How to flush the floater?

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15 thoughts on “How to flush the floater?

  1. Anonymous

    Answer: tell the greedy fat shit there's a couple of quid round the U-bend, and the one-eyed turd will flush himself down the pan.KEEP DICKIN' NICKIN' GRIFFINFly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    GW you're back, thank God! Can we have some warning when you are going to be away for such a long time in future? I was beginning to think the Mossad had been up to their filthy tricks again! Oh and Reconquista's Zionist masterpiece can still be found on a site that the grey squirrels are really pissing off. Nice to know the greys are good for something. Take care 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Breaking News: Richard Edmonds, Eddy Butler, Chris Roberts and other long standing members physically barred from East London meeting tonight by Griffin's goons and Jefferson!

  4. Anonymous

    A crowd of angry members shouted 'Shame on you!' as Richard Edmonds was forced out of the door way and his path blocked by Jefferson and some BNP security men. Before Griffin arrived an advance party of two van loads of Griffinite goons came to the venue, Griffin sneaked in when everyone's back was turned. A demo was held outside by suspended members with placards and gags(shortly to be put on Youtube.) The meeting started late,and was packed full of Griffinite fools, a few decent people managed to get in, I'm sure they will report back tomorrow. I reckoned about 60 in total people got in.

  5. Nemesis

    Now just whose a*** did that ugly specimen of a turd drop out of?Was it:(a) an MI5 handler?(b) Super-Goon Clive Jefferson?(c) Mark 'Cowardly' Collett?(d) Lee 'Bagel' Barnes?(e) Patrick 'Call Me Pat' Harrington?or (f) Leading Master Turd, Edgar Griffin?Answers on a postcard please to 'Griffinwatch'

  6. Anonymous

    I think the BNP brand is going to (have to) go down the pan along with drut Gri££in. I do not think any amount of marketing, repackaging, re-launching, reinventing, re-whatever will ever make it even remotely electable after the damage that has been done. Neither the electorate at large or many disillusioned, betrayed nationalists will ever trust the name BNP ever again. The Zionists controlling Gri££in could have made a 'fatal error of judgement' as the saying goes. Perception in politics is everything and not about reality or fact. Politics is virtual fiction. That's why the sheeple keep voting for it and getting shafted and taxed to death for it, aided and abetted of course by the ZOMbie – Zionist Occupied Media brainwashing in excess.BNP is dead. Long live what?Well the joint favourite in this former BNP house at the mo is Democratic National Party/DNP. Why? Well we would really prefer National Democratic Party but is the NDP acronym sailing a bit too close to the historic wind and you know who, which would be a bad thing? Or is it? The Zionist Occupying Fascists of the ZOG are going to call us Nazis anyway, even if we call ourselves the Sooty and Sweep Party which is pretty much what we have now with Gri££in and Dowson. So let's go for it?From some point in the near future, let's bury Gri££in's State BNP and give birth to the the free National Democratic Party, National Democrats or NDP. There wasn't much if anything in the way of democracy in the Gri££in State BNP so the use of Democratic/Democrats is very significant. National in the party name is retained but in a subtly different sense.Gri££in and his Zionist Occupied State handlers have provided true Nationalists with a heaven sent opportunity. N. Gri££in like N. Chamberlain has his deserved place in history. What happens next is yet to be determined and down to us but politically burying Gri££in's BNP along with politically burying Gri££in himself would I believe be a final act that John Hutchyns Tyndall (14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005) would have approved of.

  7. Anonymous

    @ anon 20 August 2010 09:24"using the word democrats sounds like East Germany!Why not bring back the "Freedom Party" they cant assault that."The Liberal Democrats seem to have done alright for themselves with the word 'democrats' in their party name. Their leader Clegg is our incumbent Deputy Prime Minister more's the pity. Also the Americans have the Democratic Party with their Obamanation as the President and Commander in Chief at this time. All NWO engineered I know but still a fact. I don't understand your reasoning on this one. The former GDR – German Democratic Republic (East German Police State) surely proves my point that politics is about perception and not fact. Lots of parties have 'democrats' in their party name, the Christian Democrats in Germany today for instance. The electorate relate to it.The electorate at large in Britain are not that interested in 'Freedom' or 'Front'in a party name imho. It's perceived as extreme. The sheeple working class vote for the Labour Party even though Labour supports mass immigration to displace our own workers; the sheeple middle class vote for the Conservative Party even though the Tories will conserve nothing British with their policies either.I'm saying all this in the full knowledge that the Bankers wield the real power and not their lackey politicians. Those who control the volume of money in circulation in a country's economy rule the roost but we have to start somewhere once Gri££in is consigned to history. The electorate will never vote for BNP (or NF) in nearly sufficient numbers to change anything. I doubt the BNP vote would ever get near the million mark (which UKIP nearly got and still did not win a seat) and the half million the BNP got in May was before all the present turmoil in the party. I shudder to think what they would get if the General Election was held today. Any increase on 250,000 anyone?I honestly believe 'National Democrats' has legs, or the full National Democratic Party/NDP. Of course it's all about getting out and keeping out as best as possible Gri££in's gangsters and supporters as well as state infiltrators and Zionists. An NDP would have to adhere fully with the principles of True Nationalism whatever forces are reined against it/us. That way we might just pull off the miracle of all time and get our country back from the present well disguised virtual foreign usurpers.

  8. Anonymous

    @ anon 20 August 2010 14:47What about 'British Civil Rights Movement'.imho we don't need British in a party name. This is Britain and the electorate don't need reminding of it if you get my drift. The fact that it won't stay British for much longer unless the indigenous sheeple stop voting for their own extinction is another argument. We don't say British Labour Party or British Conservative Party unless we are ensuring there is no ambiguity as to which Labour or Conservative party we are referring. The Australian Labour Party for example if that's who I was referring to. Civil Rights Movement is just that – a movement and not a political party with aspirations and ambition to one day form a government.A political party can call itself anything it wants providing it conforms with the rules and guidelines laid down by the Electoral Commission, which are many. However, it has got to catch the attention and imagination of the electorate. That's the easy part if you get it right. The hard part is then convincing them that you can be trusted to take power from the LibLabCon with all the virtual nuclear weaponry that the LibLabCon have at their disposal, especially the ZOM – Zionist Occupied Media.Not forgetting their banker masters who have a nasty recurring habit of 'taking people out' who pose a threat to their New World Order in waiting and making as Jack Kennedy and numerous others have found out. No harm in at least trying though is there?


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