Skimming and print farming.

From: Martin Webster < <> >
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 03:22:45 +0100
To: [A former BNP local official]
Subject: Skimming & print farming; Brons

Dear [deleted]:

The information given by Lee Barnes conforms with information I have been given from numerous other sources over a period of several years.

The ‘skim’ system began when Gri££in gave his young pal Mark Collett the work not only to do the digital graphical origination (i.e.: the typesetting, design and layouts ready for the printer to make his litho plate) of the party’s various leaflets, papers, magazines and booklets, for which the party paid him a fee, but also to set up his own independent graphical origination / printing / publishing enterprise called, I think, “Vanguard Productions”.

Collett could have been kept ‘in house’, that is, he could have been retained as an employee of the party to do its graphical origination work, and paid a suitable salary for that work. By allowing Collett to set up his own independent firm, he could start invoicing the party for his work as if he were just another commercial service provider.

Vanguard Productions (Collett) then was allowed to expand its range of activities by being given permission to become “on paper” the party’s printer in addition to being its source of graphical origination services. Collett obviously did not have a factory filled with printing equipment and skilled printers to do the actual printing, so in effect he was given permission to sub-contract the printing work to genuine printers.

The point is that the order to the genuine printers who did the work did not come from the party — it came from Vanguard Productions (i.e. Collett). The printing, once done, would be delivered by the actual printers to any address or addresses which Collett instructed, but the printers’ invoices would be addressed to Vanguard Productions.

Vanguard Productions would then send its own invoice for the printing to the BNP with a mark-up.

This kind of operation is known in the printing trade as “print farming”. It is perfectly legal — providing all the people involved who are entitled to know what is going on do indeed know what is going on. Genuine printers generally don’t like working for “print farmers” as they have a notorious habit of securing payment from end-user clients, but then delaying or ducking paying the actual printers. Print farmers have a reputation for being serial bankrupts.

In the case of a political party existing on the generosity of subscription and donation paying members, to allow such a “print farming” set-up is wholly unnecessary as it self-evidently adds to the final cost to the membership of the printed product!

You will know that things were not organised in that way by the pre-1983 National Front. The small profit which the party added to the production cost of, say, its election leaflets simply covered essential administrative expenses so that the party did not make a loss on an election operation. Local organisers were fully appraised of all elements which made up the final cost to their branches. But then, before I got the heave-ho in December 1983, I was earning a wage of about £40 a week, so paying individuals was never  an NF priority. The NF members and branches “got a bang for their buck”!

Why should head office ‘insiders’ set up within the party a trading monopoly — and, what is more, a secret trading monopoly known only to the ‘insiders’? There can only be one answer to that question: to allow the head office ‘insiders’ to make for themselves a profit on the necessary printing activities of the party in addition to whatever above-board salaries they earn.

In the insurance and other financial service industries, the technique of involving a product in a chain of unnecessary transactions, each with their own separate invoice including a ‘mark-up’, whereby lots of insiders get a ‘skim’ of the final price paid by the unfortunate end-user, is known as “churning”.

So Collett would be allowed to put on his invoices to the party a significant mark-up on the printers’ invoices to him, and the party would pay Collett’s invoices promptly, so that he could pay the printers promptly, on the understanding that Gri££in would get from Collett a ‘kick-back’ or ‘skim’ of the mark-up.

Now all this worked very well until Gri££in came in contact with Jim Dowson. As you know, Dowson runs a business services company whereby for a fee his firm will take over all the administrative work of other businesses: invoicing, statements, accountancy, debt-chasing, data management, advertising promotions via postal and e-mail lists etc. In addition to that, because he is active in the anti-abortion movement in Ireland, he has developed a variety of hard-sell fund-raising techniques using postal and e-mail address data.

Our friend “E.N. Ronn” has calculated that the BNP raised nearly £1 million in 2009, and that about £300,000 of this was paid to Dowson’s enterprise in fees for the various services he provided. Less than 10 per cent of the total turnover that year was spent on political campaigning!

The skim here is that Gri££in allows Dowson to put in huge fees for his services, and Gri££in authorises prompt payment — on the understanding that Gri££in will get an agreed ‘kick-back’. It is to cement this agreement that Gri££in insisted that one of his daughters (the one he wants to take over the party when he retires!) be appointed a director of Dowson’s firm and base herself at Dowson’s office in Belfast, so as to keep an eye on what Dowson was up to and look after her father’s interests.

The Gri££in / Collett arrangement exploded last March / April when Gri££in and Dowson got greedy and decided to outsource to Dowson nearly ALL the party’s various administrative functions, in particular, the PRINTING operation! They drooled over the huge cost of the party general election printing requirements. In a trice, Collett was out in the cold.

That is the reason why Collett made that notorious phone call to David Hannam in which he is said to have made threats against his former patron, Gri££in and also Dowson. Gri££in lodged a complaint with Humberside Police, backing up his allegation with a tape of the Collett / Hannam conversation.

The Police quickly realised that the tape was not the original complete version, but an edited version. (This was the version played to a select group of dunderhead officials in a private room during a conference of BNP officials. The dunderheads emerged from the private room to proclaimed to the conference that the tape verified Gri££in’s allegations against Collett.)

The Police requested Gri££in provide the original complete tape. He was unable to do this as the complete tape would provide the Police with evidence to consider prosecutions against him! So the Police released Collett without any charge. Tony Hancock believes that Gri££in has paid Collett off to keep him silent. Both could expect legal trouble if the truth about their former arrangement came out.

The media have allowed this Gri££in / Collett matter to drop. Why? They didn’t let MPs involved in bogus expenses claims off so lightly.

Gri££in really did think he was in with a chance of winning a Dagenham and that Barking BNP would not only retain all their seats on the Borough Council but also add to them to become the governing party. He believed the BNP would see an even bigger splurge of media publicity than was seen after the EU elections of last year, which prompted an unprecedented surge of income.  This was Hubris. As you know, Nemesis always follows Hubris.

The perceived failure of the BNP in the general election and council elections, became all mixed up with the stench of financial corruption and a growing welter of factional divisions. The party has huge debts, not least in the area of legal actions. Only ONE of these (the EHRC’s action) can be said to be ‘state’ sponsored. There are big bills for a variety of other cases brought on solely by Gri££in’s stupidity and arrogance. In addition to these legal bills, there are all sorts of other debts. Gri££in has admitted to £500,000 worth of debts. I think this may be a significant underestimate.

In this atmosphere, it is hardly to be wondered at that the donations machine operated by Dowson has run out of steam. “Donation fatigue” has merged into widespread disillusionment. Unless some ‘Sugar Daddy’ comes along, then I think it is going to be all these mounting debts plus the party’s failure to present proper accounts to the Electoral Commission (and, for all I know, to the taxation and PAYE authorities ) that will subject the party to a slow strangulation.

If the party goes bankrupt, then its individual members could face a “joint and several” liability before the courts.

As to Brons, he was a lecturer in Law. If he didn’t have some suspicion that all was not right with Gri££in and his inner circle before he got elected with Gri££in to the EU Parliament (and he should have had!) then having been brought in close proximity to Gri££in after getting elected and having some of his EU funds mixed up with Gri££in’s to pay for support staff, then he should have been smelling stinking fish for quite some months. But he has kept his trap shut, other than to say that he will not stand again at the next EU election.

As to my opinion of Brons, I expressed this fully in an e-mail sent on 27th April this year to a Yorkshire BNP member who had earlier claimed to me that he had some contact with Brons and who had suggested that Brons might be the man to lead the BNP. Below is a shortened version of my reply to him:

“…..some months ago you sought to sell the virtues you think are possessed by this man [Andrew Brons]. Your text even hinted that Brons would be a fit and proper person to rescue the reputation of the BNP if as and when Gri££in departed from it. Both were elected as members of the European Parliament in June last year.


“I have had direct personal experience of Brons’ probity in office when in 1983, as Chairman of the National Front, he encouraged, facilitated and, finally, openly joined Gri££in, Joe Pearce, Ian Anderson and sundry others then on the NF National Directorate to act in flagrant disregard of the party’s constitution in order to mount an unlawful ‘coup’ which removed me from the party I had served faithfully, for pocket-money wages, since 1969.

“I was out of the door with one week’s wages in my pocket (after 14 years service!) and robbed of £1,250 of private funds (the only cash I had in the world) which I had lodged with the party for safe-keeping (!!!) whilst I was fighting a libel action launched by Peter Hain, then head of Anti Nazi League.

“These people even reneged on a Directorate decision to pay the £850 fine I had incurred as a result of being arrested for heckling Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw over the arrest and imprisonment of Young National Front leader Joe Pearce.

“So you see the financial corruption discussed in the below Searchlight article did not begin with last year’s translation of Gri££in and Brons to the EU parliament. Their behaviour patterns were well-established 26 years earlier.

“My companion, Mike, was likewise summarily dismissed. He, it may be noted, had been urged by Brons, whilst on a weekend social visit to Brons’ home a few years earlier, to give up his career with the civil service and join the party’s full-time staff to earn pittance wages, which he did willingly because he thought highly of Brons. Since that betrayal he has had nothing further to do with the nationalist cause. Forget the treatment accorded to me; the treatment of Mike is all the clue you need as to Brons’ shabby character.

“Brons, Gri££in, Pearce, Anderson & Co’s conduct in December 1983 was denounced by a High Court judge Mr. Justice Scott (now a Lord Justice of Appeal) as ‘contrary to the party’s constitution and unlawful. It was certainly disgraceful behaviour’. He awarded me a range of injunctions and Costs ….. but that verdict, due to the slowness of High Court litigation, came months too late to do me or the NF any good.

“In the face of such an admonition from a High Court judge, the chairman of any other association – from political party to bowls club – would have resigned his post in shame, but not Brons (who had a day job as a college law lecturer!).

“Brons did resign a year or so later, but not on a point of honour or principle, but simply because he could detect that the ship of which he was captain was sinking. Yes, ‘Captain’ Brons was the first, not the last, of that horrid crew to abandon ship.


“From these facts it can been seen that Brons behaved improperly to the point of dishonesty as NF Chairman in the period immediately before I was ousted from the party. Thereafter, when it became evident to him that he had helped the loonies take over the asylum, instead of doing his duty by making an effort to restore order and constitutional conduct, he abandoned the party to its fate and slunk away in the manner of a coward.

“The final collapse of the authentic NF can only be laid at the door of one man: Andrew Brons, the man who you have suggested is capable of rescuing the BNP from the financial squalor into which it is being pulled by Gri££in.


“That man is no more capable to saving the the BNP from Gri££in and his current cronies than he was capable of saving the NF from Gri££in and his then cronies in 1983. He’ll go with the flow and then when things go bad he’ll tip-toe as fast as he can out of the back door.

“I’m sorry if you find my account disillusioning, but you have a whole lot more disillusionment to come. The sooner you ‘get real’, the less pain you will feel.”

I hope all the above covers the areas of information of concern to you.”


41 thoughts on “Skimming and print farming.

  1. Anonymous

    I've seen some rubbish comments in my time but this takes the biscuit. Griffin has always hated Butler and Butler has always treat Griffin with the contempt he deserves.

  2. Anonymous

    I think everyone should look at the latest entry on the BNP Reform site, it seems that Barnes wants a new Civic Nationalist party, hes finally soled out, what a turd.

  3. Anonymous

    The BNP Reform group is just another blind alley. The likes of LJB on board, not to mention sarasara are a dead cert for for a dead end. Leave 'em to it and they will self destruct in no time – unless of course the Zionist state backers get involved if they are not already.

  4. Anonymous

    The BNP has not received a large donation since September 2009, according to the Electoral Commission. Press Release: "Political parties’ latest donations and borrowing figures published23 Aug 2010Sixteen political parties registered in Great Britain reported receiving £26.3 million in donations between 1 April and 30 June 2010, according to new figures published by the Electoral Commission, the independent party funding watchdog…………By law, political parties must report all donations and borrowing over £7,500 to the central party, or over £1,500 to an accounting unit, to the Electoral Commission. For donations and borrowing accepted before 1 January 2010, the reporting thresholds were £5,000 and £1,000 respectively. All donations over £500 must be from a permissible source. The Commission publishes all donations over these thresholds on a quarterly basis………..Fifteen out of the 397 registered parties have not yet provided their required borrowing return and nine parties submitted a borrowing return late. The Electoral Commission will issue these parties with a penalty notice."

  5. Anonymous

    @ anon 24 August 2010 19:32"I think everyone should look at the latest entry on the BNP Reform site, it seems that Barnes wants a new Civic Nationalist party, he's finally soled(sic) out, what a turd."Superb mispelling there anon methinks. Barnes has finally sold his soul – like all lawyers eventually do – and 'soiled' out even, the floater like Gri££in that he is.

  6. Anonymous

    Part of Griffin's closing speak at the recent Summer School, this fool is completely deluding himself and he is the one who will end up on the ropes on September 7th at the Royal Courts of Justice, he has dispensed with a barrister and we act in court for himself, the interesting bit starts at 2 minutes into the video : " The EHRC will drop the contempt…. our defence is so devastatingly effective…….the EHRC have been so thoroughly incompetent…..we've got them on the ropes….they will drop the case as long as we pay their costs…which we are not going to do."

  7. Anonymous

    Where is the BNP Reform Group getting or hoping to get its funding? I have my suspicions. I can't see any donate button as yet on the new website but it can't be long in coming. I'm beginning to wonder if all this (engineered?) collapse in Gri££in's BNP support and now the emergence of a new BNP in the guise of the BNP Reform Group isn't all being state manufactured and funded. "Griffin's state BNP is a dead party walking. Long live the new state BNP Reform group." It would answer a few of my questions as to what the latest sinister article by LJB and the sarasara BNP members who support Israel nonsense are all about, that's for sure.

  8. BNP Truth

    Anon said"Barnes will be going too when the truth comes out about his mobile."Absolutely Anon.Barnes always had abrand new, up-to-date, state of the art mobile phone or two from Griffin while he was the Legal Affairs Director.He must have spent £000s on it as he was always on it to all and sundry, mouthing off as usual, barking orders and demands and telling people what was (in his vaie opinion) what was best for them and the party.

  9. Anonymous

    "I can't see any donate button as yet on the new website but it can't be long in coming. I'm beginning to wonder if all this (engineered?) collapse in Gri££in's BNP support and now the emergence of a new BNP in the guise of the BNP Reform Group isn't all being state manufactured and funded."Lloyds TSB are funding the website at present by way of my personal credit card, adding to my personal debt even further. And no… Gerry Gable doesn't chip in and help out – nor does MI5, MFI or the god damn KGB!Griffin's bail out after the BNP collapses is NOT the Refron Group, it's the "Indigenous Forum" money making civil rights scam that no longer has to answer to the EHRC, electoral commission, AC, auditors and have to put up with pesky leadership challenges.It's simple when you know the score.

  10. Anonymous

    "Barnes will be going too when the truth comes out about his mobile"Does any one have any information about Lee Barnes and his use of BNP mobile phones/free use of party property and funds?

  11. Nemesis

    Anon – "I think everyone should look at the latest entry on the BNP Reform site, it seems that Barnes wants a new Civic Nationalist party, he's finally soled(sic) out, what a turd." It is very sad state of affairs when Lee Barnes, formerly known as an athon-nationalist, nationalist warrior and barn-storming spokesman for the BNP , argues against racial and ethno nationalism, and opts for the safe road of civic nationalism.Barnes can window-dress up his cicic nationalism as far as he wants but his so-called 'British nationalism' type ideology is a just aliberal, namby-pamby, UKIP style rubbish that he wa sonce so vociferous in arguing against.His sudden and dramatic U-turns and policy/ideological changes gives no-one any faith in the man as his poor judgement is so evident.

  12. Anonymous

    "Does any one have any information about Lee Barnes and his use of BNP mobile phones/free use of party property and funds?"Yes, I do…Lee ran up a bigger bill than most because he used his mobile phone for Internet access for a short spell. It cost the movement a few hundred quid.Hardly a big fucking deal when you compare it to the £millions Griffin and Dowson are scamming!Besides, Lee's Internet access helped BNP members in their legal cases for crying out loud.Stop clutching at straws and FOCUS on the bigger picture!

  13. Anonymous

    @ Simon Bennett 24 August 2010 23:33"It's simple when you know the score."I know the score alright SB.Don't try and run a game down on me. I'm too old and seasoned and pissed off for such Lloyds Bank (43.4% State?) intimidation. Your website is clearly another ABEX in the making, another nationalist sucker hole.We're not all that stupid you know. Go and peddle your lies and dead end nationalism elsewhere. A true nationalist plague on yours and Gri££in's and Morris's Zionist adjoined terraced houses.

  14. Anonymous

    This whole BNP fake leadership nonsense should be seen for what it really is:Preamble…"They were heavily involved in supporting various communist powers when the cold war was at its height. Communism versus capitalism arms race = more money and power for the Illuminati. So these are some of the structures through which the Illuminati work but what methods do they use?"This is where pro and anti Griffinites come into the argument:Pitting one side against the other, using a theory devised by Hegel, which is: Thesis versus antitheses – synthesis.Every force tends to have an opposite counterforce. The conflict between the two results in a new situation, the synthesis. The illuminati make it their business to be the synthesis. Thus no problem situation is ever "nipped in the bud" it is rather fostered and used.What we true nationalists are experiencing is us being used by the 'powers that be' to divide and conquer. The new BNP Reform group is part of that divide and conquer strategy. It's that simple and Simon Bennett probably doesn't even realise it – or does he?

  15. Anonymous

    I'd be very apprehensive attending the family event this weekend.After the poor turnout last week and with griffin currently in a state of mind of one flew over the cuckoo's the nest he may about to turn into another david koresh from waco texas and want to lead his remaining loyal flock into the new world with him.

  16. Anonymous

    Concerning Griffin's closing speech over the weekend,either can't afford a barrister to represent him in court, or the message has got around the legal profession at the BNP under Griffin's mis- management doesn't pay it bills on time, so lawyers avoid us, whatever is the case one thing is for sure Griffin will cock it up big time on September 7th and land us with even more debt to add the already £600,000 mountain!

  17. Anonymous

    I see Lee Barnes is palling up with the Scientologist Colin Poulter on the reform blog.What with queers, nutters, civic nationalists and now scientologists, Eddy Butler has a right miss mash of supporters.

  18. Anonymous

    Anon is right. Butler must have known what had been going on for years but felt comfortable enought to give up a good job to work for Gri££in. Would you give up a good job to work for a party that was slowly falling apart because of Gri££in?

  19. Anonymous

    "Lee ran up a bigger bill than most because he used his mobile phone for Internet access for a short spell. It cost the movement a few hundred quid.Hardly a big fucking deal when you compare it to the £millions Griffin and Dowson are scamming!Besides, Lee's Internet access helped BNP members in their legal cases for crying out loud.Stop clutching at straws and FOCUS on the bigger picture!"You are right to demand that we look at the bigger picture. And indeed the bigger picture is that Barnes, although helping numerous BNP members at the time, was acting as if he was (a)inexpendable and (b) felt that he was so important that it didn't matter if he wasted members' money on internet connections via his mobile phone when he could have just used his laptop or went doen to the local library and used the internet for free FFS. Everyone is accountable and everyone has the requirement not to waste hard-earned members' money. Besides, as has already been published on this blog in the past, Barnes has received money from the BNP, much of it done under the radar by having it paid into his girlfriend's account. That's no better than Griffin and Dowson. It isn't the amount that's important (although the money that Griffin and Dowson have stolen from the BNP is an absolute scandal in itself) – it's the principle. And why hide the fact? When this blog publicly asked Barnes if he received money form the BNP Barnes said on his own blog that he had not received a "single penny". No-one likes liars, especially self-righteous and self-justified liars who now go on to accuse their old leader of being corrupt and taking money. Pot? Kettle? Black? We don't like liars and we don't particularly respect hypocrits.On top of that Barnes is as much responsible for the situation within the BNP despite him now condemning Griffin and Dowson and Collett after resigning. Barnes backed the Chairman up all the way for years and was one of his closest confidants and an advisor. Barnes was always there to suppprt and cover for the exceses of Griffin and was always first to put the boot in against any of Griffin's opponents. Now Barnes pretends that he is whiter than white and a victim of Griffin and Dowson.Barnes has just learned the hard way about Griffin. When it come sto money and Dowson, everyone else is second- including Lee Barnes.

  20. Anonymous

    Concerning Griffin's closing speech over the weekend,either he can't afford a barrister to represent him in court, or the message has got around the legal profession that the BNP under Griffin's mis- management doesn't pay it bills on time, so lawyers avoid us, whatever is the case one thing is for sure foolish Griffin will cock it up big time on September 7th and land us with even more debt to add the already £600,000 mountain!

  21. Anonymous

    Angry BNP members protest in Dagenham24 August 2010, Barking & Dagenham PostANGRY BNP rebels are calling on their battered leader Nick Griffin to resign amid fears the far-right party is on the brink of bankruptcy.The rebels behind a failed coup to unseat the member of the European Parliament in February claim their party could implode within days with half a million pounds of debt, no bank support and potential unfair dismissal cases that could reach £600,000.BNP top brass barred dissidents from Griffin's post-election rally in Dagenham on Thursday night, but activists staged a demo accusing their leader of being responsible for the financial mess and thereby a "traitor to nationalism".SEE TOMORROW'S POST FOR FULL STORY AND PICTURES

  22. Anonymous

    Griffo has been obssessed with printing ever since the day, it's unbelievable how he always centres his focus for moneymaking on printing, it was his excuse for going after Anderson in '83, it was there in the fuck up that was/is the ITP in the early 90s and it is still there from day one of his involvement in the BNP.As for Brons, Griffin MUST have offered him something to get him on board in his coup of the NF in '83 as Brons was a respected 'older head' as opposed to the Young Turks that were Holland/Harrington et al.Most are now back in the fold with Griffo in the BNP except for Holland who seems happy enough wanking himself stupid over some boys in his duty as a Brother no doubt!

  23. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… @ Simon Bennett 24 August 2010 23:33 "It's simple when you know the score." I know the score alright SB. Don't try and run a game down on me. I'm too old and seasoned and pissed off for such Lloyds Bank (43.4% State?) intimidation. Your website is clearly another ABEX in the making, another nationalist sucker hole. We're not all that stupid you know. Go and peddle your lies and dead end nationalism elsewhere. A true nationalist plague on yours and Gri££in's and Morris's Zionist adjoined terraced houses. 25 August 2010 02:38"Utter bollocks, from my experience of Simon, piss of and take your bile elstwhere.

  24. There's Tidy!

    "Most are now back in the fold with Griffo in the BNP except for Holland who seems happy enough wanking himself stupid over some boys in his duty as a Brother no doubt!"!so what are you saying anon?Holland is damned if he took the BNP shilling and damned if he told Gri££o to f### off?Grow up you immature twat.Holland is one of the few nationalists – past and present – who had a real loathing of poofs.If you are going to attack a named individual do so from your google account so we can know who you are brave internet warrior and/or troll.

  25. Anonymous

    i'm concerned by recent comments on here. one concerns zionism and now abex has reared its ugly head again. i note that one of the anti-zionist group members on the bnp reform site has posted the following-How come this group doesn't feature on the front page when the vile pro zionist group (which has less members) does. I think we all know where this whole 'reform' BS is heading, or should I say being directed. Same place as the old BNP…. Nowhere.And they have the temerity to have an image of Christ on their page. How sick is that.Wednesday, 25 August 2010 18:10now i'm asking myself one same question but what i am most bothered about here is abex. i lost money with abex by way of undelivered goods that has been paid for and while simon bennett's documented version of events is in the main credible it is not how i remember them exactly. i am only chipping in here because i have some sympathy with the post that griffinwatch dismisses as utter bollocks and have the customer experience and an e-mail to prove that what anon at 2.28 says is not utter bollocks. i have no intention of discussing the contents of this or any e-mail sent in confidence on an open forum or anyone in fact because quite honestly i no longer trust anyone in british nationalism but myself. suffice to say that by itself this e-mail means only so much but considering the abex website was still up and running and taking new memberships and donations for several months after it was dated, i can safely say that certain folk are not entirely without fault on the abex issue in my judgement. in any financial scandal, when someone becomes aware of any possible wrongdoing then that is the point at which they themselves will come under suspicion as having played their part be it ever so major or minor. This is why michaela mackenzie immediately flagged up serious concerns and was duly sacked by nick griffin and or james dowson for so doing but her conscience is clear and she is morally and legally clean and untouchable. i realise that this site is mainly preoccupied with watching and ridding the bnp of griffin just as the green arrow site is mainly preoccupied with supporting and keeping griffin in the bnp. both sites would seem to be redundant quite soon as griffinwatch succeeds i his mission and green arrow fails in his. my most serious concern though is that very little will actually have been achieved and the bitter infighting and mistrust not to mention financial impropriety are bound to continue along with the inevitable demise of a once great party that i was once proud to be a member of but alas no longer.

  26. simonben

    Anon,Can you point me in the direction of exactly how or when you lost money with Abex by way of undelivered goods?As the poor sucker that had Abex dropped on him and left to run it when all I was tasked with doing was creating a website for it, I was under the impression I was the only one that lost money with it – roughly £200 in all.Now, I can assure you that I still have records, receipts, invoices and Paypal details for every single penny in and out of Abex, which will show it made a loss of which I covered personally.The only person that did make a profit from Abex was Arthur Kemp when I sold the vast majority of spitfire badges to him which he sold on Excalibur at a healthy profit.I have no recollection of anyone not receiving goods and if what you say is true and can be tracked down, I will pay you back every penny out of my own pocket. Considering I only ever sold a handful of badges at around £3 each or less than half a dozen polo shirts for a bout £20, this shouldn't be that difficult to resolve.You are free to email at and I will be more than happy to resolve this for you.

  27. Anonymous

    With regard to ABEX. I remember when a Major who joined the BNP died and ABEX asked for donations for a memorial fund. I donated but I never heard any more about the memorial. Does anybody know where it is?

  28. Anonymous

    I can relate to anon's comments at 23:00. My daughter's husband was responsible in some way for BNP funds who one day heard of the truth truck scandal and immediately made some enquiries. He then quit and took no more money in any way from that very day. This is what honesty is all about. If you suspect something and continue to take money off good and well intentioned people, then you become part of the scam when you had a chance to say something and be counted, even if you are not able to stop it and have to quit. This is what troubles me about much of what I am seeing on this and other nationalist websites. Many are jumping ship at a ridiculously late stage. Barnes is probably the most obvious example. The fact that he is now disgracefully slating many in his former BNP family as racists and nazis does little in my view for his new best friend Simon Bennett's argument for jumping ship 48 hours before the last election. Barnes is a despicable creep and opportunist who should be thrown out of nationalism for good. Has he ever had a real job? I doubt it.

  29. Anonymous

    I too lost money with ABEX. I sent off for ABEX membership and products after visiting their website as a direct result of Simon Bennett's 2nd appeal on the subject posted as an article on the BNP main website which I reproduce here unedited in full. At the time Mr Bennett was the well known, well respected and well trusted webmonkey/webmaster. BNP really was like a family in those days and I had no reason at all to suspect anything untoward. The article had his name on it and on his BNP website but pointedly failed to mention the fact I later discovered that the ABEX website was also owned by him. However, the article does say, "Whilst we are not associated with the organisation….."What organisation? ABEX was always an in-house BNP operation which he must have know about seeing as the ABEX website was his property. ABEX did not exist outside of BNP cyberspace and procured Spitfire badges etc. It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to post this comment but swords of truth seem to be everywhere and on every side in BNP and nationalist politics and only one of them is the actual whole truth. I've made my own mind up and I leave it to others to make up theirs. I am an ex mil with active service and don't much like what I have experienced with the BNP.Abex STILL needs you!February 27, 2008 by Simon Bennett Filed under National NewsWe are re-posting this article as only a handful of the 10,000 visitors this site welcomes everyday have taken the time to join the FREE forums on the Abex website.The forums on Abex provide a community where existing and ex service personnel can talk, exchange ideas, information and news. More importantly it provides a platform where people can build for the future. Without a future for the service personnel of this country, we may as well all give up now and start learning to speak Polish, German or Urdu!Whilst we are not associated with the organisation, we are however extremely proud to say that we do support everything they stand for.Abex stands for the Association of British Ex Service Personnel and are the ONLY organisation supporting our troops, nurses, police and all other service personnel without fear of political correctness and a reliance on it for funding and media attention.Abex are prepared to do it the hard way in order to achieve REAL results. Long term results that only come about by facing the issues head on and without fear of persecution and hostility.We urge our members and supporters to visit the Abex website and support them in any way you can. Become a paid member for £2.00 per month, join the free community forums or make a small donation towards the Major Robert Perkins Memorial fund. The website has lots to offer and is all in the name of a very worthy cause.Our service personnel risk their lives on a daily basis and may be our last bastion of hope when we need them most. Support them. Visit Abex now…

  30. Anonymous

    Major Robert Perkins had a trophey purchased for his local golf club by his brother David. Abex donated £700 towards it.Prove it!!! That is what money, accounting and honesty are all about. If you are unprepared to prove it like your former masters and expect people to just 'trust your worthless word' then good riddance.

  31. simonben

    Look David Perkins up on the leaked list and ask him yourself!I didn't ask him to provide me proof as his brother had just passed away. I helped choose the memorial trophy, which was very large, stirling silver, and well received by David and Robbies golf club.As for losing money on Abex, no you didn't – If you did, it would have been no more that £3 as I never sold any polo shirts online or sod all else but a handful of badges. Now piss off or email with the details of this so called transaction and I'll look it up.Naturally you won't though, will you? Because you're full of shit.Mug!

  32. Anonymous

    To say I'm totally disillusioned with the state of nationalist politics is putting it rather bloody mildly. I've taken a good look at the new BNP Reform Group website and am far from impressed. Trying to redefine nationalism is not the way forward. Sidelining anti-Zionists while embracing those who support Zionism/Israel is a certain kiss of death and will alienate far more true nationalists than the fake and fickle it will attract. A reformed or new BNP will still be demonised in exactly the same way by the usual suspects pursuing their Zionist Frankfurt School Marxist NWO agenda.On the ABEX issue. I sent off for the £24 membership after the BNP appeal by Simon Bennett and heard absolutely nothing, apart that is from the £24 debit appearing on my credit card statement. I sent numerous emails to the address given which all went unanswered. I don't believe any membership packs ever existed and it was a scam to separate well meaning dupes like me from their money. I contacted a BNP senior official only to be told emphatically ABEX was nothing to do with them, no doubt in the same way as the Indigenous Forum is merely 'affiliated' and nothing to do with BNP, even though the IF is advertised soley by the BNP and does not exist outside of the BNP much the same as ABEX. Deceptions do not come much better and I now look forward to the day when all those involved get what they deserve.The BNP has become one sick stinking joke because of corrupt Griffin's far too long a reign and it needs consigning to history and a brand new TRUE nationalist party formed and rid of all those who have contributed to making nationalism in Britain a laughing stock. The recent Reform Group article and sight of Eddy Butler swanning around Brussels c/o the pointless but expensive EUSSR gravy train was almost too much for this betrayed white man to bear. Your country's over here Eddy!

  33. simonben

    Anon,I have a the database of every member and every financial transaction in and out of Abex.If you Email me your name and address I will check you on the database. If you paid – you will be on it – simple.Assuming you are, I will either refund you £24 or can send you a membership pack to an association that no longer exists due to lack of support from the twat that asked me to create a website for it. (Griffin)

  34. Anonymous

    FAO: There's Tidy!Touched a nerve there? How's about this one then….allegedly You/your muckers drew Roisin's days nearer because you greedy bastards in the ITP couldn't wait to get your grubby hands on her estate?


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