The Establishments (sic), fear of Michael Barnrook.

It certainly appears that the Establishment (sic) aren’t happy with Michael Barnbrooks writings, hence the malware that has been installed on the above page.

 (check out the url in the above screenshot)

Griffarage is definately being protected by the Establishment (sic)

Default Nick Griffin reported to Dyfed Powys Police for alleged fraud

I have been made aware that a report is being submitted to Dyfed Powys Police alleging fraud by Mr Griffin and those close to him. Apparently the report, which consists of over 100 pages, consists of allegations made by four former paid officers of the party, alleging fraud amounting to in excess of £100,000.

Michael Barnbrook
BNP Sleazebuster”

” I have to say that I approve of this report being filed with the Dyfed Powys Police. If they fail to launch an investigation, which has been the case of pretty much every complaint about Griffin’s actions laid to every relevant authority, this will confirm, in my opinion, that Griffin is state. I am already firmly of this opinion, and each time each authority finds an excuse not to investigate his activities, my conviction becomes more resolute.”

Horatio is correct , we here at GriffinWatch are fully aware of Griffarage being previously reported to the Dyfed Powys Police, they didn’t act then and we are sure that they won’t act now.

GriffinWatch, exposing the masonic/establishment protection of Nicholas John Griffin.

13 thoughts on “The Establishments (sic), fear of Michael Barnrook.

  1. simonben

    Holy SHIT!!!This is seriously fucked up, Sean. I ran that website and server with Sharon Ebanks.It has been fine all along until now. It is severely virus ridden and low and behold – I am locked out of it.This in addition to having 3 servers taken offline and my broadband being disconnected all in a week without explanation.

  2. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    I hope I'm not telling Granny how to suck eggs but it seems to me one possible reason nothing happens in relation to these complaints is the fact that the Police will not investigate such matters any more as they are not considered 'criminal' least ways not enough to warrant any time investigating them.You have to force the issue so they have to act. First make sure you report the crime to a real Police officer not some civilian robot. Preferably the duty sergeant.Second absolutely insist on a CRIME BOOK number and not the generic crime reference number. There is a world of difference!!. That way the matter is recorded and logged as a real crime incident and MUST be investigatedsince it will now appear in the county forces official crime stats.If they stubbornly refuse to give you a crime book number take the name and number of the officer concerned and tell them you will be making a formal complaint against them for gross neglect of duty and failure in their oath as a constable. Both are very serious matters indeed.Now take your crime report and complaint to the chief constable and be absolutely sure to tell him that under no circumstances will you accept a local resolution to the matter!. . If he will not help, make the same threat of an official complaint on the same grounds and then go to the Police in your next county and make formal complaints about those officers, the chief constable AND the Police authority it's self in your own county.The shit storm will have the ABC Police investigating the XYZ Police. The chief constable and officers in your county will be subject to an investigation as well as get your original crime report logged and investigated.Hopefully you wont have to go all the way and the first step will be enough but it always helps to know your powers and rights in such matters.Faced with the choice of investigating Gri££in or their own senior officers it should be a no brainer.Barnbrook should know all this which raises questions of it's own.Don't let the bastards fob you off.Pip pip

  3. Anonymous

    Stupid pisshead John Walker slagging off the DUP in Ulster, what a idiotic thing to do! Hopefully now the Loyalists will get Dodgy Dowson for this?"BNP’s Message of Peace Upsets Extremist Warmongers in DUP""The BNP therefore needs no lessons in morality from the DUP, whose current leader was a leading light in outlawed paramilitaries and who took part in mass rallies where guns were waved and support was expressed for the mayhem which laid the streets of Northern Ireland asunder with violence and bloodshed,”

  4. Anonymous

    Stupid pisshead John Walker slagging off the DUP in Ulster, what a idiotic thing to do! Hopefully now the Loyalists will get Dodgy Dowson for this?"BNP’s Message of Peace Upsets Extremist Warmongers in DUP"I was shocked to read this,it seems to now be BNP policy to slag off all and sundry right across the nationalist spectrum right down to its own members and ex members which is a sign that the party is on the ropes.

  5. Anonymous

    "Bob Bailey BNP meeting 23rd Sept 2010"Bailey has been speaking at every London BNP branch meeting in the past few months and will be speaking at more later in the year, he thinks the sun shines out of Gri££in's arse!

  6. Anonymous

    Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot, the best way of kicking the police into action, is a two-pronged attack. First, make a specific complaint under Section 47 of the Ploice Act, citing police failure by ignoring strong evidence of criminal acts. Second, apply, to a Law Court Judge, for a Mandamus Writ ordering the Chief Constable to investigate Gri££in's financial shenanigans.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU


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