Nick Cass speaks in Newcastle.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Nick Cass Speaks At Newcastle’s Latest Monthly Meeting

A well attended meeting saw Nick Cass, a BNP activist of 20 years, former Yorkshire Regional Organiser and father of the BNP’s 2010 election leaflet family speak at the latest meeting held in the Newcastle Central constituency.

The meeting was opened by Newcastle organiser and former North East Regional Organiser Ken Booth with a summary of the previous meeting and explaining to those who had not heard, about his sacking, which everyone agreed yet again, that it was simply ridiculous.

Although some of the attendees had already heard, the meeting was told of how many of the companies to whom the BNP owed money had been sent a letter, telling them how they will only be offered 20p for every pound they are owed.

This was met with disbelief and embarrasment.

Ken explained, “These include family owned businesses as well as sole traders, and because the people at the top can’t write a budget on the back of a beermat, central party raised millions, spent virtually nothing on the General Election and still landed us deep into the red – It is these already struggling small businesses and the people behind them who have to suffer.

“This goes against everything I stand for. We must honour all our debts.

“This is a party which is supposed to be looking out for the small businesses over the transnational corporations.”

“The present chairman should shoulder his responcibillities and tender his resignation for the mess and embarasment he has caused our party. Its is no good pointing the finger at others who he appointed to positions for our failure he must take ultimate responsibility.

This was followed by a show of hands which about 95% agreeing that Nick Griffin should stand down as chairman of the party.

There was also an appeal for candidates to come forward for next years elections in May, as unfortunately many have either decided to leave the party or put activities on hold until the issues regarding the party leadership have been resolved.

The BNP’s Tynemouth candidate in the General election, Dorothy Brooke stood up to say a few words, mainly to register her disgust with the party leadership regarding the sacking of Ken Booth, as well as notifying the meeting that she will be petitioning for his reinstatement, an idea which proved to be very popular amongst the meeting-goers.

After the buffet and raffle, Nick Cass addressed the meeting, telling those attending of his 20 years of service to British nationalism.

He went on to say that the colonisation by foreigners, importing alien cultures and transforming huge areas, is not just a problem in Britain, but a problem in the whole Western world.

The spectators heard of the problems regarding colonisation that Mr. Cass had witnessed whilst travelling around Europe before speaking about his Yorkshire home of Dewsbury.

The no go zones for native Brits in areas of Yorkshire, especially certain areas in Bradford, means that Mr. Cass was correct in saying that, “The people of Newcastle have seen nothing yet, and it will only get worse.”

The raffle and a collection at the meeting raised over £110 which will be used for producing local leaflets.


4 thoughts on “Nick Cass speaks in Newcastle.

  1. Seen it coming a long time ago

    Ha! It is pointless saying on your blog that a meeting is 'well-attended' and then posting up pictures which show the opposite.Unfortunately for the likes of Cass and Booth, it isn't just Griffin that BNP members are sick of, but the party itself. Even if Griffin goes, why would they turn to the same people who sustained the one-eyed thieving traitor for so-long, covered up his crimes and joined in (or kept silent during) the abuse of anyone who asked questions?


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