Griffin Griffin Griffin, out out out.

Whilst we hold the M.S.M. in as much contempt, as we do Griffin., we will host this article as it contains a great deal of truths.

Griffarage is a traitor to the movement/cause, in a legally sanctioned nationalist government, including the re-introduction of capital punishment for treason. Griffarage would go to the gallows.


8 thoughts on “Griffin Griffin Griffin, out out out.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in's security man to his left in the picture is Southend organiser Stewart Freeman. Stewart is a good nationalist, but WTF is he still crawling up Gri££in's arse for? I can't understand why experenced people still believe in Gri££inism? The man is posion and he has proved it over and over again! The security man behind Stewart is Tony Gladwin, he also knows the real truth about Gri££in.If you are reading this fella's, you KNOW in your hearts what you have to do. Come on, do your bit to rid us of this fat parasite.

  2. Anonymous

    Ive said time and time again griffin has been working for the state since his mason/tory dad took him to an NF meeting all them years ago.Griffins prize has been to extract money from nationalism whilst working for the state,ask the question why a once cambridge graduate who became a shelf stacker owns such a sizeable property in wales ? where would an unemployed shelf stacker obtain a mortgage or the money to own such a property ?Griffins top prize from the state was being elected as an MEP which will set him up financially for life on the understanding that the nationalist cause has now grown too strong and griffin and his state operatives must now take it and break it up ! Why has simon darby suddenly vanished off the raydar of the BNP ? Griffin has promoted state oeratives to senior ranks within the party such as regional organisers.One example i wil use is birmingham : the state operatives were fast tracked through the ranks to become organisers and since holding that postion they began to destroy it from day one.Every decent activist and election candidate has now been been purged from that branch the operatives used a technique of turning members against each other by accusing them of being state operatives reds etc.Birmingham has not had a meeting since before the general election and i understand the state operatives/organisers have since vanished taking with them also quite a bit of money belonging to the branch funds.

  3. Lard Arse

    As a fat git i take great offence at the labelling of Gri££in as fat.Sure he is overweight, but that doesn't make all of us rotund chaps at the whim of gravity's powers like him.He is a cheat, a thief, a betrayer, a liar, a sneak, two faced and more.PLEASE! Not all fat people are as odious as Gri££in.

  4. London Rebel

    In defence of Stew the bodyguard we know he is upholding his duty at the moment as he sees fit,but we believe he is well sympathetic of the rebels rhyme and reason. When the time is right..

  5. Anonymous

    London Rebel @ 18:27 said…In defence of Stew the bodyguard we know he is upholding his duty at the moment as he sees fit,but we believe he is well sympathetic of the rebels rhyme and reason. When the time is right..'When the time is right…' what is Stew planning to do? OMG! Like Clint Eastwood and 'In the Line of Fire' Stew has a national and paid duty to take that high velocity egg(sic) for his president/boss by placing himself between the 'HVE' and his boss and not let Gri££in get it ker-splat between the eyes, I mean one eye and one empty socket. I assume this is what you mean?


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