Morris and Bainbridge try to trick you again with a re-brand. British Resistance? My arse!!!!!!! (not literally I might add)

Well what can we say, the Green Arrow webs*ite has truly exposed itself and its Alexa stats. are sinking faster than a lead balloon.

As a result of this, Morris and the sparrows are attempting to re-brand themselves, via the above so-called “British Resistance” webs*ite. (screenshot 1)

What really annoys me the most, is the second screenshot, which purports to be a “letter to the white race”.
(screenshot 2)
Why? I shall tell you.

The above website is run by Stuart Bainbridge AKA Anjin Sama, who also runs the Green Arrow webs*ite.
(see screenshot below)

Quite frankly anyone who marries outside of their own race, as Bainbridge has, ( Tony Ward also) certainly can’t be taken seriously as someone who is actively promoting the white race. (screenshot 2 )

This is rank hypocrisy of the highest order.

Stuart Bainbridge a white nationalist?

These “types” are the ones that are actively supporting Griffarage, makes you think, doesn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Morris and Bainbridge try to trick you again with a re-brand. British Resistance? My arse!!!!!!! (not literally I might add)

  1. Anonymous

    Can someone out there stop me from topping myself? I'm stoney broke after the company I worked at for 70 years went bust last year. I've received yet another Dowson-Gri££in begging letter extraordinaire inviting me to cough up £395 for a life membership card which has a nominal value of about 0.01p. The Dowson-Gri££in Gangbang Duo tell me I am amongst an exclusive elite as not many will have received this begging letter extraordinaire to join the exclusive life membership club. I'm inconsolable that I haven't got £395 to pay for this £0.01 card. It's all my fault for not having a job a day before I'm 100 years old. It doesn't help that life membership means very little to me these days seeing as I am 99 years and 364 days old and have been dying of terminal old age for the last 10 or 20 years. The quack Zionist doctors who diagnosed it are long since dead – I wish the Gangbang Duo were. Anyway, I'm a 100 tomorrow (if I live) and this life membership scam has stopped me having a knees op I mean up. Cheers GW, keep up the good work. And go *uck yourselves Gri££in and Dowson and those who support them.

  2. Anonymous

    The writers:-The Editor, Albion, BC1959, Tim Haydon, Sarah: Maid of Albion, Bertie Bert, Boatswain.Just another Sayanim, Money Pot trap looking at the Donate (in red as always) button.Like you say GW, anyone who marries outside of their indigenous race has no business in a country's nationalist politics. White women clearly not good enough for them. I also wish they would immediately stop using the sacrifices of our troops to raise money for their personal bank accounts.Definitely a Zionist site to dupe the goyim.

  3. Anonymous

    @ GW at 19:55I wish you could produce more articles and info but I understand the fact that you need a life outside of all this to maintain one's focus and sanity. Is it my imagination but is the BNP Reform Group stalling? Just a perception.

  4. Anonymous

    The Voice of The Zionist ResistanceMission Statement-Welcome to the latest fake nationalist and True Lies site on the net. As you can see we are almost fully set up and ready to start ripping you all off.I hope you will doanate, donate, donate to us on a voyage of (your) poverty and (our) thrift lol. Our course? To suppress the awful Zionist truth and with it you goyim of this your homeland Great Britain & Ireland. Some of you will already know many of the so-called writers, but I hope that we will encourage more such fantasists and media (You Tube Lies) producers to join us at well laid Sayanim traps along the way. Reconquista and Aussie Bob need not apply. Shalom.

  5. Anonymous

    Everything the BNP now says i believe the opposite thats how far the party has driven me to hate it under the griffin/dowson cliche.Last year remember the embarrassing road show about the pigs of troughminster and all along griffin has been milking his own members ? Then you have the BNP proscribing the EDL and officials saying it is state run well last saturday glasgow BNP were made to look idiots as a load of spotty nosed reds trashed their stall while a few days later the EDL trashed a SWP meeting in the north east.The BNP under griffin is like the pied piper leading the rats into the river Thames ! they will do as the great leader so commands but who is commanding griffin to fuck up nationalism in its hour of need ? To think i used to pound the streets under the banner of the BNP and for what ? A fat lying thieving pig living in welshpool running a ponsi pyramid scheme taking cash off all and sundry in the process under the banner of nationalism.WAKE UP PEOPLE GRIFFIN IS STATE AND HIS REWARD HAS BEEN TO CON YOU OUT OF YOUR HARD EARNED CASH.

  6. Anonymous

    re: anons at 24th 20:05 and 25th at 01:39I think the BNP Reform group has gone or at least their website has. All you get instantly on clicking on is:-Oops! Firefox could not find http://www.bnpreform.comInternet Explorer cannot display the webpageOops! Google Chrome could not find http://www.bnpreform.comMaybe GW can shed some light. Is it anything to do with Gri££in's alleged threat of legal action against known individuals for posting probably true but otherwise unsubstantiated claims on anti Gri££in blogs?The domain seems to have disappeared altogether so could it have something to do with financial issues with the server? Whatever the reason(s) I think Simon Bennett should take a well earned rest from nationalist politics and earn some serious money in the non political arena for a while. The pressure must be enormous and he's been at it non stop now for years. Just my thoughts and suggestions.

  7. Anonymous

    GW said…The reform site is having server issues by the looks of it.If Freemason Gri££in is State which I strongly suspect he is, he will have connections to disrupt and frustrate anti-Gri££in BNP websites such as the BNP Reform Group. The reverse is probably true of pro-Gri££in websites such as the latest fake nationalist British Resistance. The Zionists will up their anti-democratic, NWO agenda game in this respect to try and suppress and eventually shut down and silence dissent and truth via the internet.

  8. Anonymous

    Panic over! BNP Reform Group website is back:Website Problems Sunday, 26 September 2010 11:19 Written by Administrator "This website has been off-line for the past 36 hours due to our server company deleting our server by mistake.They were asked to delete one out of three redundant servers and deleted all three instead!After reinstating them they decided to delete them for a second time without warning. We are now operating on a temporary shared server until such time as our dedicated server is recovered or a new one provided. In between the servers being deleted my broadband connection was also disconnected twice in two days.Please be aware that we are operating on a backup of the original site, so when we switch back to the dedicated server all new forum posts, social network posts and user registrations will be lost. All new comments on articles will be saved as the Intense Debate comments system is a separate entity to this website.Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible."

  9. Anonymous

    Just noticed the green arrows status is on red alert so please donate.If the green arrow can take credit card payments then he should be registered on companies house as a business? or does he channel credit card payments through the dowson/griffin scam machine for a wee comission ?

  10. Anonymous

    Bungling Barnes to represent Buffoon Bumbrook on his appeal against expulsion, should be interesting?"Richard has asked me to represent him in his tribunal, but first of all I suggest he asks Pat Harrington of the 'independent ' Solidarity Trade Union and a BNP employee whether he will represent a Solidarity member in a disciplinary hearing against his BNP employer Nick Griffin."

  11. Anonymous

    Any situation involving together the three stooges, Bagel Barnes, Trisha `I'm bisexual' Harrington, and Richard `Barking' Bumbandido, is a Gri££in-MI5 stage-managed set-up for the cretinous gullible.As for kikes Morritz and Ajamrag Sarni, both need straightjacketing and stiff tranquilizing shots.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU


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