The B.N.P. continues to implode, almost as if it has been planned this way isn’t it?

As we here at G.W. have been warning you for some time now, the collapse of the B.N.P. was inevitable, under the leadership (sic) of Griffarage and his money grubbing cronies such as Dowson, et al.

The warnings have always been there, Griffarage can hardly plead ignorance. This leads to the obvious conclusion that what we are seeing now is a deliberate act of sabotage and not just ineptitude.


8 thoughts on “The B.N.P. continues to implode, almost as if it has been planned this way isn’t it?

  1. Anonymous

    Too true what has made me suspicious for the past 18 months are all the activists that have left all the councillors that have either resigned or gone independent and no one from griffins inner circle ever questions as to why ! GW this is definately a deliberate act of sabotage and prooves griffin has been all along having his strings pulled by the state,the GRIFFAGES that never noticed once griffin got his euro seat (his state pension)and was ordered to disperse the party into realms of oblivion are thick and stupid blind bastards and will probably be eating a lot of humble pie for christmas.

  2. Anonymous

    Latest from Eddy Butler's blog :"STOP PRESS – IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AS AN ABSOLUTE FACT.Today BNP staff were refused access to the Belfast Call Centre. The locks have been changed!"

  3. Anonymous

    "The simpletons in the East Midlands still think Griffins God,people who point out the corruption in BNP are regarded as traitors or reds by them!"It's the same in London mate, certain Griffinite creeps are bad mouthing loyal party members who have been suspended, and telling new members that they are Reds, I should imagine on Griffin's orders to discredit good Nationalists, what's going on inside Griffin's head?

  4. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    Bugger !! The BNPTv latest Chairmans update video where Gri££ says how wonderful and amazing Dowson has been for the party has been pulled…….NO wait a minute ! They removed the embed script but the download link still works :) ;)Pip pip


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