Griffarage to go to jail?

Should the courts jail Griffarage, this will create a large amount of support for him in many circles, what better a way for the establishment to “prop up”  the hugely unpopular “their man in the BNP” leader, add to this that Griffarage has placed a caveat in the constitution that he can’t be replaced as leader if imprisoned and a token short sentence,  this will do Griffarage more good than harm in the long term.

We here at GriffinWatch smell a very large rodent in the current goings on.


21 thoughts on “Griffarage to go to jail?

  1. Griffin in Nick

    What can we expect? Four weeks at most probably in segregation. Remember Stephen Lawrences' falsely accused were re-set up two years after the bodged trial and they were sent down. After a time inside they asked to be 'segged off' but this was topic-Solidarity trade union is running as another Griffarage financial spin-off,I cancelled my subscription after 4yrs loyal membership payments. They still took the money out, bank will stop it now.

  2. Anonymous

    The first letter is from a firm called Paul Wiseman Investigations of Oswestry, Shropshire, Gri££in has tampered with the logo. I spoke to Mr Wiseman last week and he told me that he had visited Gri££in home but no one was home, he told me that he had sent a letter to Gri££in and Gri££in has never rang back. The sentence Re: Notice to show Good Reason…. has been taken off the Wiseman letter and pasted on the Court summons by Gri££in or Dowson. Gri££in won't go to prison you wait and see, he is just using it as emotional blackmail to get more donations.

  3. Anonymous

    anon @ 19:19The emotional blackmail has had zero effect in this house. I have the latest mailshot right here in front of me even though I am no longer a member and haven't been for some time. The effect these Dowson mailshots are having here though is to ensure that I never get involved with the BNP, reformed or not, ever again. Neither of them has a cat in hell's chance of ever taking power nor should they. Both unreformed and reformed are thoroughly unfit for office and anyone using the BNP name or union flag waving logos in the next thousand years is ensured of an early political bath in vitriolic acid from the ZOG manipulated and conditioned BNP hating electorate. I've now come to the conclusion that anyone who falls for these pathetic, easily seen through begging letter scams or other money scamming/skimming fronts like Solidarity and now the ridiculously named Indigenous Forum, almost deserve to be separated from their money. Nationalist politics has never been so perilously close to total meltdown, largely due in my view to allowing Zionists and their sympathisers on board to gnaw away at the true nationalist ethos from within while those in government and establishment do the same from without, a fundamental issue the Reform Group seems to be in denial of and body swerving at any cost, apart that is from keeping the anti-Zionists group off their front page while always ensuring the BNP members who support Israel group with less members is always there. PAUL WISEMAN INVESTIGATIONS

  4. Anonymous

    I too had a begging letter even though I not been a member for over a year. These begging letters are so long winded that I can't be bothered to read them. I regard these as unsolicited mail and any further ones I receive will be reported.

  5. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    Several things. 1) Who the hell is Tanya Lumby?. 2) Hasn't MI5mon resigned from the party (according to Shelley sperm wouldn't melt in her mouth Rose) so isn't he off the hook?. 3) What have Nickerless Gri££in and the UAF got in common? (Ok besides the obvious). Well I know the answer to that one at least. Neither have done a days work in their lives.Seriously though, I can't honestly see him doing bird. Imagine being banged up with that twat. You could probably sue for cruel and unusual punishment for being petered up with him for a month. Nah, can't see it can you. Still one never knows.Pip pip

  6. Anonymous

    anon @ 20:37I would never use that label against anyone willy-nilly(!?) because of someone's sight and sound but each to his own view. He has a strange unexpected voice on first hearing (some Welsh accents can seem like that when first heard but it does gradually fade from noticing) and dress sense but I am challenged to find anything I fundamentally disagree with in his presentation apart from his 'as to be expected' NG adulation. What I would observe upon is his similarity in appearance to the chosen people, especially considering his close working liaison with Mikahil Greenberg. Allowing such articles on his site as 'Israel and the BNP: Brothers in Arms' by Reconquista which caused so much damage and has now been removed shows his own pro Zionist leanings or those of his handlers. What the video does tell me is that Green Arrow is no freelance blog owner as he would like people out there to think. Paul Morris I believe is a STATE asset. No ordinary guy could deliver a piece like that without the proper training and much rehearsal. Maybe the Green Arrow blog was taken over at some point – an offer he couldn't refuse and some dosh to soften the blow – but maybe also it was always a state deceiving asset. It probably reflects the BNP in that respect. Was NG always a state plant or was he persuaded 'or else'! at some point? We'll probably never know but the only safe bet at the moment it seems to me, is to stand right back and let the internecine warfare burn itself out and then tip toe among the wreckage to try and make some sense out of it. I doubt we ever will.

  7. Anonymous

    Who the hell is Tanya Lumby?. State asett also known as tanya whitehead wife of richard lumby she is origionally from leeds and moved to birmingham then joined the party,strange that a lot of the new nationalists all moved from one area to another and then joined the BNP.She is a raving alchoholic who with her husband has disabled all birmingham groups.Known to call members pissed out of her brain at silly hours of the morning accusing them of being reds (searchlight tactic)Griffin & darby were warned about the lumbys a few years ago by active members so what did they do ? promote them up the ranks and put them on the payroll ? It was said at the time why havent griffin & darby acted over the information passed on about these pair and one member said "i can only asume that griffin must also be in on it" i am now starting to think that said member was right.Lumbys both worked at the stroud office and the welshpool distribution centre which is strange as searchlight got this information along with pictures.This is from the last birmingham meeting held in march this year and by all accounts the LUMBYS HAVE NOW GONE ON THE MISSING LIST AND APPARENTLY RESIGNED FROM THE PARTY ?looks like their job is done as infiltrators.

  8. Anonymous

    Paul Morris has got my blood up this morning after viewing his latest masterpiece pouring scorn and derision, or at least shame on those who have failed to donate to the keep Griffin out of jail fund scam. This guy is an MEP for Christ's sake! He has so much money pouring in he can well afford to pay for his own self inflicted contempt of court case and still have plenty left over for a yacht."The Equality Act will come into force from October 2010 providing a modern, single legal framework with clear, streamlined law that will be more effective at tackling disadvantage and discrimination."So there isn't even an Equalities Act in force until some future date in October which then has to be tested in court. This wholly engineered case in my opinion with the state's Gri££in and Phillips in collusion to create BNP 'victim publicity' and then above all to extract money from the dwindling membership dupes out there, is now all about contempt for apparently agreeing to dance to the EHRC tune and jigging through the establishment's carefully laid legal minefield. It was always planned that way of course and Gri££in/Dow$on may well have been the very ones to dream it all up. One doesn't even answer letters from filthy, virtual foreign, establishment scum like Herr Phillips until there is a case in law to be answered. These types of threatening letters with absolutely no legal basis (but the threat of a possible future legal basis) which is an oxymoron if ever I heard one, that the BNP originally responded to and are now the basis of a case of contempt, are flying around all the time to intimidate people. The late George Carmen QC use to charge £10,000 a time to put his name to one to frighten the recipients into complying with the demands of the letter. I wonder how much the establishment arch parasite Ken Clarke QC would have charged to put his name to the letter shown over at Green Arrow or Death Warrant as Paul Morris emotively puts it? Clarke of course is the incumbent Secretary of State for Justice/Lord hancellorso I assume he is acting in an official capacity but anything is possible when Nick gri££in's BNP is involved. The member's donations could be going anywhere as the accounts are never published. The upper echelons of the party have got themselves into this quagmire and have more than sufficient financial means to get themselves out. An MEP's salary (or two) buys a lot of legal representation to keep one out of jail. As if they would to such good establishment friends!

  9. Dimble Davidby

    Anon 01:19 wrote:"Paul Morris I believeis a STATE asset. Noordinary guy could delivera piece like that withoutthe proper training andmuch rehearsal."Are you joking? That was an extremely ordinary speech from a very ordinary fat bloke and Mike Green who videoed it edited out all the uhms an ahrs.If Morris is employed by anyone it's only going to be Griffin or Dowson and all he probably gets is his internet connection paid for and/or a mobile phone. Of course his type, like Tommy Williams get off on the fact they think they have an "inside line" to the top. Makes them feel all "special". They don't realise they are just being used to help Griffin, and in fact, are holding British Nationalism back.There's a chance now that the leadership challenge is over for this year Griffin/Dowson might throw Morris and co under the bus. Think about it, Griffin needs more members with money to donate to join and the Green Arrow site is hardly a good advertisment for the BNP is it? I'm pretty sure the middle class types who can spare a bit of dosh are turned off by the idiotic lying shit they spew.

  10. Anonymous

    the lumbysand this is serious my friends they have been spreading rumours about a former now deceased long standing member of the british national party about his holidays in thailand and its sick.No wonder they have gone missing as the birmingham football gang the zulu warriors have put a bounty on the lumbys heads.

  11. Anonymous

    From the BNP site BNP Mobilises for National Day of Action & Campaign Launch on 18 September: “Support Our Troops — Bring Our Boys Home”What it really says "The BNP will use public feeling towards our soldiers past and present to get more cattle through the farm.Heard old JIMBO wants a spa for a bondage party….well he is an evil scotsman…. cough disclaimer!

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Nationalist politics has never been so perilously close to total meltdown, largely due in my view to allowing Zionists and their sympathisers on board to gnaw away at the true nationalist ethos from within while those in government and establishment do the same from without, a fundamental issue the Reform Group seems to be in denial of and body swerving at any cost, apart that is from keeping the anti-Zionists group off their front page while always ensuring the BNP members who support Israel group with less members is always there. 1 September 2010 20:30==================================Anonymous your `view' is absolutely correct – British nationalist parties are always destroyed from within, by jewish/zionist cancerous hosts. This matter will be raised at the next Reform meeting.As for Gri££in and his comnmie cocoanut chum, Trevor Phiklips – they're the jews/zionists captive marxist pawns being used to destroy British nationalism, at the ZOG Government's behest.Fly On The Wall

  13. Anonymous

    Darby is whining on his blog that he may go to jail and is making out he will be some kind of martyr to the cause. What a sick joke neither Gri££in nor Darby are going down, in fact I bet anything that Gri££in will get off scot free and walk away gloating and just lumber our party with yet more debt?


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