The Green Eyed monster is in the dumps.

“I have refused point blank to respond to the drunken rantings of a certain ex-member of the party known as Paul Morris for some time now as he is not worthy of the attention he seeks. In spite of his almost daily abusive rants and accusations against good nationalists, he has thus far been completely ignored and starved of the response and attention he so desperately craves.

However, I feel it is now time a few facts were made public and his latest psychotic rantings revealed for all to see, side by side with the truth. This will be the only attention he ever receives from me. I will start by quickly responding to his vile abuse and then explain the history and reasoning that drives Paul Morris on his quest for attention.
Firstly, it is clear that Mr Morris and other attack poodles are being asked by Nick Griffin and his amateur propagandists to step up the hate campaign and smears against myself, Eddy Butler and Lee Barnes. The objective of his latest rant is designed to drive a wedge between myself and the members of the Reform Group. It is incredibly obvious that he (and his string pullers) want to drive a wedge particularly between myself and Eddy Butler by stating that Eddy dislikes me and speaks ill of me behind my back.
Regardless of whether this is true or not, he fails to realise that both Eddy and myself are professionals and have a common objective, which is of course saving this party from the destruction it faces in the hands of incompetent and corrupt leadership.
They wish to do this because they fear me. They fear my abilities on the Internet and Morris particularly fears me as the BNP Reform website will out rank his in popularity within a few months. His poisonous blog currently ranks 170,000th in the world. This site currently ranks 225,000th in the world. This is in spite of the fact that this site is just one month old. Griffin knows I will also be breathing down the neck of the main party website within 6 – 12 months and has to stop me at all costs.
He needs to have me removed from the reform group and he hopes to do this by inventing or causing a split within. It will not work.
I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a little hot-headed, over enthusiastic and sometimes a right royal pain in the proverbial. But, hey, that’s just because I’m unbelievably passionate about my work and my beliefs. I am single minded, determined and have confidence in my own abilities and will often disagree with people on certain issues. I am however professional enough to do my job and do it well, and work alongside people I may not always agree with 100% of the time. It’s not personal – it’s business and I can distinguish between the two and work with almost anyone in order to get the job done.
I cannot work with complete morons, crooks and drug addicts though which is why I am no longer working with the current leadership.
So just to clarify, I have enormous respect for both Lee Barnes and Eddy Butler, both of which I may not always agree with all of the time, but I will always respect them and support them both in 99% of what they say and do. There is no wedge, there is no problem and there is no issue, nor will there be. This is merely a technique used by amateurs to cause division with your opposition or competitors – it’s standard procedure, but can work when executed by professionals. Unfortunately for Paul Morris, both he and those that call his tunes are total amateurs and utterly incompetent.
I will briefly answer his pathetic accusations (in bold) below;
1. He brought down the BNP website.
I did not bring anything down. I suspended the site for less than ten minutes AFTER Paul Golding and Chris Barnett had forced control of the domain name and pointed it to a server that had no website or email accounts on it. The site collapsed along with the email accounts once the domain name server switched (it usually takes four hours). Golding and Barnett totally collapsed it all AFTER I had agreed a seamless hand over. You can read the full account of that day’s events here.
2. He sabotaged the BNP email communications prior to the elections and then destroyed them totally two days before the elections.
As stated above, the emails were unaffected until Barnett and Golding forced control of the BNP domain name and pointed it to their own server with no Email accounts on it. All the email accounts remained on my server that was dead in cyberspace thanks to their stupidity and incompetence.
3. He removed the BNP Chairman’s European Union Website.
I agreed to suspend Nick Griffin’s EU website according to his own request via his solicitor. The domain was offered to him for a fee, but he refused the offer and instead requested that I suspend it. I agreed.
4. He prevented the ability for the BNP to receive much needed donations during the election.
Golding and Barnett did that by taking the website offline. (See points 1 & 2)
5. He destroyed the informative Land and People website and destroyed years worth of work and research on issues of interest to the entire world.
I have told Morris on countless occasions that the Land & People website content (every single page of it) was returned to the party on a USB stick when Griffin sent three goons to my front door. He continues to pedal this lie through sheer desperation or stupidity.
6. He destroyed the website of the Christian Council of Great Britain.
Similar to above (Point 5), but I own the domain. However, I have agreed on many occasions to hand the entire site over (including the domain I own) to whoever wants it. Michael Green has requested it and will receive it when I can find the time to transfer it to DVD and post it to him. I will also need to transfer the domain to him, which again I intend to (for free), but have to prioritise my workload.
In response to Morris’s claim that I am a liar because I tried to claim £12,000 for the website and then later posted that it was a stalling tactic, I’m at a loss to see why this makes me a liar. It is absolute truth. The situation is quite simple;
I took over a website that was around 170,000th in the Alexa World Rankings and succeeded in developing and driving in to around 5,000th in the world at its highest point and 22,000th on average prior to having it forced from my control. The reason it was forced from my control is because it generated around £50,000 each and every month for the party and Jim Dowson convinced Nick Griffin to let him take control of the website and to turn the entire web-operation into a private limited company. I objected to this for obvious reasons and my fate from then was sealed.
Jim Dowson had grand plans for the website and his personal wealth and knew he would need me to complete his plans so decided to first try bribing me with the incentive of a “slice of the pie” (commission on the £50,000 per month the website raised). After refusing this offer on many occasions I knew I would be removed quite soon, so eventually I agreed to accept a slice of the pie. However, knowing full well I could not morally justify creaming off a slice of members donations I refused to invoice for my cut – ever. By accepting the commission though, it did allow me to get a good insight into how many people were creaming off a slice of the pie and to what extent. It horrified me and I knew it had to stop. Jim and Nick by now also knew I had to be removed. This was all due to come to a head after the election.
The problem was that Nick and Jim decided to go on a full frontal surprise attack two days before the election. They did not expect Golding and Barnett to make such a mess of the forced snatch-back of the website, and they certainly did not expect them to bring the entire website to its knees in a botched attempt to force control. Nor did they expect me to put up a fight – a fight I firmly believe I was undertaking in order to protect an asset belonging to the members being put in the hands of a private limited company for greedy pigs to slice up for their own personal gain.
Once their botched attempt failed I was in a position where I had to think fast and try everything possible to stall for time and alert the members of what was going on behind their backs. This is why I always stated that the domain and content was theirs – no question about it, but the design remained my own until purchased from me. I did not want the money – I needed time and it worked. The other issue was that of commission, I also used that in order to buy myself some time. If I had wanted the commission I would have accepted it from day one and I would still be webmaster now. It doesn’t take a genius to work that out.
Arthur Kemp has used this commission as a total fabrication in order to “spin” the lie that I was greedy and was blackmailing the party. I (and my wife and children) have been subjected to a ruthless hate campaign by many different so called nationalists in order to silence me. Morris is merely one of those tools being used to fabricate excuses and lies in order to cover the truth about the corruption and incompetence of the current leadership. He makes an ideal tool to be used as both Griffin and Kemp know the man has a personal hatred for me based on previous events that I will now explain;
It was correctly stated on Eddy Butler’s blog that this all started when the Official BNP Forum was closed, but there is a little more history to it than that. It had been discussed for many months amongst the leadership whether the forum was closed or not. I personally had no real concern either way as I wanted to focus on Social Networking instead and make the site more open and accessible to our members and also the general public. However, after a major DDoS attack we had to change to a new server and set up massive defences which included no less than four dedicated high powered servers as front line defences. It was an enormous amount of work for one man and my workload was already that of three men. The forum SQL database was corrupted and needed major surgery to repair. It was possible, but would have been extremely time consuming. The decision was made to let it die. That was not my decision, but that of the whole leadership, including Nick Griffin.
In spite of this, Paul Morris went on a massive attack against me personally and accused me of lying to him over the events of what I had just stated above. He convinced himself that it was all a conspiracy to stifle free speech and that I was a filthy liar. He published an article on his website publicly calling me a liar. Soon after this, Chris Barnett was tasked with requesting that all non official BNP websites remove the BNP logo from their blogs by Paul Golding. All complied without a problem – except Morris. He went ballistic and screamed and shouted from the rooftops and then resigned his membership.
Soon after this he went on another rant about me on his blog. He made more public accusations that I had removed Richard Barnbrook’s blog link from the main website because Griffin was forcing Barnbrook out of the party and I was part of another big conspiracy. The simple truth was that Richard requested I remove his link as he was fed up that no-one was updating his blog and he was being made to look inactive. I told Morris this, but still he refused to accept the truth and continued to pick a fight with the entire BNP web-team. He even went as far as to plan a meeting with Bertie Bert and several other “Arrowites” in order to plan how they could have Arthur Kemp removed as BNP web editor as he wasn’t radical enough for their liking.
It was at this point I realised that Paul Morris had visions of grandeur and wanted to compete with the main BNP website head on. This is where things take a turn for the worse.
I noticed that Morris was now starting to fund raise on his website and also requesting that BNP councillors submit official meeting reports to his website. This alarms me sufficiently to raise the issue with the Chairman and several other members of the leadership. I also start to look in detail at Morris’s claims that he supports the BNP and that he aids the BNP in any way. What I found concerned me and I sent a report to the Chairman.
Morris and the Arrowites had literally flooded the BNP website with hidden links to his website via the newly installed social network and comments system. In all there were over 5,500 links hidden in comments or just absolutely spammed into the social network.

So in spite of his claim to divert people to the BNP website and the cause – he was actually feeding off the back of the sites success like a parasite. What made this all the more sickening was that he was not only “Traffic Stealing” (as it’s known in the trade), but he was amassing a database of members email addresses, IP addresses and also fund raising off the back of them. He was doing this to the detriment of the BNP and the main party website.
It was clear by now that he was empire building for his own personal gain and warped agenda. He knew he had been rumbled and I told him so. I removed all 5,500 of his spammed links and his sudden and previously unexplained website success began to fail. His Alexa ratings have been in terminal decline ever since.
When these facts are considered with a clear mind it becomes all too evident as to what motivates Morris’s actions and odd behaviour.”

Let’s look at the Paul Morris web*hite Alexa stats. over the last few months:

On the 01-07-10 the sparrows Alexa webstats. were at 98,836 for the country (more is less with regards to web rankings) 

Two months and 2 days later on 03-09-10 the Alexa webstats. are 149,753, a huge loss in the rankings of 50,917 in just over two months.

Paul “the parasite” Morris at current rates is losing over 25,000 stat. positions per month, because of his fevered rantings and slavish support of Griffarage and his cronies!!!!!!!!

Whilst it must be applauded that the odious Morris website is going into freefall, there is a flipside, some decent nationalists who mistakenly come upon the Green Arrow website are also being put off as the stats. indicate and as we correctly pointed out here:

If Paul Morris AKA The Green Arrow was a decent nationalist, he would shut down his vote losing web*hite for the benefit of nationalism, however, Paul Morris is actually a parasite, leeching funds from genuine nationalists via the donate button on his web*hite. So he will no doubt continue his fevered rantings and money collecting, despite the fact that he is actually damaging the nationalism that he purports to be supporting.

Just like Griffarage, Paul Morris should do the decent thing and bugger off, alas, neither of them are likely to do so.

From the reports that we are receiving from the Green Arrow Paltalk room, morale is at an all time low and Morris and his cohorts are desperately trying to work out where they went so wrong and what to do in an attempt to halt their plummetting Alexa website stats.

Well if you are reading this Paul, you went wrong by choosing the wrong side, you went wrong by supporting Griffarage and there is now no way back for you and those of your ilk. You have made your beds.


17 thoughts on “The Green Eyed monster is in the dumps.

  1. simonben

    The problem for Morris is that he is no longer driven by nationalism or "the cause".He is driven by his jealousy and hatred of me.Any psychologist will tell you that this is a common trait of severe insecurity.

  2. Anonymous

    Good article.Some of us became dubious of green arrow,berti bert,wellard etc a few years back and thought they were gathering email and IP addresses for their own ill gotten gains.There seems to be quite a large team of them that constantly trounce through nationalist forums and facebook causing a lot of problems between nationalists.We started to suspect that they were working not for but against the BNP and nationalism.

  3. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch said…You have made your beds.Talking of beds. Does he wear his daft hat in bed? Is the Green Eyed creature a bachelor or is he married or shacked up with some pair of tights? Does he wear it (the daft hat) on the job? Does he walk around the house nude but for his daft hat? No one can be too impressed with the dressed down sight of Morris we have seen recently or (shudder) the thought, of a not dressed at all Morris wandering around the house naked as the day he was spawned and wearing nothing but a smile and that daft hat. With all the dosh he's creaming off the sad dupes who donate, he could afford a Saville Row suit and headgear to match instead of that daft hat. Is he dressing down on purpose so as not to arouse suspicion? Many con artists have given the game away by flashing it around and Morris may be trying – a bit too hard – to make it seem like he's one of the boys and finding it hard to make ends meet. We know he's a Zionist supporter (or even one himself) even though he has kicked Reconquista and Aussie Bob into the long grass. These Z Men can smile…and deceive and rip you off like hell while they smile.

  4. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch at 22:36"Lee John Barnes is a lying scumbag, he is smallfry, I'll deal with him later."GW, I do get a bit confused at your obvious support of the BNP Reform Group yet obvious detestation of LJB. LJB is one of the writers on there – or he was on 10th September with his 'How The BNP Spins Failure'.Just genuinely confused that's all. Who is actually calling the shots over there on BNP Reform? Simon Bennett is the Webmaster/Administrator but Eddy Butler is obviously the main man of the BNP Reform Group. If LJB is as you describe, what does it say for other's judgement in having him around or on board?

  5. PennyPincher

    Anonymous said…"With all the dosh he's creaming off the sad dupes who donate, he could afford a Saville Row suit and headgear to match instead of that daft hat." 14 September 2010 23:02That reminded me of an old chap that used to hang around the streets in my city outside the nightclubs dressed in rags sporting a kid’s police helmet begging for change.My pal and I noticed him getting into the driver’s seat of a Merc and driving (obviously) off.FinallyHow much more of a dicking can Nick take?

  6. Anonymous

    Morris's latest offering with Gri££in now being described as both Chairman and Leader:"The following communication has been send(sic) out by the Chairman and Leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP."The latest 'Communication' lol – aka The latest Gri££in/Dow$on money making scam:"Saturday 18th September will witness the launch of the British National Party’s autumn recruitment campaign under the banner of “Support Our Troops — Bring Our Boys Home” with a wave of leafleting drives, town centre stalls, petitions and banners nationwide."Scamming money (via memberships and donations) off the backs of our beleaguered troops is about as low as it gets but someone should tell Gri££in and Dow$on that we actually have quite a few girls out there as well. When we bring all our 'boys' home (as if the ZOG ever would when they're busy engineering the start of World War lll in that area), are we to leave/abandon the girls to their fate to fight and die on their own? Hell knoweth and hath no fury like a scammer scorned and rose thorned. These wicked BNP appeals are now definitely being Zionist engineered and manipulated imo. Thinking back to the Morris creature. Ugh!I had the misfortune to meet the Black Adder White Snake Green Sparrow once. We live in an age where inbreeding and deformity are commonplace and yet Morris without a shadow of a doubt was the most repulsive creature I had ever met.Why, I would have shaken his hand…but I feared it would come off.The Green Sparrow's image does infect my eyes and Morris should do his ever diminishing audience a big favour, do the decent thing and top himself…by taking to wearing a large recycled brown paper bag over his fat head instead of that daft hat on it.

  7. GriffinWatch

    "GriffinWatch at 22:36"Lee John Barnes is a lying scumbag, he is smallfry, I'll deal with him later."GW, I do get a bit confused at your obvious support of the BNP Reform Group yet obvious detestation of LJB.LJB is one of the writers on there – or he was on 10th September with his 'How The BNP Spins Failure'.Just genuinely confused that's all. Who is actually calling the shots over there on BNP Reform? Simon Bennett is the Webmaster/Administrator but Eddy Butler is obviously the main man of the BNP Reform Group. If LJB is as you describe, what does it say for other's judgement in having him around or on board?"It's not really anything to do with the reform group, just Barnes being a dick again. After somewhat redeeming himself it turns out that it's the same old Barnes, inconsistent and untrustworthy, no doubt others will have noticed this also.

  8. Anonymous

    Any new or reformed nationalist party having any of Gri££in's old guard, especially Bagel Barnes, as a member is doomed to fail, from the start – with the Barmy Bagel influencing line of political travel it's all aboard the Zionist Flyer to Tel Aviv and the Wailing Wall, and rancid goat's milk and burnt bagels in the Knesset at Givat Ram, Jerusalem.

  9. Anonymous

    Just been having a look on the old vnn forum and this is a very interesting topic and some very good comments in the griffin and his crooks section: has also happened in our region which is not mentioned but makes me now wonder has griffin promoted a load of sleepers to destroy the party from within ? Time will tell but this is happening in every region and it cant all be just coincidence.

  10. Anonymous

    In Morris's latest Z movie (as in B movie but it may as well be Zionist X-rated movie) he bangs on for over 11 minutes spouting the tediously obvious as well as the downright unbelievable. He even finds the time to light up, something that most political animals would avoid these days lest it cause some offence to the easily and peculiarly offended. Like breaking wind, we all do it but preferably not on camera. Also, the wearing of a baseball hat, especially indoors on camera and in a very gloomy room – what's that all about? Does anyone else out there get the impression that this Green Arrow creature is going out of his way to put people off nationalism now that the game is almost up for him and Griffin? This whole recent audio and visual outing to the mostly unaware nationalist populace of the previously illusory Morris has got me suspicious as to the motive behind it.In the days of silent movies, the invention of the talkies was to prove the death knell of many an actor whose voice came as a shock and huge disappointment to a demanding audience. The Alan Ball/Willie Carson/Emlyn Hughes (RIP) effect as it were. Nothing too wrong with one's high pitched voice in the overall picture – some (like Hughes on Question of Sport) even using it to great effect – but a strike usually against nonetheless. However, combine one's negative voice with a negative appearance and/or demeanour and you're in trouble with an over-expectant public. Morris's dressing down for the camera and general demeanour etc, has got me convinced that he's being handled to be like that. I think this whole Paul Morris/Green Arrow/Gri££in-Dowson BNP thing is now (or always has been) a ZOG production and we're moving from silent to talkies where Morris has served his purpose and is about to be dumped – with a golden goodbye of course. The Zionist shills know how to look after their own.

  11. Anonymous

    Can anyone remember a few years ago when one of the lefty glad rags had a cut out picture of nick griffins face and asked people to wear it on halloween ?Well ive just drove past green arrows house and he's stood in the front window wearing only leather underpants and his nick griffin mask with an eyepatch over it.He looked a bit like a naked danger mouse.

  12. Anonymous

    I think this whole Paul Morris/Green Arrow/Gri££in-Dowson BNP thing is now (or always has been) a ZOG production and we're moving from silent to talkies where Morris has served his purpose and is about to be dumped – with a golden goodbye of course. The Zionist shills know how to look after their own.Exactly what i have been thinking for a few years but now its moved into fast mode.


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