Tony Ward and the British Freedom Party (sic)

Here is Tony Wards wife:

Tony posts as “LooseRivet” on various forums:

As we can see Tony likes a “bit of sweet and sour”, did he buy her on some sort of online auction? (they will go with any freak even transgender types in order to get a British passport, apparently)

Is it any wonder that British Freedom Party (sic) attracts  multiculturalists like Tony Ward when they have pictures like this for recruitment?:

Like I said chaps, you will be dealt with in the same manner as Griffarage, this blog will not tolerate  any treachery to White people, be it Griffarage ripping off BNP members or your nefarious party trying rape our ideology.

Shame on you all!!!!!!!!

The B.F.P. and Griffarage are no different, both are treacherous but in different ways.

Is this the B.F.P.s new manifesto video?
(thanks to Sleeping Satellite for the satiric inspiration)



15 thoughts on “Tony Ward and the British Freedom Party (sic)

  1. GriffinWatch

    Ordinarily G.W. would not stoop so low as to involve peoples wives however under extreme provacation from Ward and the fact that his wife isn't covered by the G.W. mandate, the posts will stand.

  2. Anonymous

    Their ghastly little warped multi-Racial mish-mash party won't last six months, Gri££in and criminal Dow$on must be laughing from the rafters? Thankfully the imbeciles from the BFP didn't send a representative to yesterday's BNP Reform Group meeting in the West Midlands. Mullins was supposed to have turned up.

  3. Anonymous

    Latest from Eddy Butler's blog, the BNP is really having big financial problems and Dodgy Dowson is up to his old tricks!"I understand that the Finance Scrutiny Committee have approved an excellent plan that Jim Dowson has devised in order to reduce the Party’s debt. Drastic situations call for drastic action. This is business and sharp business practice is part and parcel of any successful enterprise. Isn't it?The excellent idea is to send letters to many of the party’s creditors and offer them a take it or leave it deal where there are ‘offered’ 20p for every £ that we owe them."

  4. Anonymous

    Griffin & Dowson would be better off keeping their noses out of Ulster, this could all backfire on us in a very nasty way?"Glentoran fan is target for BNP"Monday, 18 October 2010 Belfast Telegraph

  5. banana boat

    The black 'rasta' and co is disappointing on the webshot photo , if such an 'integrated' rasta exists I'm sure he won't for much longer as he won't need to in the African colony of London. I really don't think it's necessary to hype up any longer the imaginary integrated types descended from the windrush. Have they played any part in helping the white people during their genocide?

  6. Nemesis

    An advert for Coke??Who are the BFP trying to recruit for fack's sake…PAUL GOLDING???(That's a bloody good piss-take Sleeping Satellite and GW LOL)

  7. Nemesis

    Was that Tony Ward's Chinese wife that I saw in the video…? Oh, I and I think I've hust seen Adam Walker's Jap missues too in the multicultural crowd.I love these BNP/BFP promos, they're so beautiful and inclusive.LOL

  8. Anonymous

    I don't know about checking with Coca-Cola but the ridiculous BFP logo is dangerously close to Pepsi's logo. Not that the BFP or its logo will be around for too long, so Pepsi may not be that bothered to notice or care. You could see where all this BNP Reform etc was heading with the sarasara group on there called initially 'BNP Supporters of Israel' but now called 'BNP amd Isreal'(sic). How ridiculous can you get? You would think they could at least spell the name right of their Zionist best friend nation.What an absolute joke Griffin's BNP, Butler's BNP Reform Group and now Mullin's BFP are. Anyone (still) giving money to these absolute fake nationalist tw*ts – including/especially Green Arrow Morris's phoney British Resistance – deserves to be fleeced and are to be pitied.

  9. Anonymous

    It appears Peter Mullins is not the architect of the BFP – though he does post/moderate all in favour of the abortion that is happening. The British Freedom Party is apparently the brain(less)child of non other than LJB. This from the British Nationalist website:"The BFP….it gets worse!We have now uncovered the lunatic behind this abortion of a party – non other than ex-BNP legal eagle (or crow) Lee Barnes. Yes our old pal is back to out liberalise the Griffinites."


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