GriffinWatch vindicated.

“One of the truly tragic examples of how Griffin protects himself, and screws decent nationalists over, is what happened at the Leeds Trial of Mark Collett and Nick Griffin.

Now anyone who knows Collett knows he is an arrogant prick.

During the Leeds Trial Collett went out for a drink with the security team that was led by Warren Bennett, a truly dedicated British Nationalist and professional security officer.

The times when I had spoken to Warren about security issues were many, and each time his main emphasis was on protecting Griffin and protecting his lads in the security team.

Warren was always a true professional.

During this drink with the security lads Collett got drunk and started to throw his weight around.

As a result of him giving one of the security lads a bit of lip, he got a little slap for his trouble.

Instead of just shutting up and keeping quiet, Collett allegedly tried to pull a knife on the security lad.

This of course was a very, very silly thing to do.

After being disarmed, Collett then started to shout out to the security team ’You better all back off as if you don’t I will go Queens Evidence against Griffin. “

Collett was removed from the pub and taken back to his hotel.

I was then invited by Warren Bennett for a conference with him and a witness about what had happened.

Now Warren was worried about two things, first the fact that Collett was a total liability for the party and his security team and secondly about Colletts threat to go Queens Evidence.

Warren told me that his security team had decided not to offer Collett any more protection.

Griffin though had made it plain to me that if the security team would not guard Collett as well as him then in his own words ’they can all fuck off’.

On the issue of Collett saying he would go Queens Evidence – Griffin said nothing.

Nothing at all.

It was as if the fact Mark Collett had said this did not register in his mind.

Instead the security team went on strike and were all expelled by Griffin or resigned from the party.

But later events revealed why Griffin was so determined to protect Collett.

I believe that Collett and Griffin had both been involved in the ’leaflet scam’ that had been going on for years in the party.

I suspect that Collett was giving Nick Griffin a nice little slice of the cut from the scam.

This can be easily proved by checking the bank accounts of collett and seeing if he made any regular large cash withdrawals.

If he did so, then they went to Griffin.

It was this threat, to go Queens Evidence and reveal their actions and cons together, that so terrified Griffin.

Griffin in the end sacked the entire security team to save his own neck.

He protected Collett, a man who had threatened to betray him, rather than stand up for the security men who put their lives on the line for him.

This whole episode makes sense only if you analyse later events in the party.

When Griffin revealed at the meeting just before the General Election that he had just discovered that Collett had been stealing from the party, this was a lie.

He had known long before that as Jenny Noble, the Party Treasurer, had informed him of Colletts theft from the party over a year before – and Griffin had done nothing.

Sorry I am wrong.

Griffin did do something – he immediately sacked Jenny Noble as Party Treasurer.

I knew Jenny Noble very well, and no-one in the party idolised Nick Griffin more than her.

Jenny Nobles integrity, her honesty, her committment to the BNP and her loyalty to Griffin was second to none.

Yet as soon as she did her job as Party Treasurer, which was to tell him she had discovered that Collett had been over charging the party for at least £40,000 per year for leaflets, Griffin removed her from her position.

Now that may also have been due to the fact that Jenny also discovered that Griffin was using the Trafalgar Club as a private slush fund, but the main reason was her discovery of Colletts scam.

But instead of thanking her and going to the police, Griffin sacked her to shut her up.

Now why would Griffin sack Warren Bennett and Jenny Noble to protect Collett ?

Why would Griffin allow Collett to carry on using the scam even though he had been made aware it was happening by Jenny Noble ?


Griffin had been involved in it all along.

For years Griffin and Collett were almost a couple, in a strange almost Greek homo-erotic ’older man, younger boy’ type of way.

In many ways their relationship resembled the supposed homosexual relationship Griffin had been involved in with Webster years before, where the older Nationalist Martin Webster supposedly introduced the young Griffin to the inner sanctum of Nationalism in exchange for a little bit of gay hanky panky on the side.

Collett was like a little puppy forever yapping around his masters feet.

It was obvious that they had been involved in this scam for years together, and when Collett threatened to expose Griffin and the con during the Leeds Trial then because he was as deep in the shite as Collett then Griffin had to protect Collett at all costs – which is the exact same situation we see today with Jim Dowson.

The fall out with Collett was, I believe, due to Nick telling Mark Collett ’Mark you are going to stop the scam now. I wont reveal what you did in the past as to do so will destroy my reputation as well. But I am now involved in a real money making scam with Jim Dowson and the chump change we used to make together is now meaningless. “

Dowson came along and opened Griffins eyes up to a whole new world of scams to rob the BNP membership.

What he and Collett had been doing with their little leaflet scam was pathetic in comparison to the money Griffin and Dowson could make.

So out went Collett, kicking and screaming about corruption in the party – but unable to reveal what he knew as he would incriminate himself at the same time as he incriminated Griffin.

Today the BNP is in a worse situation than with Collett.

Collett was a small scale crook, whilst Dowson is a major thief.

Griffin has swopped the petty Mark Collett ‘BNP leaflet scam’ for a multi-million pound scam with Jim Dowson.

Griffin has to go and Dowson also.

Any man who will betray the very security team who would have given their lives to save him is not fit to be involved in British Nationalism.”

We here at GriffnWatch obviously agree with the above post, we have been covering and exposing the various Griffarage/Collett/Dowson scams for well over a year now, (along with others)  providing plenty of circumstantial evidence along the way (see the various posts regarding Collett for evidence thereof).

Whilst it gives us no pleasure whatsoever to have been proven correct, these exposees were and still are needed, to both enlighten the members and protect them and the party.

We could not have done this without the help and support from various concerned sources from within the party/other nationalists and to these people (you know who you are) you  have our eternal gratitude.

Griffarages days within and nefarious control of the British National Party are coming to an end, whether or not there will be anything left of the party to salvage remains to be seen.

Whatever happens, nationalism will live on and will continue to prosper, thanks mainly to the nefarious actions of the so called “Elite” (sic) who mis-govern and abuse us.

Nationalism is an ideology, hence can never be extinguished, so whilst things may look particularly bleak at the moment for the B.N.P., one should bare in mind that as one door may close, another one will inevitably open.

We are getting there, make no mistake about that my friends.
Keep the faith, keep exposing and plugging away at the enemies of our people and victory is  ultimately assured.

Remember, one must always look for the good, in any situation.


27 thoughts on “GriffinWatch vindicated.

  1. Anonymous

    Two Great BNP Events Coming UpThe first event is the Summer School 2010, set up for this coming weekend of 21/22 August.It will take place at a beautiful Welsh border venue and will include top speakers such as Nick Griffin and Arthur Kemp and many other key officials running seminars on a host of interesting and useful subjects.The redirection point the Welshpool main train station (not the narrow gauge steam line) 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 7p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday. 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday. GRIFFIN USING HIS FARM CROFT AGAIN TO HOST THIS? SHUDDER TO THINK HOW MUCH HE INVOICES THE PARTY FOR THIS.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember at RWB 2007 the security griffin hired that weekend were nothing but agressive idiots.On the friday night where the main beer tent was there a lot of tables and chairs outside and a lot of folk,once all their tents were set up came over some with their own refreshments.One of the goons was telling people to move as they hadnt bought their drink from the main beer tent.This was going on all night and some people packed up their tents and left the site on the saturday morning in disgust.Our group were also threatened to be kicked off for making " too much noise" at around 11pm.Then on the saturday night you had the incident with collett and Andrew Spence which resulted with Mr Spence being escorted from the site on the sunday daytime with reynolds and his goons doing the escorting.A lot of people we spoke to that weekend said they would never attend another RWB because the security was too heavy handed.

  3. Anonymous

    Collett is total scum and filth, Eddy Butler is very foolish indeed to take this piece of dog turd onboard. I wonder if Collett will ever spill the beans on Gri££in's crooked empire, I some how think not!

  4. GriffinWatch

    Collett can say nothing without implicating himself, that is why he has remained silent, his silence protects himself, not the party. Butler was advised by ourselves to distance himself from Collett, he ignored this advice.G.W.s patience wears very very very thin with Butler.

  5. A slight change of subject

    Lee Barnes is a hypocrite and he is desperately trying to save face with one of his latest blog offerings. Although I, like most human beings on the planet in the know, wholeheartedly welcome Lee’s change of tune and his exposing of shitbag Gri££in further as the gangster he is, there are a few things that need to be remembered.It was Barnes who attacked without any provocation at all, many of the Decembrists in their hour of need, he leapt at Gri££in’s defence with such bile and venom it was nauseating. All sorts of pro-Gri££in crap sprang up on his blog at a time were his support in trying to remove Collett and later Gri££in could have added some weight. He called the Decembrists, traitors, wrong’uns and Reds, etc for writing the same exposés that he himself is writing about now!The half-arsed excuse he is giving for not supporting the attempts of removing Gri££in back then are that the Decembrists wanted to chuck Collett out of the BNP without the correct disciplinary procedures; this is utter shit. All they wanted to do was hold Collett to account for a long list of gross misconduct cases that included no less, than trying to have sexual relations with underage girls at the party conference! Now, a short few years later, Barnes hasn’t stop banging on about allegations of Dowson molesting a 22yr old women; where were your morals back then Barnes? Kissing Gri££in’s fat arse were they? Barnes also goes on about the blind membership that has supported Gri££in without question for years being to blame for his increasing criminality and dictatorial chairmanship, well that’s YOU Barnes. Grow some balls Lee and admit for once in your life that you were wrong. Very wrong. People may just start to respect you a little more, and take the piss a little less.

  6. BNP Truth

    A Slight Change of Subject said,"ee Barnes is a hypocrite and he is desperately trying to save face with one of his latest blog offerings. "Bang on target. Barnes is a hypocrit for failing to support the Decembrists for saying EXACTLY the same things that he is now. They wanted Collett held to account whilst supporting the Chairman. Barnes laid into the Decembrists and their allies with much viciousness and bile.The only reason Barnes has jumped ship is because he has fell over overboard the sinking BNP ship when losing out to Dowson in one of the many internecine fights that occur regularly within the top levels of the BNP. He's doing it for himself and his ego, not necessarily for the good of the party or the membership.Barnes could have led the real opposition for change within the BNP and possibly have helped to lead it to success. then there may have been a possibility of saving it.Barnes was a key figure within the BNP, allowing all the excesses of Griffin that Barnes now complains about. He defended Griffin to the hilt, make no mistake about that.Now he wants our sympathy and our respect for his outbursts against Griffin. A bit late for that I think, a bit late for that. Many of us have been voicing our opposition for years against Griffin whilst he stood on the sidelines and attacked us whilst standing inside the BNP hierarchy as a senior officer. And now Barnes think he is leading a cavalary charge with him at the head of it and us inexperienced minions following him?The rank hypocrisy of Barnes is sickening to watch.

  7. Anonymous

    When Collett and Hannam appeared before the BNP Disciplinary Committee, to answer the paedo grooming charges against them both, for attempting to seduce the two obviously-under-age school girls, in a bedroom in the Kimberly Hotel, Brighton, during the 2006 BNP AGM, Collett was blatantly smirking with confidence because he knew his partner-in-crime, Sni££in' Gri££in, had already ordered the Disciplinary Committee panel not to expel him and Hannam from the BNP, to give them both a final warning, and the paedo charges against both not to be recorded in the Discplinary Hearing minutes – and it didn't take long working out Gri££in and Collett were tied into a financial scam beneficial to both – and that Gri££in was already coining it from the Trafalgar club, low-level double-expence claims scams, and being paid a salary from BNP funds, Gri££in's puzzling over-protection of Collett was not so puzzling when factoring in Collett's control of all BNP leaflet publishing by VANGUARD ENTERPRISES LTD (which should have been named COLLET ENTERPRISES LTD, because Collett owned VE Ltd).Collett legitimately charged (too much) the BNP for each BNP leaflet he/VE Ltd printed – and therein I figured was hidden the scam of charging the BNP for over-printing ten-of-thousands of unwanted/unordered BNP leaflets I KNEW WERE REGULARY BINNED. As well as regulary pocketing baksheesh from Collett, for giving Collett lucrative work funded by BNP members, and receiving baksheesh for each printing run of BNP leaflets of the correct number, Gri££in would have demanded at least a fifty-fifty split of printing overun profits.When the Decemberists were expelled from the BNP, for trying to rid the BNP of Collett and Hannam, I told my Branch Organiser about the overun printing scam, but he wouldn't believe Gri££in was greedy and corrupt – BUT HE DOES NOW, AND IS NO LONGER A BNP MEMBER.WARNING: under no circumstances allow Collett into a revived BNP or a new nationalist party – though clever his regular stupidity is the kiss-of-death for nationalism.EVERYBODY KEEP DICKING NICKFly On The Wall

  8. Nemesis

    MESSAGE FOR LEE BARNES:Since you have now seen the light, so to speak, of the inept incompetence, negligence, greed and corruption of your former Chairman, Nick Griffin, and since you have for some time criticised, attacked and smeared good nationalists who have opposed Griffin and his corrupt cabal within the BNP (including both North West Nationalists and this blog and its owner, Griffin Watch) will you now be prepared to offer an apology publicly to these men and women who have steadfastly held the flame of truth and opposition to corruption and bullying within the BNP and whom you once attacked, derided, smeared, mocked and abused whilst defending Nick Griffin?

  9. Nemesis

    As usual, Fly on the Wall is absolutely right on with his critique of Griffin and the BNP.Fly on the Wall knows the score and is usually right with his information and opinions about what is happening within the BNP.In his excellent summary of the details of the corruption involving the leaflets Fly on the Wall shows the reason as to exactly why Griffin wanted to protect Collett and why Collett, although making threats against Griffin, will never implicate himself for the lying, greedy, pathetic and whining cowardly scrote that he is.

  10. Anonymous

    @ anon at 23:25If you're going to let the likes of Collett back into true nationalism after any amount of time, you might just as well let anyone back in. No one rid of a cancer wants it back ever again. All the names associated with Gri££in who steadfastly stood by him and up for him after it was crystal clear what was going on – and I'm referring here to about the time of the Decembrists' revolt – should be kicked out and kept out of true nationalism. What the fakers (fake nationalists) want to do with the likes of Collett is up to them. The Zionist likes of Paul Morris for instance and those who support that ridiculous brand of nationalism(sic) which isn't nationalism by any definition of the word. Israel and the BNP: Brothers in Arms! Idiots! Talking of which, Lee Barnes I believe opposes Zionism but supports Zionist Israel or at least its right to be there. Notice I did not use the emotive phrase 'right to exist'. Such a phrase conjures up (as intended) images of a nation's people being wiped out when all most anti-Zionists (including genuine Jews) would ask of Zionist Israel is that it be peacefully dismantled, the stolen land given back to those it was taken from and the present occupiers leave peacefully. It's not going to happen like that of course and never ending, escalating conflict in that godforsaken area, culminating in yet another world war is the most likely scenario that will be played out. Israel being an immovable fact that probably only another world war would dislodge does not alter the fact that it was a monstrous and historic crime to install it there in the first place. A monstrous crime in 1948 is still a monstrous crime in 2010 and the fact that we can do little about it doesn't make it right even 62 years on. It will all end in tears that's for sure. I do not accept the mainly Ashkenazi (convert Jewish) occupation of that land that they have no historic connection with and the misleading name Israel they have chosen to deceive the world of their right to be there. They are usurpers of that land and have no such right. Anyone who disagrees with this inconvenient truth cannot be a true nationalist.

  11. Anonymous

    I suppose if Collett repays all the £tens of thousands he's fleeced the party/members of over the years with his leaflet scam in particular in partnership with Gri££in, he could always be given a shoe shine box to spend the rest of his pointless existence scurrying around a BNP Central Office cleansed of similar vermin as Collett and buffing the shoes of true incorruptible nationalists for a token 5p tip and a good kick in the arse to send him on his way to his next true incorruptible nationalist customer. Can't think of any other use for him really.On the subject of the party name British National Party/BNP. I believe it has been wrecked beyond repair over the years by Zombie (Zionist Occupied Media In Excess) brainwashing aided by the likes of Gri££in and Collett. Time is surely ripe for change anyway? There may never be a better opportunity.

  12. Anonymous

    I would support the return of the Decembrists there is some speculation about Matt Single(as being the list leaker) but I don't know enough. There is some speculation the list was leaked by Nick Griffin himself, that may not surprise too many people anymore. I do worry about Butler, all this 'phase 1 , phase 2' stuff sounds remarkably 'British intelligence' to me,it's the same old messiah complex exercising, we all wait on baited breath for this wonder move but none of us are good enough to be told. He is remarkably well organised and confident for someone who has just challenged an off-the cuff drop of the hat leadership nomination. I hope I am wrong. Is it for some reason they have chosen to divert the party at this time before it grows any bigger? I am just saying keep an open mind incase Butler doesn't supply the golden egg. Back to the Decembrists I wish I had supported them before,they have turned out to be correct and I am not the first person to say it.

  13. Anonymous

    "IS GRIFFIN USING HIS FARM CROFT AGAIN TO HOST THIS?"No, he isnt. Its the clay pigeon shooting site which has been used for numerous events in the past 5-6 years. Near the village of Pant. Actually a very beautiful location but the company (Griffin, Walkers, Kemp) will be pants.

  14. Anonymous

    Interesting development over at the Green Machination which may have sneaked under most radars. Arch Zionist writer Reconquista of "Israel and the BNP: Brothers in Arms" infamy seems to have jumped the sinking ship or been pushed overboard, as does another nasty Zionist bit of work called Aussie Bob. Gone too are their articles. Good riddance to such bad, fake nationalist rubbish. No cause for too much celebration mind. The rabid beast that spawned them is still on the loose and back in heat.

  15. Anonymous

    …. and that thick c**t "Shrek" Howson is organising the training sessions – desperate or what?And if there all not asleep by then they will be when alwyn deacon comes on and gives his ORGANISING FOR POLLING DAY SPEECH.Deacon believes the right way to win a ward election is it must be leafleted three times and finished off by canvassing ? Nice idea Alwyn but you need activists something the BNP hasnt got anymore.

  16. Anonymous

    …by the way, what has become of the Coverts?Apart from cleaning out griffages pig sties due to lack of work as there is no RWB this year i hear they have got a shift at griffages monster mash bash this weekend wearing dicky bows and cummerbunds serving house wine to the entire cast of fraggle rock.

  17. Anonymous

    How many times has Alwyn won an election? By the way it's they're not there. English please.Does that mean he will face a disciplinary hearing ? oh my god someone in the BNP made a spelling mistake quick call in shrek and dowson to evict this low I.Q. lowlife from the party.Alwyn has never won an election ? spelling might be one thing but bullshit and lack of knowledge is another,typical ZANUBNP spin doctor

  18. Nemesis

    Anon said"Talking of which, Lee Barnes I believe opposes Zionism but supports Zionist Israel or at least its right to be there. Notice I did not use the emotive phrase 'right to exist'. Such a phrase conjures up (as intended) images of a nation's people being wiped out when all most anti-Zionists (including genuine Jews) would ask of Zionist Israel is that it be peacefully dismantled, the stolen land given back to those it was taken from and the present occupiers leave peacefully. "Spot on Anon. Israel is an anachronism and shoudl never have been created. Its creation was based on lies and myth by the Zionists. Its continued perpetuation is based on war, US asid and holocaust guilt.Israel needs to be dismantled in the interests of both Middle East and world peace.Certainly we as nationalists can learn from the Jews national and racial survival mechanisms and energy and their strategy for self-determination.But that is a long way from actually supporting Israel and the Jewish uber-homeland.Any nationalist who supports Israel's right to exist is a pesuedo-nationalist, an idiot or a traitor (or all three).Ce


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