Who runs the "Indigenous forum"?

Indigenous Forum – Family Weekend

28-29 August 2010 Dear Fellow Patriot,
We are pleased to announce the launch of the first Family Weekend hosted by the Indigenous Forum, an organisation dedicated to maintaining and preserving our native culture, ethnicity, religious heritage and way of life.
The Indigenous Forum is affiliated to, but independent of, the British National Party.
The first Family Weekend will be a chance for all native people of the British Isles to celebrate their cherished history and way of life, free from the liberal and leftist political correctness that has all but demolished our long held traditions and culture.
The event will take place at a beautiful venue near the Welsh-English border in the West Midlands, not far from Offa’s Dyke.
The event will start at 10am on Saturday 28 August with a children’s sports day, a dog competition, and evening entertainment that will include a celebration of Britain’s patriotic musical past. A hog roast will be provided and a burger stall will be present providing basic refreshments.
On the Sunday there will be an adults’ sports day and a regional tug-of-war competition. The event will end with a keynote speech from myself.
On both days there will be a chance for socialising, informal discussion and various other fun activities.
Please note this is not a conventional Red, White and Blue event. There will not be regional stands or intensive political events, and the emphasis will be on families.
This event provides a fantastic site and the opportunity for people who wish to cherish our culture and who want to develop ways in which to celebrate it involving the next generation.
There is an upper limit on attendance so book your place fast. Contact the BNP Call Centre on 0207 078 3269 to book your place.
Adult ticket: £10
Child: £5
Under 5s FREE
For further information contact indigenousforum@virginmedia.com
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party”

It certainly appears that Griffarage and his cohorts may be going to some lengths to keep money off the BNP books, why could that be?

Is the “Indigenous Forum” part of Griffarages new civil rights movement?

Questions questions  questions………………………………..

9 thoughts on “Who runs the "Indigenous forum"?

  1. Ape

    The "Indigenous Forum" is one of the organisations which appeared in the latest party constitution. Yet Griffin asserts that it has nothing to do with the party. Nonsense.

  2. Anonymous

    With all the information that's now available out there about the Dowson-Gri££in money making scam machine, anyone who parts with their cash for anything 'affiliated to the BNP' deserves to be taken to the cleaners for the absolute mugs that they are. "There is an upper limit on attendance so book your place fast." This reeks of a scam. I doubt there will be many there if it takes place at all which is a far more likely scenario. No venue is given apart from "The event will take place at a beautiful venue near the Welsh-English border in the West Midlands, not far from Offa’s Dyke." It does not mention anything about those allowed to attend apart from "Dear Fellow Patriot" so one assumes anyone can phone in and find out exactly where it's taking place – if there is such a place or event planned. They will surely have had to contact the council and police for the usual public order/safety reasons if it's genuine. 'Affiliated' to the BNP will attract the usual Unite Against Freedom/Hate Not Hope/SWP suspects to cause trouble/disruption and quite frankly, I think this is just another scam to extract money from Gri££in BNP dupes daft enough to fall for it. Just try getting your money back when the council/police block the event taking place at the very last minute. I think that could be the hidden agenda here. There will be sham excuses about the monies received having already partially been spent and still required to cover cancellation costs/contractual obligations blah, blah. As with anything to do with Griffin's BNP, give it a wide berth.

  3. Anonymous

    The Zionist Green Arrow scumbag Morris has just posted that Gri££in (signed by him anyway) letter as an article on his utterly deceitful website. Anyone who falls for it deserves fleecing up to a point but Morris deserves his day in court for being complicit in deceiving the deaf, dumb and blind dupes who post on there. It's just about separating them from their money while leading them down a fake nationalist dead end and little all else. The daft buggers who support Morris have got to have a screw loose. No normal person can be that stupid to not now realise what he's all about.I see he's corrected the alexa figure. 128,694 and falling.

  4. Anonymous

    Contact the BNP Call Centre on 0207 078 3269 to book your place.How the hell can the Gri££in shyster say "The Indigenous Forum is affiliated to, but independent of, the British National Party" then use the Belfast call centre to take bookings? This is so clearly a money making scam it is frankly laughable. It is so transparently deceitful. We're more than midway through the month and they have supposedly organised and are only just advertising an event for the Bank Holiday weekend 28/29 August as if most people will not have already made plans or be away on holiday anyway. Not to mention the usual howls of protest one can soon expect from all and sundry now that the BNP affiliated cat is out of the bag.I believe this 'event' only exists in someone's money grubbing imagination and will disappear into the usual untraceable BNP black hole when it is 'called off' for reasons of whatever and dupes who booked are left holding worthless tickets if they ever received any tickets at all.

  5. Anonymous

    re anon at 12:58 and Green ArrowThat article has now been updated to include a picture of Nick and Jackie Griffin. Interestingly, two comments – one a reply to the first one posted by Donna Treanor – have been removed (there are none at present) which only said that they would have liked to attend but could not make it as there was no transport from their areas to get them there.Why remove such comments? I am suspicious that the Dowson-Gri££in scamming machine wants people to buy tickets and then concern themselves with how they are going to get there – if there is a 'there' – and just let it go if they end up not being able to make it. It will probably be called off a day or two before anyway when they have scammed enough money as part of the plan for an event that was never going to take place anyway and was just about getting dupes to buy tickets for nothing. After all, they wouldn't want people with tickets turning up early, only to the sight of an empty field just full of dumb sheep would they?

  6. Anonymous

    Looking at the comment thread on this article as posted by Morris at Green Arrow, it would appear that you cannot find out exactly where this Family Weekend hosted by the Gri££in BNP affiliated Indigenous Forum is taking place until AFTER you have purchased tickets and IF (not when) they are ever received because the location is to be enclosed in the post along with the tickets."When I booked my tickets the nice lady at the call centre said she'd send directions with the tickets. Consequently I (anyone else?) have no idea where this weekend is to be held."Are these people who post on Green Arrow absolutely bonkers? It would appear so.

  7. Anonymous

    Gri££in's make-me-richer venue is being held in Arrowitz in Wonderland's imagination – Mad Hatter Bagel Barnes sends his apologies because he's perigrinating to Israel to head-ram the Wai£ing Wa££, so will not be making an appearance at the fairy-tale – and MI5 says MI5mon Darby is on another undercover anti-nationalist mission, so he, too, will not be appearing in Paul Sparrowschitz's imagination.DON'T BE DICKED BY NICK'S LATEST SCAM.Fly On The Wall


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