It goes from bad to worse. Dowson has now locked the party out of its own call centre!!!!


15 thoughts on “It goes from bad to worse. Dowson has now locked the party out of its own call centre!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    If Dow$on has gone the party must be totally and utterly brassic, the bastard was only in it for the dosh! What will happen to the BNP database and all the equipment?

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like the UAF blogs will be earning a bit of overtime this week ive noticed also over on VNN the mood has gone very sombre of late.I hate to see the party fall but im glad the greedy bastards now running it are about to fall on their own swords and shows what horrible vindictive people they really are as the attitude is " if i fall then you all fall" goodnight BNP was nice knwoing you R.I.P.

  3. Anonymous

    Does this now mean the endless begging letters I have repeatedly asked them to cease sending to my previous address, even though I am no longer a member and have not been for some time, will now cease? Talk about a political party and its leadership that has totally lost its way and any last vestiges of credibilty. As for the latest 'cultural' nationalist venture nonsense called the BFP, well you just couldn't make it up. I think some nationalists are almost as daft as the liblabcon sheep electorate. Talking of which: the rolling banner on their Home Page and the 'Supporting British, Food, Farming & Agriculture…' with an image of a Brown Cow alongside. Surely a White Sheep would have been more appropriate?

  4. Anonymous contacts bar 1 are for welszhpoolThe other one has gone as well as the nuneaton depot was shut down leaving the idiot west midlands R/O alwyn deacon in the brown stuff as apparently he gave up a profitable pub to work for the party direct.So everything now goes to welshpool and the family griffin probably bin everything unless there is cash or a cheque in the envelope.This is the sign that a ponzi pyramid scheme is falling flat so the guy at the top of the pyramid gets rid of everyone else below him and takes what ever cash may trickle in from any new gullible people.

  5. Anonymous

    Breaking News: The phone line at the Nuneaton depot was cut off today, also the decent branch organiser John of Greenwich, South London as sacked today, the bloke is a decent, intelligent, committed, hard working Nationalist. Griffin has wrecked the London region is a few short months!

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry a correction to the last post."Readers may be interested to know that the phone lines were switched to our Nuneaton depot – which was about to be closed down"

  7. Anonymous

    Readers may be interested to know that the phone lines were switched to our Nuneaton depot – which was about to be closed downWorth ringing up and asking if you join over the phone how long before you get your membership card as all the printing equipment is in the Belfast office

  8. Anonymous

    Alwyn's pub was always empty, it was making a loss. He was a freeholder so there was no way he was "kicked out" for having a BFF function at his pub.Indeed it was his dire financial state that made him hold the BFF function AFTER he cleared it with Griffin and Darby personally, it appears he had an overdue bill to pay and the BFF do like their beer.

  9. Anonymous

    Alwyn's pub was always empty.No wonder the place stunk and was in desperate need of a bit of cleaning.I hear his meetings are empty as well,come on having the BFF in a town centre pub what about a rave night,a beech party night looks like the bloke had no business strategy the bar staff were like the return of the living dead and his beer tasted like rats piss.


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