Green Arrow website caught lying again.

160 members in attendance? Pants on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to the official website it was “just under 70 officials and two dozen staff” (that doesn’t add up to 160)

Even Mick Simpleton has the number at 65.

And this proof folks, is why the Green Arrow website simply can’t be trusted, proof positive, screenshots don’t lie.

5 thoughts on “Green Arrow website caught lying again.

  1. Anonymous

    This is from the latest BNP Orgainsers' Bulletin, Golding hasn't really been suspended what a farce!"DISCIPLINARY ISSUESA number of individuals are at present suspended, the majorityfor alleged misuse of party data during the recent leadershipnomination campaign. Please note that one of these is PaulGolding, who is therefore at present unable to respond toCommunications Department enquiries, though as an employee with acontract he is still doing backroom work. However, please stillsend communications or media enquiries to a few people may have passed the point of no return, it ishoped in many of these cases to settle the issue through aface-to-face meeting with the Chairman and agreement on anappropriate sanction and subsequent reconciliation, rather thanthrough formal disciplinary hearings.But the rumour-mongering, disregard for the party’sconstitutional procedures and incitements to cause problems haveto stop, and people who seek to continue to disrupt or whosepronouncements on blogs or in the media lead the party intodisrepute are liable to be removed permanently. The members havegiven the present leadership a clear mandate, now everyone mustpull together to move the party forward.Richard Edmonds has been removed from the Advisory Councilbecause he used information provided to him in the usualconfidence at an AC meeting and twisted it into a falsehood. Hethen spread this outright lie at numerous leadership challengemeetings. Ken Booth has been removed as North East Regional Organiserbecause despite repeated warnings he failed to submit his partyfinancial records for the past three years. He remains RegionalSecretary and was simply removed from one specific job for whichhe has shown himself unsuitable. This follows advice from theparty’s independent auditor."

  2. Anonymous

    It shows just how 'not joined up' the present dying, corrupt Gri££in BNP and Co. really is. John Voisey of Gwent strikes me as someone who is barely still on board the Green Arrow sinking ship. He is not in my opinion your Berti bert type. Nor the blatantly overt Zionist types of Reconquista and Aussie Bob who seem to have already jumped ship or been pushed overboard. He's probably asking himself how the hell he teamed up with such a band of losers. It's like a wife who, after a few years of marriage suddenly finds herself married to a violent drunk who was once the man she loved and married. #It started out in innocencethe way that most things do…The romance soon was over and the lust was getting thin. I soon began to realise the mess I'd gotten in; but as always happensyou're caught in such a trap. You get so used to what's around, you cant find your way back.So I lived with this arrangement and soon learned to despise…#How many good BNP members are caught in such a trap at the moment?

  3. Anonymous

    The Green Marrow claims "about 160 people were seated to hear Our Chairman" – 160 ? – I only counted about sixty morons in the 2010 BNP Bummer School photo. Perhaps the other hundred were just too thick and failed the basic requirement of being able to read.


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