Tony Ward and the British Democracy (sic) forum exposed.

Here is Tony Ward, formerly of Liverpool BNP, Tony Ward prefers Chinese women.

Tony Ward admits that he isn’t a nationalist on the British Democracy forum:

Tony admits it again here:

Tony puts a  nationalist woman in danger by posting her picture online and the British Democracy forum covers up Tony’s nasty little actions:

The British Democracy forum bans me for pointing out that Tony Ward is a scumbag who puts nationalist women in danger:
Things that have been exposed, Tony Ward is a nasty little multiculturalist who has a Chinese wife and is a self admitted non nationalist
The British Democracy Forum is nothing of the sort, it bans people who tell the truth, and supports and protects multiculturalists like Tony Ward.
You like putting peoples wives pictures online Tony?, well I have absolutely no reason for allegiance to anyone who is Chinese, here is your wife online:

Ward posts as LooseRivet on various forums, look him up.

12 thoughts on “Tony Ward and the British Democracy (sic) forum exposed.

  1. Anonymous

    Ward said he was not race-mixer because he cannot have children, and he says he is doing a good service by stopping his chinese wife from having kids to another man. He posted it over at vnn few months back.

  2. Anonymous

    So Ward is a "jaffa" as well as a non nationalist and a supporter of multiculturalism.This begs the question, why he is hanging around nationalism like a bad smell? =============I much prefered the BNP under Tyndall, there was no racemixers or gays calling themselves nationalists.This is a fight for our RACE AND NATION.Butler can get stuffed by having him in reform meeting. Maybe Owens is right and I am falling for searchlights trap to smear Butler?

  3. Anonymous

    The whole (State?) Gri££in BNP era has run its course and it's only a matter of time now before it all finally and inevitably implodes on him and his sycophants. It's difficult to fathom what BNP now actually stands for with Zionists, race mixers, virtually all and sundry in fact welcome. It appears an unelectable and tacky, even gangster party and it virtually is. Griffin himself is virtually unelectable (as an MP) as are many who support him. I'm sure his MEP victory was State contrived even if Andrew Brons's wasn't. Your average Joe Public hates Griffin, even if they sympathise with BNP policies, whatever they are these days. With tens of millions recently voting for more of the same LibLabCon and only half a million or so voting BNP, the vote count under Griffin is never going to get near a million in my opinion. Add to that, disaffected (in the BNP) nationalists like myself who would not vote BNP again as long as Griffin and a few more besides are still around, the vote tally is likely to fall rather than go up. If we can only get half a million+ votes with imbeciles and cretins like Go'on Brown, callmedave Cameron and Calamity Clegg forming the opposition, it does not bode well for the future and Griffin's legacy will be difficult if not impossible to shake off. Griffin's ghost will still be around for a long time after he has physically cleared off. I just can't see BNP as a party name and brand ever being accepted by the electorate after Griffin. Maybe that was the whole idea all along.

  4. Nemesis

    Well done GW for putting this race traitor and pseudo-nationalist on line.I am glad that GW exists to expose these nationalist nonces and their insidious work in undermining nationalism and nationalists.His Chinky Mail Order bride ought to be returned back to the catalogue as 'damaged goods'.PS Did you say Ward's internet name is 'Loose Rivet'? More like 'Loose Screw' I would imagine.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… How did the Dave Duke site get reinstated?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Probably by overwhelming outrage at kike influence together with overwheming public demand and support for Duke.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU


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