All G.W. articles are written by trained White Nationalists, if you chop off your fingers, it’s your own fault!!! :-)



By Nemesis
For all those real Nationalists who have become fed-up with the daily ranting of Lee ‘Bagel’ Barnes and his increasingly unpopular multicultural diatribes and pro-Israeli sentiments, here’s the ideal gift!
Show how much you dislike his un-nationalist thoughts and love of Israel by cutting up bagels with this ‘Bagel Guillotine”. Imagine it’s ‘Bagel Barnes’s head that is being sliced off by the razor-sharp guillotine as you pop in the bagel and slice – ‘Vive la revolution!’, sparing your own fingers in the process.
Since Jews love bagels and are a symbol of Jewish culture we thought that nationalists could perhaps show their contempt for Zionism and Israel’s aggressive policies by beheading a bagel in style.
Just because ‘Bagel Barnes’ has started his very own new BNP Mark II with its inclusive multicultural ideology doesn’t mean that ‘Bagel’ Barnes is now immune from criticism and contempt.
Show him and his Zionist friends just how much you dislike them – buy a ‘bagel Guillotine’ today?
Bagel Guillotine Special Edition Coordinates beautifully with today’s contemporary kitchen colour themes, especially black and stainless steel. With the same superior slicing performance, easy clean up and safety features as the original model, this new colour is an elegant upscale alternative. Bagel Guillotine is the fastest, safest and easiest way to slice bagels. Xylan coated blade for smooth slicing and durability. The Special Edition will slice one handed and has received the American Society on Aging Silver Award! It doesn’t get any faster, safer or easier.
Look what satisfied buyers have said about the Bagel Guillotine:
“If you love bagels, you’ll love this product. It’s stylish, simple and efficient.”
“Not too much to say. Paid for it on a Tuesday arrived on a Thursday opened packaging popped a bagel and nicely did the job first time. Have arrived in bagel bliss and can now manage bagels myself w/o having to pester my wife to risk her hands cutting my breakfast bagels.”
“A little bit expensive for what it is but certainly worth the convenience as once bought should last for eons.”
Then for the real bagel lover there is also ‘The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread’ by M Balinska.
Here’s what reviewer said about this remarkable book:
“One thing however that has kept us together is out love for all things bagel. If you or someone you love is a bagelist like me then this is the ideal gift. This book gives you a real insight into a world in which many of us are secluded from entering. The world of the bagel, the title suggests modest bread but after a few chapters you will find it hard to call the bagel anything but spectacular.”
No “Bagel Barnes’s” were harmed in the production of this article. 🙂

18 thoughts on “All G.W. articles are written by trained White Nationalists, if you chop off your fingers, it’s your own fault!!! :-)

  1. Anonymous

    Why did they start that stupid party at this moment in time? Everybody in the movement needed to stick together to fight Griffin. On the other hand may be now that the BFP have shown their true colours, we are best rid of them and can start something a fresh with our Racial Nationalist ideology?

  2. Anonymous

    Statement just released ( on Butler's blog) by the Confidence trickster Dow$on, I wouldn't believe a word of it, except may be the fools part?A message from Jim Dowson :I have received the following message from Jim Dowson…"It is with deep sorrow and regret I have to inform you that I’m off when my contract ends. This will cost me tens of thousands but my love for my people, this country and the party is worth far more to me. I did my level best and remain 100% loyal but I don’t tolerate outside fools. PERIOD!"This is a clear reference to interference from Pat Harrington – the person responsible for the current trouble with the call centre.

  3. Anonymous

    Just one question with all the table tops held recently for the campaign to bring home our boys i understand that about 25,000 signatures were obtained and all the information was collated and sent to the belfast bunker.So was all the work by BNP actvists in vain and a waste of time as Dowson will hold all the information ? Looks like another BNP balls up.

  4. Anonymous

    I know what I would like to put in that bagel slicer of Lee Prick Barnes and give him a circumcision to remember. Cultural nationalism, I ask you. The enemy within must be laughing their socks and cocks off along with his at his inane rantings and behaviour. Who needs real Zionist enemies like Searchlight when you have false nationalist friends like Bagel Barnes?

  5. Anonymous

    From today's Guardian"Exit the engineer stage far right. Just Nick the oily rag leftby Hugh MuirThe Guardian, Wednesday 27 October 2010 Difficult to do justice to the many twists and turns that confront and confound Nick Griffin in the twilight of his short time in public life. His people are leaving, the finances of his British National party – £500,000 in debt – are unravelling, and he just can't get the Equalities Commission off his back. How to keep up with it all? Observers suggest a BBC News-style ticker. And it would say that these are the darkest days yet because, in recent times, the beleaguered Griffin has left much of the heavy lifting within the party – the fundraising, admin etc – to his very good friend, the virulent anti-abortionist and Orange lodger Jim Dowson. And that was fine. But now that things are getting sticky, Dowson is moving on, it seems. Thus, the BNP operations centre in Belfast, which was run by Dowson, is no longer available. This may be a particular irritant to Griffin's daughter, who was deployed there as his eyes and ears. Dowson was also the mastermind of the party's Troops Out of Iraq petition, which harvested valuable data about potential members. But as he has moved on, there is, sources say, no guarantee that Griffin will see any of it. Reviled, friendless; it wasn't supposed to end like this. But, poor Nick: it seems it will."

  6. Anonymous

    Ex-Croydon Branch Orgainser Charlotte Lewis has been expelled from the BNP, she got her letter yesterday from Jefferson. She put in 101% in the run up to the General Election!

  7. Anonymous

    Latest lies from Green Arrow, who writes this prat's scripts?"For the record, Jim Dowson's contract ends very shortly and it is true that he will be moving on to look after his own business interests but I also know that being a pro-life Christian, an Ulsterman whose motto is No Surrender, I am sure that should his services be required in the future, he would return to support the Party and his personal friend, Nick Griffin."

  8. Anonymous

    Re anon at 20:36I'm certainly no friend or admirer of Green Arrow and his sycophantic love of all things Gri££in but after the still born abortion that is the (multi)cult BFP and Bagel Barnes Party website, the British Freedom's website is a fu**ing good read of late. I'm nobody's fool and I might even piss on Morris at the moment if he was set on fire by GW lol.

  9. Anonymous

    GW you have got to run a story on this ive just pissed myself laughing.There was once a saying " where have all the bootboys gone ? " Well in the current BNP i must shout " where have all the brains gone ? "West Midlands regional organsier alwyn froggitt deacon is over the moon that there is going to be an extra MEP for his region in 2014 ! FFS you couldnt make this up has no one told him the BNP will be doomed by 2011 and the world is due to end in 2012.So this prat is looking 4 light years away and the man from uncle 5IMON will be long gone by then alwyn.Have a read of this regionals organisers blog but dont try to laugh too much see how many comments you can find which shows west midlands BNP is really in the brown stuff since twats like this left the labour party and joined the BNP.

  10. Anonymous

    I've just spotted this on a Lefty website, interesting?"This is the second time that Griffin has had to pack up an office in Northern Ireland and skedaddle back to the mainland. Twenty years ago he and his comrades fled after loyalist paramilitaries indicated it would be unhealthy for them to stay after Harrington, then one of Griffin’s comrades in the National Front Political Soldiers, refused to condemn the Provisional IRA’s mainland bombing campaign."

  11. Anonymous

    I wonder if the Zionists are secretly bankrolling the British Freedom Party?Barnes has always stoood up for the Jews and Israel and certainly earns his nick-name of 'The Bagel'.I wouldn't be surprised if Barnes was running the BFP with Jewish money.Now get me that Bagel Guillotine NOW…!!

  12. Nemesis

    Regarding that picture of Lee John Barnes (to give him his full name), he has the horns of the devil on his head.Lee John Barnes IS the Devil.It says so in the Bible.Gospel of Mark, 5:9, when Jesus exorcises the possessed man and removes his demons, the lead demon says to Christ, And He (Jesus) asked him (the possessed man), "What is thy name?" And he answered, saying, "My name is Lee John ; for we are many."Check it out! That's what it says!! LOL

  13. Anonymous

    according to Alwyn Deacon on his blog site, Andy Terry the Solihull organiser is a councillor, when did this happen or is Deacon the most stupid RO ever appointed by gri££in.


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