5IMon Darby caught with his pants down.

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Readers will be aware that a Bedfordshire activist called Shelley Rose recently released a Youtube film in which she made allegations against the BNP fundraising consultant Jim Dowson. In brief, Shelley alleges that Jim Dowson made inappropriate advances to her and when rejected responded by allegedly luring her to a hotel where he conducted an interrogation to intimidate her into quitting the party.

Lee Barnes the former BNP legal advisor asked Nick Griffin to conduct an investigation into these allegations and Nick Griffin’s refusal to act was a contributory factor in Lee Barnes’s decision to resign from his role.

What follows is a written version of Shelley Rose’s allegations, which corroborates her video statement but with a little extra detail.

Shelley has given some more background information of an important and significant nature at the end of her statement as her explanation as to why Jim Dowson reacted as he did.

Shelley has also provided a statement sent to her Facebook account from someone else who has come forward and who alleges a similar incident happened to them. This person’s identity has been hidden. This statement is at the end, along with an e-mail sent to Shelley by Dowson after the General Election as an apology.

I used to be Shelley’s Regional Organiser and was also National Organiser during these events. I know that Dowson regarded her highly up until after the Spanish trip (which ended on 17th January). As he felt Shelley had potential I tasked her to arrange the catering as a minor managerial test at the Organisers’ Conference held on 24th January and I told him she passed the test with flying colours. Immediately after this Dowson’s attitude towards her completely changed. I had no idea why. I was at Nick Griffin’s house to go over the new constitution on 31st January. Simon Darby was there and for reasons which will be apparent he was a bit distant and expressed extreme hostility towards Paul Golding.

On 10th February Mark Collett found a bug in his office (actually a tape recorder in a locked desk). The excuse given by Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson was that it was because Shelley Rose was regarded as some sort of Mata Hari figure and they wanted to see if Mark Collett was conspiring with her. I believe they were in fact just routinely bugging Mark and used the Shelley episode as a smokescreen for their police state methods. Needless to say nothing incriminating has ever been produced from the hours of tape recordings they have. I was not told about this for several weeks although it was clear to all staff members that something bad was going on beneath the surface. Incidentally the only person Mark Collett confided in was the Staff Manager Emma Colgate.

This whole disgraceful episode greatly soured internal relations in the build up to the General Election. Nick Griffin also started to bad mouth Shelley to me and as Regional Organiser tried to pressure me into stopping her from being as a candidate in the General Election, saying she was a Searchlight spy. I said this was a ridiculous statement and she was allowed to stand. By then I knew why these claims were being made.

In November 2009 Jim Dowson contacted me to see if I wanted to get involved with a series of fundraising road shows that were due to be performed in the run up to the General Election. It was quite well know that I was interested in music and singing, so of course I agreed to get involved and was really excited about the prospect. I was to be performing in these road shows with Joey Smith; I had always got on well with Joey so it seemed like a great plan.

Jim Dowson wanted to meet up to discuss ideas for the road show. He suggested I met him at the Days Inn Hotel next to Stansted airport on the 11th December 2009, because he was due to be catching a flight the following day. Emma Colgate dropped Jim off that evening at the hotel. I was quite excited about the meeting; I had met Jim previously and had always got on well with him. We went to his room and discussed ideas for the road show.

After this meeting Jim started to text me more frequently and said he really enjoyed my company. He wanted to meet up again after Christmas to discuss further ideas for the show. Jim said we could go out for a meal, and see a show at in the West End to get some inspiration, and he said I could stay over because it would probably be a long evening. He set a date for Friday 8th January. I met Jim after work at Russell Square tube station in London. We went to The Hotel Russell around the corner and we went up to a room. In the room there was a double bed and his suitcase was also in there. I said to Jim, ‘Am I supposed to be staying here with you tonight in this bed?’ And he said, ‘No, don’t worry, there’s another room, just leave your bag here for the time being and we’ll sort it out later.’

We went out to his Institute of Directors club in Pall Mall. Then we went to Leicester Square, went for a meal at Pizza Express and then on to see Chicago. Whilst in the theatre, Jim started to hold my hand which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I thought this was supposed to be a business meeting! After the show Jim brought up the subject of holding hands, and said that I was a typical conservative type English person, who doesn’t have any emotion, and that he was only being friendly. I felt a bit guilty and thought I may be overreacting.
We left the theatre and went out to a pub nearby and chatted about the show. We then went back to the hotel. It was really quite late by that time. I went to Jim’s room to collect my bag, and when I was in there he told me he had a confession to make, and said that there wasn’t another room for me to stay in. It was really late, trains had stopped running for the night, and I had little money on me so I couldn’t book another room, so I was stuck with Jim. He assumed me everything would be fine, we both had nightclothes to wear, and he was a religious family man so I naively thought I should be ok. We stayed on opposite sides of the bed, and fell asleep straight away. In the morning when I woke up, I was a bit disorientated and couldn’t remember where I was. I then felt these clammy sweaty hands on me, crawling up my leg and then I realised it was Jim. He started kissing me and telling me how much he liked me and wanted to be with me. Jim got on top of me and I told him to get off. He carried on kissing me for a while and asked him once again to stop. He eventually got off. Just to clarify Jim was wearing pyjamas and so was I.

Afterwards rather than apologise, he started to call me frigid and said I had emotional issues. I felt really bad about myself and thought perhaps it was my fault. I got changed in the bathroom and we left the hotel. He insisted on walking me back to Euston Station, on the way back his mood changed and he started to apologise for his behaviour. He said he had got the wrong end of the stick and was sorry.

I was willing to let this drop, as long as it didn’t ever happen again. I didn’t want to jeopardise the road show or the other people in it. I also did not want to take the matter further as although it was a horrible and distasteful experience I did not regard it as a serious sexual assault nor did I wish to embarrass the party.

The following week on Thursday 14th January, I was due to by flying out to Spain with Joey Smith and Paul Golding to plan the shows and start rehearsing. I was a bit worried about going because if there was another incident I would be stuck in a foreign country. I spoke to Jim about my concerns and he assured me that I would be sharing a bedroom with his teenage daughter Sarah-Jane, so this put my mind at rest. We all stayed in Spain until Sunday 17th January. Overall the trip to Spain was productive, Jim was the perfect host and we all had a good time.

When we got back from Spain another rehearsal was planned for Saturday 30th January, this time in Deeside, North Wales. The rehearsal was at John Walker’s club, I met Joey there and we practised all of our songs and the whole show was really coming together. I was very excited and happy that everything was going so well.

Jim had told me that he was in Spain, but had booked me a room at the George and Dragon Hotel in Chester so I wouldn’t have to travel all the way back to Bedfordshire the same day. Joey went back to Dewsbury the same day and didn’t stay over. I had arranged for John Walker to pick me up that evening to go back to his club to do Karaoke. When I got the hotel I found out there was no room booked under my name or Jim Dowson’s name, so I phoned up Jim to ask whose name the room had been booked under. It turned out there were three rooms booked in Paul Golding’s name which I found a bit strange. However Jim assured me that Paul Golding and Chris Barnett had been sent along to discuss film footage for the show.
I went to my room and started getting ready to go out, and was really buzzing from the rehearsal and was excited about going to Karaoke. At little while later Paul Golding and Chris Barnett arrived and I went into their room and we were looking at videos on Youtube and having a laugh. I asked them if they wanted to come to Karaoke too and they said they would. Paul said he would drive us there so I cancelled John Walker picking me up. Paul told me that Jim would be arriving shortly which I was a bit surprised about seeing as he was supposed to be in Spain (that explained the third room).

Jim eventually arrived with Linzi Reynolds and Martin Reynolds which one again I thought was a bit strange. Still at this point I thought we would all be going to Karaoke together. Jim said he needed to quiet word with me about something so I invited Jim and Linzi into my room. As soon as they were in my room the atmosphere changed. They started asking me really strange questions and accusing me of not being who I said I was. The penny still hadn’t dropped what was going on. They told me Martin Reynolds was outside down the corridor so I couldn’t runaway. The explained that they thought someone was pulling my strings, that I was being controlled, and that they thought I was a MI5 agent. Jim told me that he had paid a plant to follow us around when I met him in London, to spy on my behaviour. I was absolutely shell-shocked by these accusations and I started to shake uncontrollably on the bed. I felt so stupid for believing these people were my friends, when in actual fact they had been spying on me and trying to set me up. They said they needed to check my phone for spyware and bugging transmitters, so they called Chris Barnett into the room. He took my phone off me, dismantled it and linked it to a laptop. I was horrified because I didn’t know what he was doing to my phone; he could have been bugging it for all I knew.

The interrogation continued a bit longer, I realised that I needed to just answer their questions and try and act like I wasn’t scared. Jim told me that this had to be kept inside those four walls and that I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about this or it would prove that I actually was an MI5 agent.
They left my room eventually and I just sat on my bed totally shocked. About ten minutes later Paul Golding burst into my room, snatched my phone and started going through all my messages and calls. He was checking to see if I’d contacted anyone since the interrogation, which I hadn’t as I was too scared.

Jim wanted all of us to meet downstairs in the bar for drinks, I didn’t really want to but he insisted. I figured I should just act like nothing had happened and attempt to get through the evening without any more upset. During the night I ended up having a major argument with Jim and I was bawled my eyes out, being distraught that he could have initiated such a bad thing to happen to me. The following morning I packed to leave but Jim informed me that I had to make a video. He explained it was for Nick Griffin to watch privately to reassure him that I wasn’t doing anything untoward in the party. I felt sick and disgusted by this I couldn’t believe that Nick Griffin wanted a video of me being questioned by Jim Dowson. How would he have liked it if someone had done that to his daughter?

It still wasn’t over as before I was allowed to leave for home Jim insisted in getting into my car and told me to follow Paul Golding. We drove to a Pizza Hut and he made me sign some paperwork to say that I wasn’t working for Searchlight. I was paranoid that Jim had planted a bug in my car. I also had to get a new phone in case Chris Barnett had bugged it.
After the incident in Chester, I thought that would be the end of it all and I would be left alone. But Jim continued to tell everyone I was an MI5 agent, a slag, a Nazi and that I lived with UAF members. He changed his story each day hoping that some of the mud he was throwing at me may stick.
I was due to be standing as a parliamentary candidate in Luton North, Nick Griffin did his upmost to stop me standing. Paul Golding was asked to ring round officials in the party to dig up dirt on me, with a view to compiling it into a dossier to stop me standing for the party in the General Election. They didn’t find any dirt, which was incredibly frustrating for them.

Joey Smith rang me up after Chester and wanted to arrange the next rehearsal. I told him I would not be participating in the road shows anymore. I had to tell him about the interrogation in Chester. I explained that Jim had concocted a story that I was a MI5 agent. Joey was shocked and said he would speak to Jim about it, but I didn’t hear from Joey after that. The next I heard was that Joey had fallen out with me, along with a lot of my other ‘friends’ in the party. I believe Jim lured Joey with the promise of £200 per show and free holidays to Spain if he did as he was told.

There is a further twist to this story which I didn’t mention in the publicised video about these incidents. For the past three months leading up to the Chester incident I had been having a very close relationship with Simon Darby. In November 2009 I met up with Simon for a TV project, which didn’t come into fruition. At this time I was at a very low ebb in my life and was incredibly lonely. I’d being having some issues in my personal life and Simon seemed like a good person to confide in. I always saw Simon as a bit of father figure in the party and got on well with him. Simon knew I was low and in hindsight he probably took advantage of my depressed state. I enjoyed being in his company as he always cheered me up and took me to nice places, he was kind and caring and I felt safe when I was with him. This was totally separate from the party and I saw this as something that was happening in my private life. I knew Simon lived with someone but he told me she didn’t really matter and that it was a purely platonic relationship mainly bound up with a mortgage. Just after the Chester incident, on Monday 1st February Simon was due to be taking me away for four days for my birthday which was on the 2nd February. I really liked Simon, and I saw my relationship with him as monogamous even if he couldn’t grant me the same level of respect. I didn’t mention Simon in the video to protect him, but I now realise that Simon never really cared about me and I was just an ego boost for him, so I am happy for this final piece of the jigsaw to be revealed.

Somehow Jim had managed to suss out that me and Simon were going away (possibly because there was a staff meeting he should have attended on 2nd February) and this was the supposed reason which granted him authority to launch the interrogation on me. He concocted a story that I was going to be setting Simon up and recording him while we were away with a view to destabilising the up and coming election campaign.

Nick Griffin had authorised my interrogation. However no background checks had been made with my organiser or my Regional Organiser to see if I had been acting suspiciously. The evidence against me was invented by Jim Dowson fuelled by his jealousy that I had rejected his advances but was having a relationship with Simon.

My misplaced loyalty to Simon Darby was another reason why I kept quiet for so long. I hoped he would protect me or speak up for me but he didn’t out of fear for his own position. I have now learnt that not only has Simon Darby resigned as Deputy Chairman, but he has also resigned from the party. This is because he is desperate to avoid liability for the growing number of court cases that Griffin is getting us into.
I noticed that in the latest Dowson appeal letter it says that Simon Darby is a dedicated ‘member’ who is under threat of imprisonment. No, Simon Darby isn’t! He has cowardly resigned but doesn’t want anyone to know. Griffin is keeping it a secret as he is trying to claim that ordinary members don’t have any liability for the party’s debts. The whole lot of them disgust me.

I don’t believe Simon Darby is going to resign from his well paid jobs with the European Parliament however.

I found it very hard to trust anyone in the party after how I’d been treated by Jim and co. If Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson had thought I genuinely was a spy then they could have arranged a meeting with me and discussed it in an adult manner. But Jim knew that I wasn’t a MI5 agent, he was just trying to make my life in the party as miserable as possible because I had rejected him. The interrogation was designed to scare me away, using heavy-handed and secretive tactics similar to that in a mafia film.
I backed Eddy Butler’s leadership campaign, because I was sickened by Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson’s behaviour towards me. I had no faith in either of them anymore. I released a video stating Jim Dowson’s advances towards me, his persistent way of tricking me into hotel rooms, and the interrogation in Chester. I had previously made no complaints to the party about these events, due to the fact that everyone I could have reported it to was guilty of playing a part in it. But I felt that the other less well informed members should be made aware how low Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson will stoop to intimidate a young member and cover up sexual misconduct.

Since everything that has happened to me over the past year, I have grown more angry about the whole situation and for a long time I blamed myself for being so naive and getting myself into these predicaments. But now I realise that it’s not my fault. I put my trust in Nick Griffin, Jim Dowson and Simon Darby but they just wanted to use me for their own means and then drop me from a great height. I am not stupid and naive Shelley Rose anymore, I am confident and willing to do whatever I can to rid nationalism of these despicable people.


BUSINESS 20/05/2010
To ‘Shelley Rose’
Hello again.
In the light of recent (or lack of) events it appears that my deep suspicions and concerns over you may well have been unfounded. If so I take great comfort that not everybody is a plotting, backstabbing, leftie/state mole bastard!
This party is no game, our recent massive growth ,which I am mainly responsible for, has stirred the enemies of our people into action. There are people and organizations whose sole purpose is to infiltrate this party in order to de-stabilize and wreck it and thus keeping our beleaguered people down and scuppering this early form of resistance to what we will all face in the not too distant future.
I take my responsibilities to the party deadly seriously and having seen what the left and the state are capable of during my Ulster experience, and burying many close friends and colleagues, I would plead leniency and understanding in my case if I have appeared too hasty to peg you as a problem.
I you look at the fact that searchlight for months now have been concentrating heavily on attacking me , indeed I have been on their magazine cover several times now and all the silly nonsense, rumors and accusations are now being repeated by some so-called nationalists , any sensible person will see that I must be doing something good for our cause or Mr. Gable and co would leave me alone and threats from violent Marxists would not have had me split my family and effectively become somewhat of a fugitive.
And why am I the lefts no1 target now? Because I do such a poor job for the BNP? No, it’s not rocket science to see why, and overall we now see the enemies from within crawling out to say their piece . This is sad as many good people will be taken in by their deception but at least we will be able to expose and eradicate the real wrong-uns that are hell bent on destroying this party.
As for the attacks on me, one must see that I have many other lives outside the BNP AND I AM COUNTING THE DAYS TOWHEN I GET MY LIFE BACK , but the enemy needs shot of me in order to cause as much damage to the party as possible. This is not the normal para attacks or a dose of the vapors, this has been in the making for some time and we have known about it, unfortunately due to your unique situation and circumstances you also came under serious suspicion. I appreciate how you must feel but the security and well being of this party, its officers and members must take priority even over our lives and feelings, ( just imagine being me and having lies by the shed load dumped on you daily or behind attacked by every loon, crank and oddball in the nationalism). When I next see you face to face I will do what any honorable man should do. Just bear in mind I can’t turn the clock back and I am only human and very fallible .
Ps our mutual friend advised against this but I decided you are owed this at least.
Pps: you would have been much better than Elvis, I am still in therapy over that.



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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting.Darby who ive always referred to as the mysterious man from uncle may have used this as his get out quick clause for one of two reasons.If Darby is state then somthing is about to go down in the BNP and and something major is about to be exposed about individuals and the party as a whole.The old sleep with one of young deciples is a good get out clause that MI5 would use for Darby to bail out the party as an excuse as the job is almost finally done.If Darbys not state then he know's the party is in a financial mess and has used this to get out quick and pulled his final parachute cord to sail into the abyss as if/when the party does go down the pan financially Darby may have been liable for the mountain of debt created by jim dowson.Im very dubious of Miss Rose for certain reasons but maybe if she ever writes a book about all these allegations if there true i look forward to reading :" The Spy Who Shagged Me "

  2. Anonymous

    Im getting a bit concerned about Miss Rose, it seems she has slighly low moral standards and i dont think anything she says can be trusted. It smacks of a drip drip campaign against the present BNP leadership and cannot be backed up with proof. Dont forget Butler has had several affairs, one with a BNP officials wife. One thing for sure i wouldnt like to have her in her in any party. Anytime now she will be featured in the News of the World

  3. Anonymous

    The BNP is no different from any other Party or any corporate, Office etc. Relationships form , break up, people try it on and then all the accusations come out.I am surprised that there hasn't been any before. If you enter any friendship or relationship then on your own head be it. When the incidents occurred why didn't she report it to her Organiser or Regional Organiser?

  4. freespeech02

    Anonymous 29 August 12.53 said:"When the incidents occurred why didn't she report it to her Organiser or Regional Organiser?"Hey, if you are a private in the Army and the Brigadier abuses you, would you report it to your Sergeant? I very much doubt it.

  5. Anonymous

    Just reading some of the comments on the green sparrow site after his little trip to old el nics place the weekend and like this bit off an american nationalist who obviously doesnt know griffage.SOMEONE, I REPEAT SOMEONE,(GA) with the ear of NG should start a BRIDGE program! we desperately need to share resources to create a true organization. here the david dukes and don blacks (both convicted felons) merely use the nationalists as a money raising source. DONT FALL FOR THEM!

  6. Anonymous

    The dowson/griffage begging letters arent obviously working as the green sparrows latest offering now the twat is all refreshed after seeing st.nickerless griffage over the weekend and raring to go for the now lost cause he must have been instructed to put a begging appeal out this time under the guise of andrew brons ! plonker.

  7. Anonymous

    As I stated before, it's well known for many of the BNP hierarchy to swop and pass around impressionable females – by the way, other than a chinkie, who's drilling Simone Clark these days ? not that Richard Bumbandido ever did – I'll phone someone's mate before he flees the crime scene …………… hello, is that you, 5IMon, …………… yeah, it's me, the Fly, anyway, a question before you pack your bags and drop the key through the letterbox, it's about Simone Cla ………….. fuck, the phone's gone dead.EVERONE, KEEP DICKING NICK

  8. Anonymous

    Dear fellow patriot As you are probably aware as myself & jimbob dowson have sent you hundreds of begging emails and letters to say that i am due in the high court in London again on the 7th of September and we need to raise £30,000 as soon as possible for the court appearance to keep me out the clink.As a one off once in a life time opportunity i have decided to give you as a loyal member a breakdown of why we need to raise 30k and where your hard earned dosh will be spent :Nick Griffin fee :£5000Jim Dowson fee :£3500Security and Cocaine for Security :£3500Hire of suits from Saville Row :£1500Hire of Cummerbunds from S.R.:£500Hotel rooms at the Savoy :£4000Frankie Fraser site seeing trip :£2000Breakfast at Harrods :£1000Lunch at Kensington Palace :£1000Champagne at Kensington Palace :£1000Evening drinks at Stringfellows :£1000Lap dancers at Stringfellows :£2000Late night curry and drinks at Raj Singhs in mayfair :£3000Taxi's and extras :£1000Total £30,000Please give all you can for the good cause of the British National Party.Yours most faithfullyNick Griffina.k.a. Dr Crippin

  9. Anonymous

    EDL fools in Bradford at Saturday with Star of David Flag, they need serious educatinghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/liverpoolpictorial/4936662441/in/set-72157624705940327/

  10. Anonymous

    I believe a period of silence is golden on this very sordid affair would be in order after this article. Shelley Rose for all her despicable treatment at the hands of Griffinite sexual predators does not come across too well at all. She has absolutely no future in mainstream politics – or any politics – whatever happens next but I acknowledge her guts and determination in going public on this. She is flawed and extremely vulnerable imo and I worry for her safety at the hands of herself and her mental stability. She is a young minnow in a blood red sea of experienced political sharks with serious attitude and she needs to swim away and quickly move on and enjoy life because this is no life for someone like her.She should contact Max Clifford for advice but I hazard to guess that even he draws the line at anything to do with the BNP quagmire lest he too gets sucked in and destroyed by it.

  11. London Rebel

    'If Darby is state then somthing is about to go down in the BNP and and something major is about to be exposed about individuals and the party as a whole.The old sleep with one of young deciples is a good get out clause that MI5 would use for Darby to bail out the party as an excuse as the job is almost finally done.' Has Barnes been taken out too?

  12. Anonymous

    The post below has been doing the rounds on other Nationalist blogs from a chap called Richard Preston, it's very interesting? Kemp is a strange one indeed."Has it occurred to anyone that the BNP may be imploding on purpose? Are all of these egregious mistakes, in just a few short months, a comedy of errors or a well-planned perfect storm? Almost a million votes a year ago and today all this? Bumbling elections. Delaying accounts. Ignoring debts. Disastrous legal entanglements. Purging talent. Spying on, intimidating and bullying critics. Preying on the vulnerable. Was this all an accident or is it happening on purpose? Who is inducing paranoia and distrust from the top down to the newest recruit? Who now controls every statement, every message, every word disseminated by the British National Party? The truth is Nick Griffin is now little more than a weak-willed, bumbling, one-eyed puppet on the strings of Arthur Kemp, the new “second-in-command” of the BNP. It is Kemp who slithers around behind the scenes – bugging offices, intercepting emails, recording phone calls, writing poison-pen letters and launching attack blogs. It is Kemp who has destroyed decades-long friendships and it is Kemp who has risen to the top of the BNP with a friendly arm around the shoulder and a knife in the back of those who built it. Kemp, a “former” police agent and a committed Zionist, is not fighting against the enemies of the indigenous British population. He is fighting us. And while we sit here discussing the minutia of the wreckage, Kemp is cleverly and meticulously disrupting and dismantling one of the largest and most successful nationalist groups in British history. Arthur Kemp has now worked from the inside to destroy nationalist groups on three continents. He worms his way in as some sort of intellectual savior. He gradually turns friend against friend and instills paranoia in the upper echelons as he makes himself indispensable to the leadership. Then, he reassures and calmly holds your hand as the walls come crumbling down. In a couple years Kemp will publish the history of the BNP, telling us how we got it all wrong. It won’t be the first time he has gotten away with murder. How long will the BNP continue to be tear itself apart? Until there is nothing left. And if the last three decades of his deceitful history are any indicator, by the time Nick Griffin realizes he has driven the BNP over a cliff, Arthur Kemp will no longer be in the car."

  13. Anonymous

    I see Darby has return back on his stupid blog, says he was away in Scotland watching sharks, I think the best place for that would be Belfast? No mention of affair with Shelly.

  14. Anonymous

    That bastard Brons is involved with this Gri££inite scam. Gri££in will use this to cement his power over the party!"From the website of Andrew Brons MEP. 30TH AUGUST 2010: The Chairman and Advisory Council of the British National Party decided at its meeting held on 14th August to carry out a review of the Party’s Constitution. This is with particular reference to two areas:* the rules covering leadership elections; and* the decision making bodies of the Party nationally – whether the size, composition and responsibilities of the Advisory Council should be changed or whether the Advisory Council should be supplemented by an Executive.Members with suggestions for changes in these or other areas should put them into writing and submit them for consideration and debate.It was decided that Andrew Brons MEP should be the person to whom suggestions for constitutional changes should be channelled. At the end of the consultation process, he and the members of the Policy Unit will summarise the suggestions and report them to the Chairman, the Advisory Council and the Party, with his comments and those of the Policy Unit."Members should send their suggestions to: andrewbrons2010@yahoo.co.uk

  15. Anonymous

    How long will the BNP continue to be tear itself apart? Until there is nothing left. And if the last three decades of his deceitful history are any indicator, by the time Nick Griffin realizes he has driven the BNP over a cliff, Arthur Kemp will no longer be in the car."One of the reasons i left.Kemp has people also working on the inside of the BNP what the game plan is could be anyone's guess but i got out as things were getting spooky,i should have stayed but i was getting too close to the jigsaw falling into place.If you have never met arthur kemp and stared him the eyes there is an element of evil.One day i hope the truth will come out but what i witnessed in my last year of the BNP wasnt good at all.Its all wrong what's going on,the BNP isnt no longer John Tyndalls BNP that we loved,those who dare speak the truth beware these people have powers in high places.

  16. Anonymous

    Strange I queried Kemp years ago. It is also noticeable that in the last year or so nothing has been mentioned about him and he seems to be playing it low key. Searching the internet he doesn't come over as an honourable man. As one article reads 'he is not to be trusted and never turn your back on him when he is around'. Why does Griffin associate himself with these people who have dubious backgrounds?

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Why does Griffin associate himself with these people who have dubious backgrounds?———————————–Answer: Cunts of a feather flock together.Fly On The Wall

  18. Anonymous

    latest begging email :NOW THEY WANT OUR CHAIRMAN BEHIND BARSEHRC PRISON NOTICES:Imagine if it was YOUR name onthese letters and court documents! Dear Fellow Patriot,Below is a link to a letter I had delivered to my door the other day – other party officers also received the same thing. Please read them now and then return to this page:- EHRC Prison Notices (click here)You may recall that last year I predicted that the Equalities Commission was absolutely determined to have me thrown in jail. On Tuesday 7th September the future of the British National Party could well be decided and I could be sent to prison!Yes it is that serious! These fanatics are not playing around – they are deadly serious and totally dedicated to destroy or cripple the last remaining obstacle to a multicultural Britain, a land where our native ancestral people have been displaced by a tidal wave of Islamic and third-world immigration. On September 7th we will be in court, again. This mighty on-going battle with the wretched EHRC is drawing closer to the decisive moment where either their evil plan fails or our party is eradicated. If we want the BNP to emerge from this battle, we must hold the line and fight until victory is ours. That means we must all dig deep to pay for the legal services that are the only way we can hold the front line against Trevor Phillips and the rotten Marxists of the Equalities Commission. Without sufficient funds available their small army of taxpayer funded lawyers will tear us to pieces, legally speaking. Sometimes the BNP needs activism. Sometimes the BNP needs you to come to a demonstration. Sometimes the BNP needs you to help fight an election campaign. But this battle is fought with funds, in court, with lawyers we need to pay, and unless we can get the best legal services available to us the EHRC steamroller will roll right over us and destroy 30 years of hard work. Worst of all, the last hope to save our country before it is overrun and colonised beyond recognition will be lost – FOREVER. So please dig deep and send any donation you can right away. We are only 6 days away from the court battle with the EHRC, we are running out of time fast. Everything depends on what we sacrifice now.THIS IS NOW REALLY TAKING THE PISS GRIFFIN IS A COMPLETE TURD.THE PARTY WILL BE FINISHED THIS TIME NEXT WEEK AND GRIFFIN IS TRY TO EXTRACT AS MUCH CASH AS HE CAN !


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