Despite what has gone on Andrew Brons M.E.P. (sic) says nothing. Why?

Shitbags sticking together.

Isn’t it amazing the number of ‘nationalists’ there are around who are keen to expose the Jewish financial leeches who run the international banking system – whose greed caused the current world-wide financial catastrophe – but who keep quiet about attempts by ‘nationalist’ political leaders to try and ingratiate themselves with the leeches in the hope that some crumbs of financial and media patronage will off Jewry’s high table in their direction?

The latest example of this is the refusal of the British National Party’s two members of the European Parliament, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, to vote in support of rules which would cap the grotesque bonuses which the bankers award themselves at a time when ordinary folk are facing reduced or frozen wages, reduced pensions, redundancy, increased taxes, increased prices and other misery.

In some cases there are ‘nationalists’ who will keep quiet about Griffin’s and Brons’ ingraqtiating themselves with the enemy in the hope that some of the crumbs which Jewry may allow to fall to the BNP may trickle-down yet further to them.

This latest report does not surprise me. I expect nothing but relentless efforts on the part of Griffin & Co to ‘brown-nose’ Jewry. I have been warning about it for years. But the mixture of cowardice and hypocrisy on the part of ‘nationalists’ who still maintain an anti-Jewish / anti-international usury posture in their blogs and e-mail postings, but who suppress information about what Griffin and his (diminishing) gang are up to makes me want to heave.”

Martin Webster.

Dear [deleted]:
” The ‘skim’ system began when Gri££in gave his young pal Mark Collett the work not only to do the digital graphical origination (i.e.: the typesetting, design and layouts ready for the printer to make his litho plate) of the party’s various leaflets, papers, magazines and booklets, for which the party paid him a fee, but also to set up his own independent graphical origination / printing / publishing enterprise called, I think, “Vanguard Productions”.

Collett could have been kept ‘in house’, that is, he could have been retained as an employee of the party to do its graphical origination work, and paid a suitable salary for that work. By allowing Collett to set up his own independent firm, he could start invoicing the party for his work as if he were just another commercial service provider.

Vanguard Productions (Collett) then was allowed to expand its range of activities by being given permission to become “on paper” the party’s printer in addition to being its source of graphical origination services. Collett obviously did not have a factory filled with printing equipment and skilled printers to do the actual printing, so in effect he was given permission to sub-contract the printing work to genuine printers.

The point is that the order to the genuine printers who did the work did not come from the party — it came from Vanguard Productions (i.e. Collett). The printing, once done, would be delivered by the actual printers to any address or addresses which Collett instructed, but the printers’ invoices would be addressed to Vanguard Productions.

Vanguard Productions would then send its own invoice for the printing to the BNP with a mark-up.

This kind of operation is known in the printing trade as “print farming”. It is perfectly legal — providing all the people involved who are entitled to know what is going on do indeed know what is going on. Genuine printers generally don’t like working for “print farmers” as they have a notorious habit of securing payment from end-user clients, but then delaying or ducking paying the actual printers. Print farmers have a reputation for being serial bankrupts.

In the case of a political party existing on the generosity of subscription and donation paying members, to allow such a “print farming” set-up is wholly unnecessary as it self-evidently adds to the final cost to the membership of the printed product!

You will know that things were not organised in that way by the pre-1983 National Front. The small profit which the party added to the production cost of, say, its election leaflets simply covered essential administrative expenses so that the party did not make a loss on an election operation. Local organisers were fully appraised of all elements which made up the final cost to their branches. But then, before I got the heave-ho in December 1983, I was earning a wage of about £40 a week, so paying individuals was never  an NF priority. The NF members and branches “got a bang for their buck”!

Why should head office ‘insiders’ set up within the party a trading monopoly — and, what is more, a secret trading monopoly known only to the ‘insiders’? There can only be one answer to that question: to allow the head office ‘insiders’ to make for themselves a profit on the necessary printing activities of the party in addition to whatever above-board salaries they earn.

In the insurance and other financial service industries, the technique of involving a product in a chain of unnecessary transactions, each with their own separate invoice including a ‘mark-up’, whereby lots of insiders get a ‘skim’ of the final price paid by the unfortunate end-user, is known as “churning”.

So Collett would be allowed to put on his invoices to the party a significant mark-up on the printers’ invoices to him, and the party would pay Collett’s invoices promptly, so that he could pay the printers promptly, on the understanding that Gri££in would get from Collett a ‘kick-back’ or ‘skim’ of the mark-up.

Now all this worked very well until Gri££in came in contact with Jim Dowson. As you know, Dowson runs a business services company whereby for a fee his firm will take over all the administrative work of other businesses: invoicing, statements, accountancy, debt-chasing, data management, advertising promotions via postal and e-mail lists etc. In addition to that, because he is active in the anti-abortion movement in Ireland, he has developed a variety of hard-sell fund-raising techniques using postal and e-mail address data.

Our friend “E.N. Ronn” has calculated that the BNP raised nearly £1 million in 2009, and that about £300,000 of this was paid to Dowson’s enterprise in fees for the various services he provided. Less than 10 per cent of the total turnover that year was spent on political campaigning!

The skim here is that Gri££in allows Dowson to put in huge fees for his services, and Gri££in authorises prompt payment — on the understanding that Gri££in will get an agreed ‘kick-back’. It is to cement this agreement that Gri££in insisted that one of his daughters (the one he wants to take over the party when he retires!) be appointed a director of Dowson’s firm and base herself at Dowson’s office in Belfast, so as to keep an eye on what Dowson was up to and look after her father’s interests.

The Gri££in / Collett arrangement exploded last March / April when Gri££in and Dowson got greedy and decided to outsource to Dowson nearly ALL the party’s various administrative functions, in particular, the PRINTING operation! They drooled over the huge cost of the party general election printing requirements. In a trice, Collett was out in the cold.

That is the reason why Collett made that notorious phone call to David Hannam in which he is said to have made threats against his former patron, Gri££in and also Dowson. Gri££in lodged a complaint with Humberside Police, backing up his allegation with a tape of the Collett / Hannam conversation.

The Police quickly realised that the tape was not the original complete version, but an edited version. (This was the version played to a select group of dunderhead officials in a private room during a conference of BNP officials. The dunderheads emerged from the private room to proclaimed to the conference that the tape verified Gri££in’s allegations against Collett.)

The Police requested Gri££in provide the original complete tape. He was unable to do this as the complete tape would provide the Police with evidence to consider prosecutions against him! So the Police released Collett without any charge. Tony Hancock believes that Gri££in has paid Collett off to keep him silent. Both could expect legal trouble if the truth about their former arrangement came out.

The media have allowed this Gri££in / Collett matter to drop. Why? They didn’t let MPs involved in bogus expenses claims off so lightly.

Gri££in really did think he was in with a chance of winning a Dagenham and that Barking BNP would not only retain all their seats on the Borough Council but also add to them to become the governing party. He believed the BNP would see an even bigger splurge of media publicity than was seen after the EU elections of last year, which prompted an unprecedented surge of income.  This was Hubris. As you know, Nemesis always follows Hubris.

The perceived failure of the BNP in the general election and council elections, became all mixed up with the stench of financial corruption and a growing welter of factional divisions. The party has huge debts, not least in the area of legal actions. Only ONE of these (the EHRC’s action) can be said to be ‘state’ sponsored. There are big bills for a variety of other cases brought on solely by Gri££in’s stupidity and arrogance. In addition to these legal bills, there are all sorts of other debts. Gri££in has admitted to £500,000 worth of debts. I think this may be a significant underestimate.

In this atmosphere, it is hardly to be wondered at that the donations machine operated by Dowson has run out of steam. “Donation fatigue” has merged into widespread disillusionment. Unless some ‘Sugar Daddy’ comes along, then I think it is going to be all these mounting debts plus the party’s failure to present proper accounts to the Electoral Commission (and, for all I know, to the taxation and PAYE authorities ) that will subject the party to a slow strangulation.

If the party goes bankrupt, then its individual members could face a “joint and several” liability before the courts.

As to Brons, he was a lecturer in Law. If he didn’t have some suspicion that all was not right with Gri££in and his inner circle before he got elected with Gri££in to the EU Parliament (and he should have had!) then having been brought in close proximity to Gri££in after getting elected and having some of his EU funds mixed up with Gri££in’s to pay for support staff, then he should have been smelling stinking fish for quite some months. But he has kept his trap shut, other than to say that he will not stand again at the next EU election.

As to my opinion of Brons, I expressed this fully in an e-mail sent on 27th April this year to a Yorkshire BNP member who had earlier claimed to me that he had some contact with Brons and who had suggested that Brons might be the man to lead the BNP. Below is a shortened version of my reply to him:

“…..some months ago you sought to sell the virtues you think are possessed by this man [Andrew Brons]. Your text even hinted that Brons would be a fit and proper person to rescue the reputation of the BNP if as and when Gri££in departed from it. Both were elected as members of the European Parliament in June last year.


“I have had direct personal experience of Brons’ probity in office when in 1983, as Chairman of the National Front, he encouraged, facilitated and, finally, openly joined Gri££in, Joe Pearce, Ian Anderson and sundry others then on the NF National Directorate to act in flagrant disregard of the party’s constitution in order to mount an unlawful ‘coup’ which removed me from the party I had served faithfully, for pocket-money wages, since 1969.

“I was out of the door with one week’s wages in my pocket (after 14 years service!) and robbed of £1,250 of private funds (the only cash I had in the world) which I had lodged with the party for safe-keeping (!!!) whilst I was fighting a libel action launched by Peter Hain, then head of Anti Nazi League.

“These people even reneged on a Directorate decision to pay the £850 fine I had incurred as a result of being arrested for heckling Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw over the arrest and imprisonment of Young National Front leader Joe Pearce.

“So you see the financial corruption discussed in the below Searchlight article did not begin with last year’s translation of Gri££in and Brons to the EU parliament. Their behaviour patterns were well-established 26 years earlier.

“My companion, Mike, was likewise summarily dismissed. He, it may be noted, had been urged by Brons, whilst on a weekend social visit to Brons’ home a few years earlier, to give up his career with the civil service and join the party’s full-time staff to earn pittance wages, which he did willingly because he thought highly of Brons. Since that betrayal he has had nothing further to do with the nationalist cause. Forget the treatment accorded to me; the treatment of Mike is all the clue you need as to Brons’ shabby character.

“Brons, Gri££in, Pearce, Anderson & Co’s conduct in December 1983 was denounced by a High Court judge Mr. Justice Scott (now a Lord Justice of Appeal) as ‘contrary to the party’s constitution and unlawful. It was certainly disgraceful behaviour’. He awarded me a range of injunctions and Costs ….. but that verdict, due to the slowness of High Court litigation, came months too late to do me or the NF any good.

“In the face of such an admonition from a High Court judge, the chairman of any other association – from political party to bowls club – would have resigned his post in shame, but not Brons (who had a day job as a college law lecturer!).

“Brons did resign a year or so later, but not on a point of honour or principle, but simply because he could detect that the ship of which he was captain was sinking. Yes, ‘Captain’ Brons was the first, not the last, of that horrid crew to abandon ship.


“From these facts it can been seen that Brons behaved improperly to the point of dishonesty as NF Chairman in the period immediately before I was ousted from the party. Thereafter, when it became evident to him that he had helped the loonies take over the asylum, instead of doing his duty by making an effort to restore order and constitutional conduct, he abandoned the party to its fate and slunk away in the manner of a coward.

“The final collapse of the authentic NF can only be laid at the door of one man: Andrew Brons, the man who you have suggested is capable of rescuing the BNP from the financial squalor into which it is being pulled by Gri££in.


“That man is no more capable to saving the the BNP from Gri££in and his current cronies than he was capable of saving the NF from Gri££in and his then cronies in 1983. He’ll go with the flow and then when things go bad he’ll tip-toe as fast as he can out of the back door.

“I’m sorry if you find my account disillusioning, but you have a whole lot more disillusionment to come. The sooner you ‘get real’, the less pain you will feel.”

I hope all the above covers the areas of information of concern to you.




Brons supporting the inept Morris and his band of sad sycophants, if Brons feels the need to prostitute himself in front of Morris, that shows his own desperation:

The traitors like Griffarage and Brons expose themselves, we here at G.W., just point it out.

20 thoughts on “Despite what has gone on Andrew Brons M.E.P. (sic) says nothing. Why?

  1. Anonymous

    Brons better stop sitting on the fence and stop making idiotic statements, he knows something is seriously wrong within the party, at least Chris Beverley, his assistant is waking up.

  2. Anonymous

    Chris Beverely is a decent bloke and sussed it when the rebels launched a few years ago.He knows griffin is surrounded by mental physcopaths that suffer from paranoia when they look at the end of their noses.

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… AB looks like a hook nose suspect.I thought every nationalist knew Brons is a jew, the same as his corrupt leader comrade-in-corruption, Sni££in' Gri££in, whose great-grandparents on both sides were immigrant jews – by the way Nick, have you recovered from the bitch-slapping you received from the London heavies, in the Cherry Tree Pub, for failing to pay for your weekly supply of Columbian Sherbet, three weeks ago ?Martin Webster, nationalists are indebted to you for giving a precise history of Gri££in's and Brons's role in destroying British national political parties. We old nationalists remember that history, but recent late-comers Thank you.

  4. Anonymous

    re anon at 15:25 31/10'I thought every nationalist knew Brons is a jew, the same as his corrupt leader comrade-in-corruption, Sni££in' Gri££in, whose great-grandparents on both sides were immigrant jews.'No I didn't realise that and thanks for sharing. It would explain just about everything that has been going on these last couple of years and longer with members being betrayed and fleeced and businesses now being owed £1000's by Griffin's BNP. I suppose it's one way of getting back at those who dare to join or do business with the BNP, rather than trash their business premises or make threatening phone calls etc. I always suspected Griffin to be the one ultimately responsible for leaking the members' details. I'm surprised that GW hasn't mentioned it to be perfectly honest. Or maybe Sean didn't know either until now, if it's true/correct that is. It's hard to know what to believe any more.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… No I didn't realise that and thanks for sharing.Friend, thank you, too. Disregarding official records, it's their money sni££ers that gives away Gri££in's, Brons's and old man Edgar Gri££in's jewish ancestry – the first fleeting glance at each mug gives the immediate impression each is chewing a banana.

  6. Anonymous

    BNP establishes 'social networking' branch in America

  7. Anonymous

    Looks like Griffin is looking for American money, now British channels have run dry. I just spoken to some longstanding Croydon BNP lads, they say they have never heard of this McArthur bloke, he was never ever involved locally! Sounds like a State operative to me?"BNP establishes 'social networking' branch in America""The American operation is being co-ordinated by an IT worker from Croydon, Adam McArthur, who recently moved to the US to take up a job."

  8. Anonymous

    Griffin has just announced this, so what role does slippery Kemp now play, the one who keeps going back and forth to the US all the time. Or is McArthur really Kemp?"new Excalibur manager Alwyn Deacon"

  9. Anonymous

    One missing link and, an very important link in all this is a certain Mr. Fiore's involvement.As it is widely believed that Fiore is and, has been State since at least 1983 then the 'take over' and subsequent death of the Front by the loonies makes sense.If anyone wonders the credibility in my statement then consider Gladio and the activity then ongoing in Italy.Perhaps Webster was 'removed' because he was the only one at the time who would have been close enough and indeed intelligent enough to have perhaps worked it out?!

  10. Anonymous

    "Perhaps Webster was 'removed' because he was the only one at the time who would have been close enough and indeed intelligent enough to have perhaps worked it out?!"Well articulated, you are probably very correct, the Racial Nationalist cause has been infiltrated in this country since the 1930s, Arthur Kemp strange activities are a prime example.

  11. Anonymous

    Money buys peoples silence, especially those who have no moral code.The people who are left working at Griffin towers are devoid of any form of backbone, they will sell their family out if the price were right.

  12. Anonymous

    Ask Martin Websters MI5 boyfriend Marriner who the spies are I'm sure he will know LOL at your fucking stupidity Sean . Go research how Webster and Marriner ripped of Lady Bs Choice organisation .

  13. Anonymous

    Perhaps it takes a spy to know a spy, Webster/Marriner would be au fait with Fiore's modus operandi.Griffin also shared a flat whilst in London with MI5 operative. By the way this was not one of those flats Fiore was renting out on behalf of wealthy landlords.This also begs the question, is the International Third Position in fact State, yet another 'nationalist' group with the infrastructure in place ready to go once the BNP is dissolved?

  14. Anonymous

    FAO: GWIt appears that the poster who mentioned the dubious nature of a certain Fiore who was at the centre of all the intrigue may have upset certain quarters.


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