has changed. Anyone who wants to consider seriously a change in the administration which runs British politics needs to infiltrate one of the established parties. The Marxists are not stupid that is why they have taken their takeover of Labour seriously.


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