7 thoughts on “Crazy closing down sale.

  1. Anonymous

    10 laptops for sale from the BNP HQ?Aren't these the laptops purportedly purcahsed through Solidarity accounts back in 2007 by a certain Mr Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of said "trade union" and chief c**k-sucker of Nick Gri££in?This was the incident that led to the trouble within the Solidarity Executive Commitee leading to the break-up of the Executive Commitee, the brief creation of two Solidarity trade unions and the coup led by Harrington and Griffin that led to the Griffin and Third Way dominated trade union.Solidarity is now a miniscule tiny grouplet that has about 300 members and exists only to line the pockets of Griffin and Harrington.Solidarity has about as much influence as the voice of conscience has on Nick Griffin.Zilch.

  2. Anonymous

    Just been reading the green sparrows latest article and i got as far as this.Good morning to all BNP loyalists and their supporters and as usual, a pox on those enemies of the British Resistance who are throwing mud at the backs of the BNP activists who are still facing the enemy whilst the mud slingers do nothing but scream abuse at them.This bloke is mad or is in the act to kill the BNP.The so called mud slingers as he likes to say were the backbone of the party the real enemy is within and i now think this cretin is one of them !

  3. Anonymous

    BIG JOE is now appointed organiser @ Glasgow and west branch in Scotland. What happened to Walter Hamilton? There seems to be a revolving door at Glasgow/most of Scotland!


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