Another bogus expulsion and the Butler fightback?

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14 thoughts on “Another bogus expulsion and the Butler fightback?

  1. Anonymous

    Two Page 1's there GW and no Page 2. What makes up for it though is the way the scan has come out. I love it!The BNP logo in the top left hand of page can be easily made out but what is less obvious is what lies beneath: Gri££in First! lol, lolClassic!Page 2 (I can't read Clive Jefferson's typing – magnify to read) Also, some really pathetic child-like comments on the expulsion over on Morris's new for old but the same fake nationalist site. True nationalism is far better off without many if not most of the infants who still post on there. It reminds me of school children laughing when they hear such laureate poetry as 'the cat sat on the mat' for the first time.

  2. Anonymous

    Barnes has got the latest BNP organisers bulletin seems the campaign to bring our boys home was a scam after all to gather names and address's.griffin you should hang your head in shame.

  3. Anonymous

    What's Barnes & Bennett up to creating a new party and having a picture of Negros and mixed raced people in the photo, they are having a laugh aren't………….Sick fucks or what?

  4. Anonymous

    I was seriously thinking of joining the British Freedom Party till I spotted a coon and a paki in the BFP web picture. I wont be surprised to learn the BFP is another Mi5 safety pen with gri££inites running the show.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… GW approves comments but he doesn't read comments. GW = State~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anonymous, try not being a bigger cunt than God intended.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU


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