Eddy Butler talks about Paul Morris and his "Green Arrow intellectual minors".


To the tune of ‘On Ilkla Mooar baht ‘at’

“Oh where d’you get that hat
Oh where d’you get that hat


A follow up on my last blog entry…

The Green Arrow’s claim that he was a member of the National Party in 1976 under his ‘real name’ has been confirmed. Adrian Davies, a London barrister who I have known well for probably twenty years has access to the National Party membership records and he has seen the offending name on ‘ze list’.

Tens of thousands of people briefly joined the National Front or the National Party in the 1970s. It hardly makes them life-long nationalists. I some ways it makes his prolonged absence for well over 30 years all the more reprehensible. Having been continuously active for the past thirty years I have a certain snobbish attitude towards those who claim to be long standing nationalist when they actually went AWOL for most of that time.

He claims to have known Richard Lawson, who was a leading light in the National Party back then. I rather doubt Richard Lawson would remember this diminutive squeaky voiced Welshman. I could check as I am still in touch with Richard Lawson, but I am sure I would have better things to talk about.


How are we to explain the Green Arrow’s brief appearance and then disappearance in 1976?

If I was Nick Griffin I would immediately suggest that in 1976 the Green Arrow was reassigned to a different role by his paymasters. Infiltrating the IRA in Northern Ireland perhaps, alongside his colleagues in the SAS? And then a mission to Moscow, watching 007’s back? Followed by a stint learning Korean in Pyongyang?

Or perhaps the explanation is more mundane and he just lounged around the valleys drinking beer, watching TV and going to bingo.

Not of course that there is anything intrinsically anything wrong with any of these things. The IRA should have been infiltrated; we needed to know what the Soviet Union was up to during the Cold War; and North Korea is an unstable threat to world peace. Furthermore I sometimes drink beer, watch TV and I have even been to bingo!

Just as the Green Arrow expects Richard Lawson to remember him, so he seems to think that I should know that he was supposedly active in South Wales many years ago. I am afraid I had no knowledge of him whatsoever. Does he really think his name was whispered around the valleys? Perhaps he does.


The Green Arrow has reprinted an e-mail I sent to him last autumn. I must admit that re-reading it made me blush, but I am impressed at my skill in being able to come out with such a load of tosh. It was designed to flatter someone with a drastically overinflated sense of his own importance. I was told by Nick Griffin that this was the best approach to use. And boy did it work.

For those who haven’t seen it here is my pacifying e-mail to the Green Arrow. Although I say it myself it is a masterpiece. The Green Arrow only chose to reprint the bits I have coloured in green and I have highlighted the bits he highlighted.

Dear Green Arrow
I have been told that you have decided to resign from the Party in order to be able to independently comment upon nationalism on your blog.
I would like to make the following observations. Your blog has been admired by many in the movement as providing a useful and interesting tool for the cause. You have also loyally supported the party over the years. However the true mark of loyalty is to adhere to decisions even when you do not fully support them.
None of us can expect to agree with every policy or tactical decision.
With respect to the internet and blogs, we have had to take a restrictive line as we have regularly been stung and unnecessarily embarrassed – both politically and financially – by not keeping control of our message.
In an ideal world we would allow every local group to set up their own BNP blogs and have every possible internet user peddling BNP views. However as you will be aware we are in a very sensitive situation where many well-meaning people (and many not well meaning people!) make clumsy or ill advised remarks which are then attributed to the Party. Many once sensible people can easily have their nose pushed out of joint and frequently, by reflex action, tend to turn to their blog, their Facebook page, the Forum to which they are members of, or whatever it may be, to vent their spleen immediately and in public. Very little self discipline tends to be maintained. I have to say that over the last few days this is exactly what happened on your blog with very little provocation. This exactly illustrated why we have to protect the use of our name and logo. All we wanted was for the wording on the header to be amended slightly.
Not withstanding this, I hope you reconsider you decision to resign and that you resume your place within the BNP as a loyal member. Indeed I hope your blog continues to independently support the BNP. (The following is incidentally a perfectly good by-line… All material published on these pages represents the personal views of the Green Arrow and should not be taken to represent official BNP policy. THIS SITE IS NOT AN OFFICIAL BNP SITE. IT IS AN INDEPENDENT SITE.) We do not wish to restrict the right to free speech for our members but when they publicly link their voice to the Party when they speak we are obliged to ensure a degree of control. I hope that as a long standing nationalist you understand that this must be the case. Cooperative action is vital if we are to win and lone individuals ploughing their own furrow are of limited use to the overall cause.
You have certainly not been singled out. We have had to make many otherwise excellent local blogs change their name and this has not been an easy decision to take as it has, as I am sure you will appreciate, caused many arguments. However it is vital that we protect our image and control our message as closely as possible as we operate in a very difficult environment.
Eddy Butler
National Organiser
PS I would prefer it if private correspondence between Party Officers and yourself was not immediately pasted up on your blog – although there is of course nothing I can do to prevent you from doing it.

The Green Arrow then apologised to me for posting up an e-mail he had received from Chris Barnett (the current web ‘master’) that is referred to in the PS. I followed it up with another e-mail which sheds some light on a number of silly allegations Green Arrow has made against me (e.g. over the old BNP Forum) as follows:

Dear Green Arrow
I know you have resigned from the BNP so you can independently raise all sorts of questions as and when you chose, but I also noted that you declared that you wished to independently support the BNP. To assist you in doing this, may I recommend that you run any queries you may have by someone… maybe me (if I am not too busy and you don’t ask me fifty different questions a day, I will always reply) before running rumour mill stories that are invariably very wide of the mark
Just one little point about the Muslim abduction – he lives on a very busy road and 4x4s don’t have boots – they have hatch-backs that can be clearly seen into. The part of the forest to which he was allegedly taken wasn’t a remote part but was pretty much the nearest bit to where he lives and adjacent to houses and pubs – loads of strollers, dog walkers etc.
The picture with the policemen in the picture – one is an inspector –have refused to see any of our representatives (even though we are the elected councillors for the area) and have taken the pathetic claims at face value. The picture was taken after the first so-called incident when his house was supposedly firebombed (a couple of weeks before he opened his door to two strange white men brandishing knives).
Any way that is by-the-by.
Richard Barnbrook’s blog was taken down at his own request as it had not been recently updated – as he is worried over the potential content (he never actually writes any of it) as he is under investigation from the Standards Board and may be suspended for up to six months shortly, due to the content of a video posted on one of his blogs. It is as simple as that. Hopefully a new member of his staff will be resurrecting his blog in the near future when Richard has time to supervise it closely, for his own peace of mind. This obviously is not for publication.
When the site was taken down and put back up Simon Bennett had to make many decisions over which bits he would put back first and there is no conspiracy and nothing can be read into it. One bit that was taken down was the Forum – and it takes more work to be put back up. However we are not putting it back up as we were going to close it after the RWB anyway as it is a constant pain in the neck that causes internal arguments. It is not a source of useful information or knowledge as not one senior member or national officer uses it (being too busy) – so the tactical discussions were always a case of the blind leading the blind.
No doubt there were some useful aspects to it (eg the Sergeants mess thing) but they did not outweigh the negative aspects – we had to get rid of the Administrator who it turned out no one knew and who posted a load of seditious nonsense in the aftermath of the Norwich election.
In the end it was pretty much my decision although I made sure all other senior officers agreed as I did not want to act unilaterally.
We keep things that are useful to promote the Party and get rid of things that are not – there is constant sifting to determine this.
The Forum was there to create a positive Party community – I am afraid it could never do that as people always ruin it and mistakenly believe that it was there as some sort of free speech forum for them to air their petty and ill informed gripes.
Please don’t take this to mean that I believe the ‘Party’ should be immune from criticism – but it should not have an internal Forum where the Party effectively slags itself off and washes dirty linen (and there will always be some dirty linen) in public. And the forum was public and there were definite ‘wrong uns’ on it.
It is my belief that the Party should be more open and up front about things and answer queries and rebut smears more forcefully – and maybe even own up when cock ups occur as they do from time to time.
Anyway – if you check with me first I will endeavour to give you an honest answer to any queries you have – whether you agree with decisions made (eg the Forum perhaps) is a different matter.

You can see that I went to great pains to pacify this bloke. It also shows that I endeavoured to administer the party with a light touch and not run around expelling or suspending people. The Green Arrow’s response was illuminating in its own way…

Dear Eddy,
I have read your letter with great pleasure and am reassured by your reply. From now on I will not publicly ask any questions without first approaching you.
Being a blogger flooded with information both reliable and unreliable can make a person very paranoid.
I look forward now to returning to attacking our enemy and promoting the BNP.
Green Arrow

It’s amusing that the Green Arrow couldn’t help highlighting the more flattering phrases I used in the first e-mail. I bet he awarded himself another rosette after getting it and probably designed a unique badge to wear on special occasions, such as when I chose to communicate with him!

You could say it was me just being ultra diplomatic in pouring buckets full of oil on troubled water. Or does it perhaps show that I have real skill in insincere penmanship? Does this qualify me for a job with Jim Dowson in appeal letter writing?


I have checked the other e-mails I sent him and won’t reprint them as some things should remain confidential ‘for the good of the party’. However the Green Arrow knows that I was always working constructively ‘for the good of the party’ and his silly tantrums now can only be put down to blinkered and misplaced loyalty.

There is a fundamental difference between keeping quiet on certain issues ‘for the good of the party’ and covering up incompetence that deeply damages the party. I will make no apologies for exposing the grievous errors and mistakes which are driving this party onto the rocks. It is in the party’s interests that these matters are brought to the attention of the membership and unfortunately the only means for doing this is through the internet on blogs or websites. Furthermore every fact I bring up is a fact – not an idle and ill informed rumour. Also everything I say is clearly in my name – I do not pretend to speak officially on behalf of the party.

Green Arrow goes on the say that I sent him e-mails trying to win him over on the leadership challenge issue. I did this fairly recently when I thought there was a chance that I was dealing with a rational human being. I believe it was around the time a few months ago when he had a tantrum over the cancelation of the Red White and Blue – when he said he would not comment again on the whole leadership challenge business!

He finishes by pondering why I might still be on the BNP payroll. I am not! I am on Andrew Brons’s payroll as an MEP. Evidently Andrew Brons is happy for me to work for him. See here…


The party has shrunk so much that the Green Arrow’s faction actually makes up a considerable proportion of Nick Griffin’s loyal following. For example less than sixty turned up to a North West regional rally recently in Bolton. Texts and other messages went out to all branches in the North West to get a good attendance for Nick Griffin. They then had to pretend it was just a normal branch meeting. Nick Griffin must be feeling very uncomfortable having to cosy up to someone like the Green Arrow, someone who he holds in open contempt. How his star has fallen.

The antics of those like Green Arrow are destroying this party. This little nobody, who has never done anything tangible for our cause is in no position to say who should and who shouldn’t be a member. He has ultimate faith in whatever Nick Griffin says in his speeches. He believes every last word. He will live to realise that he has been taken for a complete fool when the house of cards comes crashing down.

The only chance this party has is for it to reform. It is the duty of all members to assist in this process.


Nick Griffin clearly needs non members to stick up for him on internal party matters on the Green Arrow site. First we have the Green Arrow himself, and now Patrick Harrington the leader of an enemy party that calls itself the National Liberal Party. The NLP has described the BNP as ‘nutzis’. For all of Nick Griffin’s talk of opposing what he describes as civic nationalism, the NLP is firmly ‘civic nationalist’. For example they supported a black council candidate against a BNP candidate in Havering.

So why would Harrington, a non-member and the leader of a civic nationalist party, be made the BNP’s ‘Head of Human Resources’? Harrington was appointed without his job being advertised and with not a single loyal member of our party being given the opportunity to apply for it. Harrington’s girlfriend was also given a job. Given the employment status of Harrington and his girlfriend, an unkind person might suggest that he has a vested interest in supporting Mr Griffin. I’m not an unkind person so I will make no such suggestion.

Harrington has got a vested interest in the British National Party folding, as no doubt the NLP will be hoping to ‘pick up the pieces’.

Whatever Harrington says regarding the internal affairs of our party should be treated with extreme caution.

Sensible people regard Harrington as a negative barometer with respect to internal party matters. If he says something is good for us – it will be bad.

Harrington’s appearance as a ‘character witness’ for Nick Griffin on the Green Arrow site should be treated with a massive pinch of salt. He claims that Nick Griffin didn’t make another bungled court appearance by turning up half an hour late (Harrington was late as well and missed much of the discussion as a result), and by submitting his papers late (although there is more than a clue in Harrington’s statement about this). Let’s wait and see the outcome in November.


Why don’t Harrington and the Green Arrow actually join the BNP if they want to pontificate about our party’s internal business? Isn’t it sad that Nick Griffin has to rely on people who don’t have enough confidence in his leadership to actually join the party when he is Chairman? Their refusal to put their membership money where their mouths are is a massive vote of no confidence in our current Chairman.

Most experienced observers can see what Harrington is aiming for. His end game is clear.

But responding to the Green Arrow makes me feel like a bully as he is not much of a target. I have seen many Griffin fans over the years turn into his most ardent haters. Indeed that is what happens in the end to all Griffin fans. It is only a matter of time Green Arrow, only a matter of time.”

We here at G.W. will also have our tuppence worth about the intellectual pygmy Morris and his not so bright dancing supporters, but first watch this gem of a video from Morris himself which will surely go down in the annals of history as one of the most “how to appear desperate on youtube” videos  ever made!!!! :

The moronic Morris doesn’t seem to realise that he himself is driving BNP members away from his own website, via his own slavish servitude and cringeworthy creeping towards “Sir Nicholas Griffarage BNP, MEP, CI5, MI5.”

Hence his current lack of writers, forum moderators, people willing to help out etc.
Morris arrogantly lays out the rules as to being a part of his “crew”, you must support the BNP (nothing wrong with that of course), however you must also support the chairman “Nick Griffin MEP”, the intellectual pygmy that is Morris, clearly can’t get to grips with the fact that the BNP is the sum of it’s members, not the chairman alone, he also cannot get to grips with the fact that Nationalists themselves, don’t like wannabe dictators such as Morris and Griffarage and are naturally rebelious by necessity, the fact that he doesn’t realise these things at all, marks him out as clearly a non nationalist, a hanger on, a boil on the bottom of nationalism which is clearly in need of lancing, metaphorically speaking.


12 thoughts on “Eddy Butler talks about Paul Morris and his "Green Arrow intellectual minors".

  1. Anonymous

    Superb read. Just one quick point. 'Intellectual' is spelt wrong every time in the piece from what I cane see. Just thought you'd like to know because it kind of stands out and spoils it slightly, especially the 'intectual minors' header mistake 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    That cigarette stunt has more than likely killed the party and griffin lets idiots like this promote the party and dowson run party funds.Please let me know if the clangers start a political party as i want to move to the moon and why is this buffon saying "we as the party" when he's not a member,never stood for the party or been active ? This a very suspicious video and the only thing that was missing from the green arrow was SEND ME PICTURES OF YOUR KIDS.My membership card has just gone in the bin thanks to this cretin.

  3. Anonymous

    I suggested it a while back on another GriffinWatch article but I am more than a little suspicious that 'who is who' is not all it seems on Greenberg Arrowitz. Is Green Arrow in fact Mikahil Greenberg aka Mike Green? Is Paul Morris a dispensible decoy patsy? Some Green Arrow writers have disappeared such as Reconquista and Aussie Bob along with their pro Zionist sentiments as well as their articles. Reconquista's Israel and BNP: Brothers in Arms being the most infamous article. Not sure where Reconquista has gone – Israel? However, are Mike Green, Green Arrow and Aussie Bob one and the same? One of the nastiest comments I ever saw on Green Arrow was from Aussie Bob:- "Edward, I say this with the greatest of disrespect Go stick your jew hating head up your swastika shaped arse and keep pushing until you vanish without so much as a bad smell left behind." Now I am convinced (admittedly perhaps wrongly) this is Mike Green posting. Needless to say, poor Edward Scissorhands slashed all his Intense Debate comments off the Green Arrow bog(sic) never to be seen again and he was certainly no Jew hater, just an anti Zionist as all true nationalists are – or should be. The name Aussie Bob was probably chosen to falsely give the site an international feel and reach.The Green Arrow site is now an abomination to true nationalism, promoting Zionism, miscegenation and Griffin's perverse and unelectable version of the BNP. The end is nigh and cannot come soon enough. No one likes to see a dying web creature like Green Arrow suffer needlessly and become the Home of the Green Arrow…who had no friends but just knew people.

  4. Anonymous

    One thing which is strange about morris is why all of a sudden is he putting non stop pictures up of himself ? Earler this year i sent morris some critical comments of how is work and articles are going way off the mark.I also criticised some other BNP members on other forums about their aims and direction in the party.Within a week my computer was hit by a virus.

  5. Anonymous

    Very odd that dodgy Harrington and his girlfriend are on the BNP pay roll? Harrington used to get up to dirty tricks and black propaganda with Griffin back in the 1980s against NF members, it appears nothing has changed. What is his agenda?

  6. Anonymous

    I don't know if this is some type of wind-up back these Asians appear on the BNP website (Facebook section) as supporters?Sanwal Kundihttp://www.facebook.com/kundian.spitalfieldsMuhammed Rifkhanhttp://www.facebook.com/Muhammed.rifkhan1

  7. Anonymous

    Patrick Harrington is not and never was a racial (not indeed cultural!) nationalist.Although he may have a girlfriend there is a high probability that he is a homosexual, he admitted himself that skinheads were homoerotic and he also perhaps found his time at the LSE a bit of a turn on having big bad skinheads provide protection.His mother to anyone who for anyone who has had the opportunity of being aquainted will have found here a bit 'spooky'Harrington is also a IRA sympathiser and it is believed passed on information durning his time with the Front to Red Action (the London conduit for the 'RA).Harrington also spent more of his time in the Front organising the sending of 'poo parcels' and wreaths than on political work.Anyone who is still associated with Griffo and Harrington after all that has and is being revealed must be considered an active enemy.

  8. Anonymous

    "Anyone who is still associated with Griffo and Harrington after all that has and is being revealed must be considered an active enemy."I totally agree with you mate, Harrington is bad news and big trouble.He must be working toward some type of game plan?


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