Veteran Nationalist John Bean speaks out. Griffarage must go.


John Bean the editor of Identity Magazine has authorised me to publish the following letter which he recently sent to the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP.
This letter is of great significance and may be a real breakthrough in the attempts to save our party from destruction.

Nick Griffin
PO Box 14
Welshpool SY21 OWE

August 28th 2010

Dear Nick,

Whilst I am conscious of the fact that my age and personal circumstances has mainly limited my activities in promoting the BNP to editing Identity magazine for over seven years, fifty years experience of British Nationalism has brought me to the following conclusions on the BNP’s future.

The British National Party must be forever grateful for the work you put in over the past decade which lifted the Party out of the doldrums of the latter end of the Tyndall era and has made its name a household word. However, it must be recognised that a major mistake was made by allowing the Midas Agency so much control of the Party. No matter how much one plays with words, the fact is that the BNP now has debts in excess of £500,000, which of course is not all of your making. Unlike the Labour Party’s £20m ‘debt’, which is really loans made by the Unions and others, the BNP’s hard debts are for goods and services. The Party is haemorrhaging membership and is receiving abysmal voting percentages of 2-3% at recent council by-elections. It must also face the fact that as an unregistered company a court could decide we are insolvent and recommend that the BNP be wound up.

It is highly likely that an opposition Nationalist party will shortly be formed which would draw off more disgruntled BNP members, with the result that neither such a new party nor the present BNP would gain a single Parliamentary seat within the next ten years – and time is not on our side. One step that would halt, or at least limit, this splitting of energies would be for you to recognise the veracity of the adage “the buck stops here” and resign as Chairman of the Party in the near future, as opposed to your intention of doing so three years hence. This would not only reduce the loss of more members, but enable you to regain the respect that we all had for you.

Furthermore, it would allow you to concentrate on the North West constituency as the BNP’s MEP and expect the full support of the membership in seeing that you were re-elected.

Needless to say, I wish you well for September 7th both personally and for the Party. I am sure the Court would not be so stupid as to send you to prison.

Yours sincerely,

John Bean”

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