The continued destruction of the B.N.P. by Griffarage and his handlers. By Nemesis.

By Nemesis

In April 2010, in the aftermath of the sudden and unexpected arrest and suspension of former Head of Publicity Mark Collett, Griffin Watch predicted that this action was merely a ruse in the Machiavellian tactics of Nick Griffin. It was also predicted that the State (who almost certainly controls the BNP through Griffin and others) would be ‘pulling the plug’ on the BNP, or allowing it to self-destruct.

It would seem that some seven months later these events are coming to pass with the near-bankruptcy of the BNP and a mass exodus of members from the party. However, it has taken a number of brutal decisions by Griffin, involving mass suspensions and expulsions, for many activists to begin realising that Nick Griffin was the problem; and that the problem internally was insurmountable. The Reform Group’s only ace-in-the-pack was its commitment to investigate and gather evidence relating to Griffin’s corruption and to formally issue those complaints to the authorities. That tactic has worked, not so much in what it achieved but for what it didn’t. The failure of the police not to investigate those allegations of corruption was the Smoking Gun; it proved that Nick Griffin is, in some form or another, a State asset and that the authorities will not investigate or prosecute him on account of what his role is within the party. Griffin is clearly there to control and damage the party and thus to prevent a nationalist movement from being successful.

The arrest and suspension of Collett was part of the strategy, to ensure that Griffin and Dowson could ransack the finances of the BNP. No doubt Collett was paid off to ensure that he did not give ’Queen’s Evidence’ as he once threatened to do whilst drunk during the Leeds ‘Free Speech’ Trial. But his arrest and suspension in the run-up to the elections was a timed event by Griffin to ensure maximum disruption to the BNP.

As Griffin Watch said back in April:

“It is certainly the case that for such a serious response to be taken by Griffin means that an equal, if not far larger, crisis is impending upon Griffin and Dowson and that action that would not normally be countenanced had to be put into effect to take the heat off Griffin and Dowson.”

The stark fact of the matter is that whilst Griffin and Dowson have siphoned off members’ money in what must be one of the biggest cases of a political heist yet seen in this country, the State have ensured that that money is not being spent in building up a mass nationalist party with a successful elections campaign, and that the maximum amount of discord, disruption and confusion has been sown. This partnership between the State and the Griffin-Dowson axis has been so successful that the conspiracy is now being wound down. As those within the BNP stagger from one failure to another, as if in a state of despondency and confusion, many of the best activists and key figures have left to form a new organisation, thereby neutralising one another in the way that the Referendum Party, UKIP and Veritas were used in the past against the BNP.

But with the aim of bringing down the BNP there is really no need for the State to rely on this strategy as the BNP is as good as a dead political entity, bankrupt and broken. The Collett fiasco was merely stop-gap affair to ensure that the planned expropriation of BNP assets was left unhindered. The arrest of Collett was a dramatic and risky event but was a necessary play by the State-Griffin-Dowson axis in its planned winding down of the BNP.

As Griffin Watch said at the time:

“What is also likely is that the BNP is now a vessel being controlled by state -handlers for purposes which may more to do with long-term political goals determining the future of the BNP and of the nationalist opposition to the New World Order, than as mere sources of information-gathering and sabotage.”

The cyber attacks on the website of the Reform Group were serious and without a doubt a concerted effort by the State to deny internal opponents of Griffin a cyber voice in their campaign against him. Again, the failure of the police and Special Branch to investigate the malicious hate campaign against BNP dissident Simon Bennett when he left the party and began publishing evidence against Griffin is indicative of the interest that the State has with the survival of Griffin.

With the closure of the Belfast offices by Dowson the BNP is certainly now in free-fall and critical mass will soon be achieved, leading to a rapid melt-down. Whether the alleged ‘locking out’ of the BNP from the Belfast offices was a sudden incident engendered by a quarrel with rival party representative and current BNP administrator, Patrick Harrington, or whether it was a contrived plot by Griffin and Dowson to yet again create another ‘incident’, an excuse, to justify why the BNP is doing so badly, is not known. Certainly, since Griffin is a Master of Lies and a Spin-Master of the Dark Arts and a sociopathic individual that cannot be trusted, it would not be at all surprising if the ‘lock-out’ was a contrived incident.

And what of Mark Collett? He is back but soon allied himself with Eddy Butler. The Reform Group made a major error in backing Eddy Butler as soon as it was launched. Instead of merely supporting the principle of a challenge to Griffin and specifically Butler, it acted almost as his campaign group and therefore sullied its reputation and effectiveness as a serious reforming body. Butler is nearly as reviled as Griffin and has a history of factionalism, arrogance, bullying and sycophancy for many years. He also has a trail of suspicious activities of planned sabotage of the party and its regions. As an Elections Campaign Officer he is superb, but his man-management skills lack the basics in decency and respect. He is both a bully and an arrogant personality who has always done Griffin’s bidding. He was behind Griffin’s constitutional changes that saw Griffin becoming virtual dictator of the party and which saw the process of challenging him in leadership almost impossible. Upon that petard Butler hung himself, on his self-inflicted electoral crucifixion. In fact, Butler has acted as Griffin’s fall-guy several times in the past, siding with dissidents before they were exposed and out-manoeuvred by Griffin, in which time Butler has returned home to Griffin.
I would not be at all surprised to find out that Griffin was behind the recent challenge to the leadership and set Butler up to carry out the process. Butler’s actions have been distinctly antagonistic towards investigating and exposing the corruption of Griffin. Butler has been a significant destabilising force amongst the BNP dissidents and his failure to initiate a legal challenge to the flawed leadership elections of the BNP has left him wide open to failure. What purpose Butler serves now, afloat in no-man’s land, is uncertain, though his existence in that position serves to fragment the opposition to Griffin even further. Whatever way, Griffin got what he wanted: removing his internal opposition and ensuring that his position was strengthened and legitimised in the leadership elections. Griffin has always stated that he could slim down the BNP to a third of its size, which is manageable for his financial Ponzi scheme to work.

The new British Freedom Party is a genuine attempt at creating a new BNP, but without the corruption and authoritarian leadership problems that the BNP suffered from. It is an attempt by genuine and disaffected nationalists, many of them decent individuals who are keen to start anew. Their enthusiasm, spirit and principled efforts are to be applauded. But as a ‘cultural nationalist’ party it does not confront the Establishment or indeed the multicultural forces at work within British society. Its ideological weakness and already failed strategy has seen this potential nationalist force neutralised. The State may attack it, if only to give the perception that it is a threat, but to all intents and purposes this nationalist lion has already neutered itself.

I would not be surprised if Butler was invited back into the BNP on the promise of ‘change’ and a leadership turn, rather like the ‘Granitas Agreement’ made by Blair and Brown during the Labour Government. Griffin wants another term as Euro-MP so that he can secure his Euro pension, but with the BNP on the ropes it seems conceivable that the State is playing the end-game of its programme of enforced de-stabilisation of the BNP and there seems no other option other than a melt-down.

The BNP has been well and truly trashed by Griffin and Dowson.

It’s time for a real ethno-nationalist, anti-establishment alternative.

11 thoughts on “The continued destruction of the B.N.P. by Griffarage and his handlers. By Nemesis.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Its now too late for any political party the BNP did its best in 2006 and slowly but surely griffin killed it in 2009 when he got his euro salary.To all out there protect yourself stock up and if you can *** up because there is big trouble coming we know it the politicians know it ! good luck to each and everyone on this conquest because i am sitting waiting and well prepared when our once great democracy and society breaks down. 30 October 2010 20:29

  2. Anonymous

    Yet again another of Nemesis's professionally written forensic article dissecting and analysing Gri££in's and Butler's treachery.The moment the Reform group backed Butler was the moment they unwittingly ensured the BFP would be stillborn – Lee John Barnes was Griffin's planted kiss-of-death midwife ensuring the stillborn BFP could'nt be revived.Michaela MacKenzie has learned a very tough lesson and was foolish in trusting Butler, a highly-flawed personality whose political ambitions are far greater than his potential for leadership, which is zero.There can be no doubt that Griffin, Collet, Dowson, Butler, and Simon Bennet have together, in concert, on behalf of the State, deliberately destroyed the BNP and British nationalism itself.The Collett `murder threats' against Griffin was a joke from start to finish.Simon Bennet closing down the BNP website was deliberate sabotage excused as Bennet protecting his intellectual property. If Bennet were a genuine patriot he would closed down the BNP site after the general election, not before.The anti-Bennet leaflets, threats of court cases and other stupid pranks against Bennet, Bennet recording his telephone conversations with Griffin were all stage-managed, and no more than window dressing for fooling nationalists into thinking that Bennet was a genuine victim, when in fact he was in on the act, playing his agreed part with Griffin, Collett, Butler and Dowson.

  3. moderator

    why is he wasting time, he's offering his opinion. Is Barnes in on it too? It would make sense considering all that has happened. I would like to know if Bennett is in on it. I agree with all the points in GW/Nemesis' article, very true all the major points.

  4. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    "If Bennet were a genuine patriot he would closed down the BNP site after the general election, not before."If Bennet were a genuine a patriot he wouldn't have given a shit about 'protecting his intellectual property' and put his race and nation above any and all personal gain, ambition or conflict.His whole "it's my ball and your not playing" solution to the issue was an act of the most infantile pique and nothing more. That is if his actions were truly genuine, which I know have very grave doubts about.Pip pip

  5. Anonymous

    Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said… If Bennet were a genuine a patriot he wouldn't have given a shit about 'protecting his intellectual property' and put his race and nation above any and all personal gain, ambition or conflict.Colonel Buckshot, regards – there are a number of possibilities how the Bennet/Gri££in contention could have been played, and I was going to make a comment similar to your's, but chose not to because had Bennet allowed Gri££in to keep the site/intellectual property, I knew Gri££in and Dowson would misuse the site for their personal enrichment, so, why give a known crook your property whether material or intellectual? I figured it would be better for all concerned to legally thrash-out that problem after an election.

  6. Anonymous

    Ignore all BNP'ers they are merely a hinderence and if they persist then they ought to be considered fifth columnists alongside their asbo-bait ilk in the edl.As an aside, the first task to be undertaken is to nut nut those who are amongst our own ranks.To echo the sentiments expressed in the first post. Good luck and God speed White Brothers & Sisters.Onwards and upwards to a Whiter, brighter tomorrow!

  7. arid land

    Eddie Butler stated in all his 'leadership challenge' meetings that he would not attempt to charge Griffin with any wrong doing should he win the leadership and open the books. He stated he would keep it all under wraps for the sake of the Press! Yet who has been the most vocal on ANY nationalist website about every single Griffin misdemeanour, in front of the whole world's press for them to see? Butler himself. He has bored even his most devoted sycophants so much with his constitutional ramblings they are now standing themselves as new leadership material as it becomes plainly obvious Butler himself has no leadership qualities whatsoever. His writings seem to bring about a third sense of entrapment like being held down in a dimensional loop.

  8. Nemesis

    Arid land saidHe has bored even his most devoted sycophants so much with his constitutional ramblings they are now standing themselves as new leadership material as it becomes plainly obvious Butler himself has no leadership qualities whatsoever. His writings seem to bring about a third sense of entrapment like being held down in a dimensional loop.A very good observation Arid Land.As regards Simon Bennett and the BNP website I have every faith in Simon Bennett that he acted out of conscience and fair play and that he did what he could within reason to take his property back without too much adversley affecting the BNP. Bennett was no doubt between a rock and a hard place. I beleive Bennett has always played fair.

  9. Anonymous

    re Nemesis at 00:31I believe Bennett has always played fair.That be as it may but this wretched British Freedom Party has caused me to have serious doubts about the judgement of SB and even his motives. It cannot possibly succeed and could go down in nationalist (all) history as the most ill-thought out, shortest duration political party of all time. With LJB on board pushing the doomed cultural nationalist agenda and now calling BNPers racists and National Fronters nazis, the sooner BFP sinks without trace the better. With LJB's mixed up thinking regarding his 'pro-Israel but anti-Zionist' stance (whatever that means), anyone who supports this party clearly has no idea what true nationalism means. It all just doesn't add up. Nobody is that stupid and where do the likes of LJB and SB get their money to survive from? Neither seem to have a proper job with regular income. Or have they an income? A state divide and conquer income?

  10. Anonymous

    Eddy Butler was merely the vassal to hold the leadership until his handlers had the 'real' leader ready for take over.Unfortunately for the State, the BNP'ers were not as stupid as Butler and thus they failed.


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