"The Barnes who cried wolf" by Nemesis.

Barnes at rest.

Barnes in full flow.

By Nemesis
If Nationalists are to triumph over the System of lies and illusion that currently hold sway over us then we can only win through adherence to the truth, to the facts. Anything else is unethical and sells us back into the arms of the very same System that is attempting to control us, and it also risks alienating the public as well as our supporters if our claims are found to be lies. British Nationalists have had enough of being lied to and manipulated for financial reasons. We do not want to be lied to, be it for ego or any hidden agenda.
In a recent blog, former Griffinite stooge, Lee Barnes, accuses Sean Hadley of possessing ‘zombie characteristics’. This is a rather peculiar claim from Lee Barnes as Sean (of Griffin Watch) has never been a Griffinite and in fact was one of the earliest BNP activists to back out  and attempt to effect change, on account of what he saw with Nick Griffin. Lee Barnes, on the other hand, supported, advised and promoted Nick Griffin all the way until very recently, resigning the day before close of nominations for the recent BNP leadership challenge. An opportunist, Barnes soon allied himself with the Reform Group and within a few months, together with some of the Reform Group, had created a new party – the British Freedom Party.
As Nationalists we need to temper our claims to the public, particularly when we expect other Nationalists to act on those claims. Lee Barnes has a long record of often aggressive and hostile claims, sometimes abusive and foul-mouthed, which have sometimes been based on little or no evidence. This does not give Nationalists a good reputation.
For example, on 10th January 2010 a planned demonstration by the Islamic extremist Choudary and his now-banned organisation, Islam4UK, had threatened to march through the Wiltshire town of Wootten Bassett, a place publicly associated with the arrival of dead servicemen and women that have been flown in through the nearby RAF base.
Nationalists were galvanised in anger and determination to oppose this planned demonstration by Islam4UK and members of the EDL and NF did actually arrive at the town to ensure that there was opposition to meet them. Even arch-opportunist Nick Griffin saw a media opportunity to jump on board the media train by promising that he would personally stand in the way of the Islam4UK march. Naturally, the serial liar and coward Griffin was nowhere to be seen on the day. Even Barnes, an armchair revolutionary, was driven to declare the following when the media and assorted liberals and UAF attempted to persuade people from not attending the counter-demonstration:
I had no intention of attending WB to oppose the Islamists if they turned up at any time, but I will now.”
He never did attend.
The event never occurred because Choudary and Islam4UK never materialised at Wootten Bassett. But on 11th January Barnes’ conspiracy theories went into overdrive when he announced that:
There is at the moment a massive police and media plan to hide the truth about what occurred at Wootton Bassett yesterday.

The media are all following the exact same spin line as each other as regards the truth about yesterday’s events and I think I know why.

I believe that the authorities had given Choudary unofficial permission to hold a static demonstration in the town yesterday.”

He claimed that because of the opposition at the town, Choudary and his Islamic protestors were turned back because of public order fears.
He went on to justifiably claim that:
An unofficial demonstration requires no express police or council permission so therefore the police, government and most important the local council would not have been attacked for giving him formal permission to hold a march if a static demonstration had gone ahead.”
However, he then went on to overstate his case and made the extraordinary claim that:
If they had given permission for Choudary and his rats to hold a formal march through the town then the whole country would have gone ballistic.

If they had refused Choudary then they would have been labelled ‘racist’ etc etc by the Islamist lobby and Liberal legal groups that infest British society and sued.

Therefore I believe a mutually satisfactory conclusion was reached.

Choudary and his mob were given the nod that they would be allowed to walk through the town on a quiet Sunday afternoon, hold their unofficial static demonstration and then the police would have quickly escorted them from the area.”

We know that Choudary was in the town yesterday.

We know that coach loads of Islam4UK were stopped on their way into the town after the demonstration began.

We know that Choudary was arrested as he still wanted to assemble in the town even though the plan had been revealed and that he was probably threatened with arrest if he continued the demonstration as public order would have been affected”

In fact we do not know any of this as both media reports and individuals on the scene (including members of the local Wiltshire National Front) state that Choudary was not present and that there is no evidence to claim that the “coach loads” of Islam4UK were ever turned away from Wootten Bassett. These wild assertions exist only in the feverish mind of Lee Barnes himself.
Barnes has simply seen a conspiracy to allow the Islamic militants to hold a static protest by the police on the basis of the use of the words ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ by press releases by the local police. Barnes’ conspiracy theory was based on his idea that:
I believe the plan was to allow Choudary and his scum to assemble in the town and then the police would have led them back to the coaches. The statement that in the event of public order problems the police can prevent a static demonstration has been inserted into the statement as a way to protect the police in the event that Islam4UK try and sue them for stopping their planned static demonstration
We know that the authorities cannot be trusted and that they have another agenda. But the fact that Choudary and his Islam4UK protestors failed to march through the town was testament to the Nationalist counter-demonstrations that had been threatened. This does not take away their achievement and their patriotic actions. But Barnes does them no favours when he paints a conspiracy to somehow deprive the counter-protestors of their victory by alleging some sort of a conspiracy when there is no evidence to support one.
Barnes made the claim on his blog that:
We will now be issuing a formal Freedom Of Information Request to Wiltshire Police to ascertain whether ;

1) Any Islam4UK demonstrators were stopped on their way to the town
2) How many were arrested
3) Whether the police stopped any coaches in Wooton Bassett”

It is odd that since that claim was published on his blog in January 2010 there has been no update to show exactly what the official response to his Freedom of Information requests were. Clearly they failed to provide him with any evidence to support his wild conspiracy theory.
Barnes also claimed:
Do you honestly think the government would have wanted Nick Griffin and BNP MEP’s being filmed being arrested for trying to block the march !

The publicity would have been HUGE FOR THE BNP, therefore a quick demonstration would have suited them just fine.”

Surely the answer would be an affirmative! Since we already know that Nick Griffin has already done a very good job at wrecking the BNP and that the State is protecting him, having him arrested at any counter-demonstration would have served their purposes well as it would have given Griffin huge kudos amongst the rank-and-file of the BNP and helped to solidify his position as leader. But then Barnes could not see this as he was still a stooge for Griffin and remained so for some 8 months until he decided to resign. Barnes would not allow himself to see through the lies and corruption of Griffin, and the immense damage that he had done – and was doing – to the BNP. Barnes’ failure to stand up against Griffin and to resign earlier has left him with zero reputation. His judgement is appallingly bad and since he carries such baggage to his new party, then that new party is surely damaged also.
Griffin Watch also put in a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request regarding the events at Wootten Bassett and in a reply dated 6 July 2010 the Wiltshire Police wrote back to verify that there was no evidence that either Choudary or Islam4UK were in Wootten Bassett or outside, nor that a static protest had been staged or approval given, and also that there was no evidence to state how many members of Islam4UK had been arrested.
So we can see that making wild accusations on the absence of evidence can only lead to ridicule and the certainty that future strategies are compromised by its reliance on false information and exaggerated claims. One should never believe in ones own propaganda as that can only lead to disaster. A clear strategy can only be made on the basis of facts and logic, not fallacies and imagination.
A more recent illustration of hysteria and the failure to engage reason before emotion is found in his blog dated 25 October 2010
In this he discusses how the housing benefits cuts are the prelude to ethnic cleansing in London. Again, these are exaggerated claims that serve only to reinforce hysteria:
The social cleansing of the poor from London serves two purposes, one it will clear new homes for immigrants to take and secondly it will destroy existing communities which are mainly white working class and ensure that they cannot resist the immigration take over of their estates and areas.”
The problem with this sort of political hyperbole is that it is wrong on several accounts: such ‘social cleansing’ will affect everyone who is dependent on benefits to help in paying their housing costs, whatever their race or ethnicity or religion. Both poorer whites and poorer immigrants will be forced out from the more expensive central London neighbourhoods to cheaper, more affordable, neighbourhoods in the outer regions of London, similar to how the social housing in Paris is run.
Barnes’ hysteria is similar to the hysteria of the Marxists who are screaming out against the alleged injustices of the scheme. Barnes tends to see through the spectacles of class division and conflict, even coining the more bizarrely and naïve term ‘Nationalist Class War’ in one of the many ironies and idiotic takes he has made in his blogs. As a national community of indigenous peoples we rise above class divisions and attempt to construct a meritocracy based on merit and opportunity, not class hatred.
Barnes seems to be unaware that many of those who can be regarded as ‘middle class’ are also suffering from job cuts, low incomes and high rents in London, and are not immune from the economic pressures that are affecting the poor. In fact, the unemployed are to a greater extent more protected from some of the pressures that face those who are working but are on middle incomes.
Since Barnes has seemingly joined in with the screaming hysteria of the Left and the liberals it is wise to actually check what the real effects of the housing cuts will be.
It is the greed of private landlords that have caused this situation. It is expected that they will cover the shortfall in benefits by making a reduction in their rents. This is the real scandal. It is not necessarily the justified cuts as this country lies in debt and under-investment. Big businesses can rely on benefits to subsidise their employee’s low wages as well as private landlords charging extortionate rents. Why should the taxpayer have to make up the shortfall through welfare payments?
Besides, in London the majority of Londoners are not on benefits and will not be ‘socially cleansed’. Many London workers are forced to live in the suburbs due to high rents and house prices. In the more central districts poorer families can sometimes commandeer larger houses that most ordinary white Londoners can ill-afford. I do not see that as fair. What has existed is an appalling injustice which has created real inequalities in the system, paid for by the taxpayer. I do not want to see people driven out of their homes but the rents in London are astronomical and are both unsustainable and unequal. Landlords must be forced to bring their rents down and the iniquitous housing bubble must be burst.
This is the result of a decade of Labour government shambles and class warfare and social engineering. Some measure of sanity and control needs to be brought into this situation.
Barnes’ Marxist perceptions may make him a temporary ally with the likes of liberal commentators like Polly Toynbee but he must surely understand that we cannot afford to house those whose accommodation costs more than which no middle manager or junior banker could afford.
We cannot afford to support such social costs as this time in our history.
The effects will, contrary to what Barnes claims, actually fall on the Muslims who have larger families than the indigenous whites. Previously, if you have four, five or six children you would be allocated more generous accommodation or larger private rental subsidies. That usually means Muslim families. It is therefore hoped that this welfare transformation will perhaps assist in providing large Muslim families an incentive to cut their procreation and give the indigenous white families some space to ensure that the ‘population war’ is slowed down to some extent.
Besides, Britain does not want a dependency culture propagated by the Leftist BBC voice of Marxist hysteria. We want people to accept responsibility for their personal choices and to begin the task of becoming less dependent upon the State. A people dependent upon the State for either employment or benefits are a people that is broken, spiritually and morally bankrupt and a people that are wedded to a socially totalitarian State. As Nationalists we need to understand this – and unlike some of our Nationalist ideologists we need to escape from that Marxist-poisoned mindset of class warfare.
And when Nationalists cry out for action then people will be more likely to listen because they know that we are telling the truth.
Meanwhile, real Nationalists actually do put in F.O.I.A. requests:

The proof of the pudding, has always been in the eating, as the saying goes.


17 thoughts on “"The Barnes who cried wolf" by Nemesis.

  1. Anonymous

    Once again, this is fabulous material. Nemesis is spot on with regards to Barnes. He cares little for anything or anyone other than his own ego. This material is so well researched and I just found myself nodding in agreement throughout. As for the pictures of Barnes that accompany this article, I almost fell of my chair laughing! Kudos to Nemesis and GW – these articles just get better!

  2. Anonymous

    The day that Butler and Co. allowed that pot-headed, freak, fake-solicitor looser Lee Barnes into the equation, was the moment it had its kiss of death. I tried to warn Eddy at the very beginning, that if they allowed this freak on board he would wreak it totally – they did and he has.Just what were they thinking FFS? Barnes was not long ago so far up Gri££in’s fat arse you could just about see his shoes! Barnes has lied, vilified, attacked, slandered and helped Gri££in to destroy all. Barnes was Gri££in’s No.1 Bitch, and will always be remembered as such. Barnes has also been responsible for ‘tucking up’ members and ex-members by GRASSING THEM UP TO THE POLICE in order to silence them and their opposition to Gri££in. Some people will never forget these actions Barnes, and all the shit you've sown you piece of scum.

  3. sock puppet

    the housing situation in London feels irrelevant now to a better yourself Londoner. Both stories on Freedom site and Barnes left me cold. London housing welfare has been relevant only to immigrants and long term poncers for at least 20 years. The whites left on council estates are either ne'er do wells or become soon ne'er do wells. Many immigrants will have to move out I should think as it is only people on welfare left that can actually afford to live in London. That is true, and yes most private landlords are now asian and it was when they were given monopoly over the market that the rents went up astronomically until the situation where even if you worked you could not afford to live. That has stayed much in place. London as the blue print for a communist 'new eden' it is working it's way towards a benefit dependant state.

  4. Anonymous

    Just had to laugh at this on the main BNP website.Nick Griffin MEP has rushed to Salford in his constituency to update himself and offer what help he can, including using his local community fund to provide basic supplies to support people driven from their homes by the gas explosion in that town.Mr Griffin was interviewed today by Radio Red, White and Blue, and gave a full update on the situation after the gas explosion in the town this morning.The local community centre has also been offered the use of BNP-SUPPORTING CATERER TO SUPPLY MEALS IF IT IS NEEDED !Christ if its chris vanns dishing up his sausage & bacon butties can someone please go and warn the local residents their health is in imminent danger !

  5. Anonymous

    Anon at 18:17Nick Griffin MEP has rushed to Salford in his constituency to update himself and offer what help he can, including using his local community fund to provide basic supplies to support people driven from their homes by the gas explosion in that town.Was it Long John Silver in Treasure Island who said, "Aye Jim lad, the dead will be the lucky ones!?" I understand everyone's ok so a bit of sarcastic humour is allowed I reckon. Talking of Silver-Hi-Yo Griffin, Away to Salford!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxIuIxqo2So&feature=fvst

  6. Anonymous

    reference my previous-"A woman aged 82 is in a critical but stable condition in hospital. Fourteen others suffered minor injuries."Sorry about that, didn't check the latest before posting. Definitely serious at 82. Let's hope she gets the best care possible.Good Luck Ma'am.

  7. Anonymous

    That's why it's all done under the table? McBride has wrecked the South East region, nearly all the functioning branching in his domain have closed down!"McBride added that the party did not encourage donations from members living abroad because it involved completing “immense” amounts of paperwork."

  8. Anonymous

    New nutter to get jobSunday World by Steven Moore,31st October 2010 THIS is the right-wing nutter who forced right wing nutter Jim Dowson out of right wing nutter party, the BNP.He’s former National Front leader, and IRA fan, Pat Harrington – and he’s pictured here with his Belfast NF friend David Kerr – who stood for the racist party in two elections in Newtownabbey during the 80s.Posing in front of an IRA memorial on the Falls Road is not what is usually expected from a right-wing fascist.The 46-year-old Londoner has been offering support to the staff at Dowson’s Belfast call centre amid rumours, now confirmed, that Dowson was quitting and the office here will soon shut.There have also been claims that Dowson and Harrington have come to blows about the running of the office.This week Dowson confirmed he was leaving and blamed “outside fools” for interfering in the call centre he set up last year in Dundonald.On his Facebook page recently Harrington openly criticised plans to close Belfast saying: “Patrick Antony Harrington is concerned by reckless threats made by Eddy Butler to the jobs of members working for the BNP in Belfast. The rights of our members will be defended.”But Harrington’s close, and long term, friendship with BNP leader Nick Griffin appears to have won out and on Wednesday night Dowson and Griffin met over a bottle of port to sort out the details of his leaving.Harrington and Shankill fascist David Kerr are rumoured to want to run the BNP in Ulster.Harrington’s story is a bizarre one.Despite being a prominent NF leader 30 years ago he was one of three fascists who made a controversial trip to Libya to meet Colonel Gadaffi.In a Channel Four documentary, Disciples of Chaos, Harrington refused to condemn the IRA as terrorists.His support for Irish Republicanism didn’t sit too well with the loyalists of Ulster – especially at a time when the Provos were at their most active – and he was ordered out by the UDA.In 1984 Harrington, who cuts an extremely camp figure, caused mayhem at the Polytechnic of North London where he was studying philosophy.Students picketed his lectures to protest that he was allowed to study while being a prominent member of the National Front.Harrington left the National Front during a bitter split at the end of the 1980s but continued his strange mix of right wing and prorepublican politics.Several years ago Harrington had hot coffee thrown in his face when he was serving drinks on the London-Edinburgh train after he was identified by an anti-fascist.Harrington and Shankill fascist David Kerr have been pals for years as they become prominent in the Third Way – although in 2004 the party only had 20 members according to the Electoral Commission.

  9. Anonymous

    Regards Harrington, he became an overt supporter/apologist for the IRA (as did Derek Holland) around the time when MI5 informed them that they (as indeed were all the NF Directorate) were on an IRA hit-list.The ITP are very much pro-Irish republicanism/sympathetic with the ideals of militant republicanism (and they claim to be non-sectarian!).As to Kerr, his is a Rathcoole and not Shankill fascist. He went with the loony NF faction and went even loonier by following Harrington and Williamson in to their own orbit of the weird!Fuck the lot of them!


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