The eye of Horus.

Whoever the joker Minime is, he certainly isn’t Sean and has nothing to do with us here at G.W., best guess? Minime is actually Barnes under his very many user names, attempting to smear Sean, who has exposed him as a zionist stooge, many many times.


3 thoughts on “The eye of Horus.

  1. Nemesis

    Mr Barnes, aka 'Minime' with his 'Eye of Horus' avatar, virtually parodies himslef when he attempts to slag off dissidents within his own BFP ( and other nationalists who disagree with his megalamanical approach), see here taken from the British Democracy Forum"A laugh a minute. Another one leaves and announces it on a public forum.What a bunch of drama queens, each only interested in his moment in the spotlight.A streak of exhibitionism running through the fabric of the BFP.'Look at me, I am being virtuous'.A delusion that people even care that they are going, made farcical because they hide behind internet handlesLittle men playing at politics.Squadron leaders who think they can be generals.Nursing grudges in their little bedsits against the world that denies them their genius and churning out turgid prose. regurgitating their undigested bilious hatreds in 'manifestos'.Council estate chavs with anger management problems who have inflated self-belief in their technological abilities, hearing false praise from people who flatter to avoid becoming targets of an out-of-control temper.Old women who would be better off volunteering down the local old peoples home, rather than trying to run a political party.All fighting to reclaim our country, but in a nice way that doesn't upset 'decent' people and doesn't get in the way of 'Corrie' or going down to the pub."Bagel Barnes is really TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF!!

  2. Anonymous

    Nemesis said… Bagel Barnes is really TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF!!Nemesis, the Barmy Bagel is just too easy – he's no sport at all – whenever he throws his bilious bullshit at true nationalists, he nearly always misses, the bullshit most times boomeranging to smack the back of the unsuspecting Bagel's head – way to go, Barnesy, henceforth ye shall be known as the Barmy Boomeranging Bagel.Everyone, sit back, enjoy and KEEP DICKING NICK

  3. austin powers

    he calls Sean 'minime' and the 'nationalist dwarf' see the connection? sanhedrin can't stop bragging. And he is sooo rude. Why, all the time? Plus where is that new drugs policy he was supposed to have gone off for days with got to?


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