Griffarage and Gable? You decide?

Second from the right, yellow tie.



28 thoughts on “Griffarage and Gable? You decide?

  1. Anonymous

    This is a very big mistake indeed, the Loyalist parties won't like this all, it could even let in Sinn Fein in with a split in the vote! I see Gormless Golding is back."BNP Now Formally Registered to Contest Elections in Northern IrelandWed, 03/11/2010 – 20:35 | BNP News The British National Party is now formally registered with the electoral authorities to take part in elections in Northern Ireland for the first time, reports regional organiser Steven Moore.Making the dramatic announcement during a visit to the province by BNP national organiser Clive Jefferson, who was accompanied by BNP Councillor Paul Golding, Mr Moore said the decision to push ahead with the registration have been taken after a meeting with some members of the Northern Ireland Regional Executive."

  2. Anonymous

    Frankly my dear GW, I don't give a damn.What I mean is, I'm not going to think about Gerry Gable now, I'll think about Neanderthal Commie Shite tomorrow while I'm sat on the lavatory pondering.After all, tomorrow is promised to no one and is just another day and any of us could be Gone With The Wind!Gable's Clerkre anon at 21:36BNP Northern Ireland must have a serious Death Wish. Maybe it's the ZOG State's way of getting rid of the lunatics? Best thing for it really, their psychotherapy was going nowhere.

  3. Anonymous

    GW that is the exact same picture from the start of the film reservoir dogs and we all know what happened to that crowd ?,r:0,s:0&tx=66&ty=62

  4. Anonymous

    Half the young kids running round with the EDL know about the uaf gable,tossowski and garside etc.These planks surrounding griffin in the picture wouldnt even recognise weyman bennett if he was amongst them.

  5. Anonymous

    At the end of the day, no one takes a blind bit of notice of Griffin especially when we consider that he will within the next few months be banned from continuing as an MEP (as will Brons?) because of the liabilites he is responsible for from a bankrupt BNP.Good riddance, but no doubt we will see some other group emerge from the shadows and thus the whole merry go round will continue.Is it beyond the wit of man to join an already established party and take over/influence the manifesto from within?

  6. Anonymous

    GW that is the exact same picture from the start of the film reservoir dogs and we all know what happened to that crowd ?In that film reservoir dogs they were all called mr pink,mr blue etc.Ive renamed that lot in the griffin picture after mr men characters from left to right.Mr Grumpy.Mr Daydream.Mr Greedy.Mr Bounce.Mr Topsy Turvy.Mr Messy.Mr Muddle.Mr Jelly

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…These planks surrounding griffin in the picture wouldnt even recognise weyman bennett if he was amongst them.Weyman is – he's whited-up and sporting a glass miggy in his left eye-socket – anyone for a game of marbles ?DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… I see reynolds is looking at griffins arse again.That's because he's spotted Andy Pandy McBride's boots sticking out of Gri££in's arsehole.Reservoir Dogs ? – more like Flossie and her flouncing fairies.KEEP DICKING NICK

  9. Anonymous

    listen to this idiot. heard he posts on the nwn forum………What the one that was hijacked by the nutter from birmingham ? heres a quote from one new member on there talking of birmingham.Mike Bell who spoke up on questiontime on hs own (lovely guy). Bell has since left the BNP as he realised it was full of infiltrators and self serving bully boys.So it seems the infiltrators are now getting paranoid amongst themselves being undercover in the bnp on behalf of searchlight must be really taking its toll maybe they should claim compensation from their masters but lets face it being an infiltrator in griffins BNP must be enough to turn any sane person into a lunatic requiring an asylum.

  10. Anonymous

    Is Gri££in trying to get out of Monday's court apperance? He claims to have suddenly got Kidney Stones!nickgriffinmep Twitter.patients at least getting relief from usual hospital tedium. Occasional stabbing pains in kidneys. 6 minutes ago via txt

  11. Anonymous

    Look like Griffin is shitting himself now, some of his latest Twitters! Or is it just an excuse to delay the trial yet again?"time wasting nuisance I could do without. Doing an affidavit for cehr case through a fog of pain was an . . . about 19 hours ago via txt ""Started getting really bad stomach pains about noon. Dr. says it's kidney stones. A . . . . about 19 hours ago via txt "

  12. Anonymous

    A court has ordered a re-run of the election in Oldham East and Saddleworth after ruling Phil Woolas knowingly made false statements about his Liberal Democrat rival.Griffin has all of a sudden made a full recovery and is airing out his parachute on the hills of welshpool.All dupes are requested to hit the donate button as the campaign is likely to cost about £500,000

  13. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, are you sure that's a photo of Jerry `The Kike' Gable, because it sure looks like Gri££in's old geezer, Edgar?PS Votes for `Definitely' have been dropping – is there something wrong with the Gri££in Poll counter ?

  14. Anonymous

    Why is the donate buttom stuck at 17k. wonder why weest mids warrior stopped posting on vnn after leadership election?Found out one west mids person has been pretending to be someone else on certain forums and was taking the piss and cash out of vunlerable and elderly members and was working for the other side.I wonder why little miss muffett who knows it all sharon ebanks hasnt picked up on this yet ? Im hearing also a large estate and will was also left to the BNP ? watch this space when the accounts come out no wonder so many people at the top of the party have jumped ship.

  15. Anonymous

    does anybody know any more about Michaela McKenzies pay out ordered by the court against Griffin. Last time I heard he was refusing to pay up and the case was going back to court.

  16. Anonymous

    GW at 20:13Maybe more would click on it if it was spelt correctly? lol Some people are a bit funny about that sort of thing.Take care. Definitely a great truth-ferreting blog 🙂

  17. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said… Yes I have also noticed that the votes are dropping. G.W.s know the score. I can only assume that a concerted effort is underway to undermine this blog………………Gri££in Watch, I'm no cyber nerd, but I didn't think the actual numbers themselves could be changed downwards. Needs fixing quick so Gri££inistas have a better idea what informed nationalists think of Gri££in.GW,keep up the good work – hope your continual pressure will eventually burst one of Gri££in's strangulated piles Darby is trying to poke back up his fuhrer's arsehole with his fingers, as I type.


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