Barnbrook statement.


Official Statement From Richard Barnbrook AM.

Statement Begins ;

Over the last few months allegations of serious wrong doing concerning senior British National Party officials have been spread both within and outside the British National Party.

I do not know the truth or otherwise of these allegations.

These allegations have the potential to cause major political damage to the parties future electoral prospects unless they are investigated and revealed to be false.

I was elected as a London Wide Member to serve the constituencies of Londoners who feel that the establishment political parties do not represent them or their interests.

I have a duty to put their interests and the interests of the British National Party first.

For over a decade I have been a loyal member of the British National Party.

I still am one of the most loyal and dedicated members of the British National Party.

This is why I have decided to take this course of action.

The serious nature of these allegations are such that they must be the subject of an internal independent and transparent BNP investigation to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the allegations.

I have decided therefore that until these allegations are investigated fully by an independent panel of British National Party officers and members and are revealed as either true or false, that I cannot continue to represent the BNP in the Greater London Assembly.

I am therefore resigning the BNP whip with immediate effect and will now sit as an independent member of the London Assembly.

I am not resigning my British National Party membership.

I remain a loyal British National Party member and continue to serve the party and its members that I hold so dear to my heart.

Once this internal and independent British National Party investigation reports back its findings, and I can go back to my constituents and fellow party members and report that the allegations are not true, then I will immediately recommence representing the British National Party on the GLA.

I will not be making any public comment on the nature of these allegations to the media as they relate to legal issues that must remain confidential in order not to compromise the investigation.

I will not be making any further comments to the media on this issue, or any issues related to the investigation, until the independent and fully transparent internal BNP investigation has reported back its findings.

Richard Barnbrook AM.

Independent member of the Great London Authority.


17 thoughts on “Barnbrook statement.

  1. Nemesis

    So why did Barnbrook act as Griffin's stooge and stand as a candidate against Griffin – or rather as a candidate against Butler?The man is simply a fool and of considerable poor judgement. He has been a lackey of Griifin and the Griffarage cabal for far too long.Now he is jumping ship as everyone (bar the captain) sees HMS BNP heading diretcly for the rocks ahead.Like other former officers who have jumped ship at the last minute, they are doing it far, far too late and carry much of the Griffarage baggage with them.They are tainted with the poison of Griffin and the actions of his leadership.

  2. Nemesis

    I am very suspicious about Mr Barnbrrok's last-minute conversion from Griffin sycophant to opponent, demanding a BNP internal investigation.Barnbrook's past form as a Griffarage clone is self-evident. Why has he suddenly changed?A BNP internal investigation would achieve zilch. Who would set up the investigation team? Who would it report to? Who would take the action that it reccomended?Griffin of course.It would be a cosmetic exercise and a Griffin act of mnipulation. Nothing more.Barnbrook has been Griffin's whipping boy for many years and has stronly supported him. His act of traitorhood in standing against Butler in an attempt to damage Butler and the leadership challenge was disgraceful.Make no mistake, Barnbrook is a Fall Guy for Griffin and a stooge.At best his lack of judgement makes him a liability.

  3. Anonymous

    I think Barnbrook is jumping ship because he knows as well as everybody else the ship is sinkingfast. Putting himself as an independent safeguards his position.

  4. Anonymous

    You cannot resign the whip (sounds a bit pretentious from RB) continuing as an Independant and remain a BNP party member. It sounds ridiculous. If RB is not immediately expelled as a result, then that speaks volumes for his insincerity. It is nothing but a deception and Griffin is most likely behind it. Richard Barnbrook was one of the spoiler candidates for Christ's sake! I definitely smell a big Griffin rat.

  5. Anonymous

    Barnbrook is a gross, vain opportunist, Griffin probably was going to force him to step down so that Bob Bailey could take over on the Assembly for the next two years, as the case against Bailey by the police was dropped, Barnbrook has taken fright that he would lost his £53,440 + allowances and perks from the GLA hence going Independent.

  6. Anonymous

    May be with Gri££in in court on September 7th, Bumbrook thought he may be liable for some of the costs when the party is made bankrupt? It will be interesting to see if Brons does the same?

  7. Anonymous

    Does this bungling faggot get to keep all this money, or does he donate some to Dodgy Dow$on each month?"Richard Barnbrook London Assembly MemberSalary £53,439 Elected Date 1 May 2008 Party Independent Constituency Londonwide Responsibilities Member of the Audit Panel Member of the Budget Monitoring Sub-Committee Member of the Health and Public Services Committee"

  8. Anonymous

    I over heard this drunken Bi-Sexual buffoon moaning just after the May election that he had lost his £735 a month Councillor's allowance, what a completely greedy cunt, how much is he making from Nationalism?

  9. Anonymous

    re: anon @22:10"You can resign the whip and remain a member in exactly the same way as the whip can be withdrawn."I hear what you say but it's not the same as having the whip withdrawn. That is a passive 'done to one' act, whereas walking off the bent Gri££in BNP job is an active 'one does' act. Maybe RB is just waiting to be expelled but I doubt it. As one of the two spoilers he is thoroughly tainted.It gives some indication as to how difficult things are going to be after Griffin has gone – probably as the state swine intended. Who do you trust and who do you forgive? Even Griffin Watch is going to have a tiny dilemna as to what to call this blog! Everyone will be affected by his near certain departure. But what happens now that we have almost got what we wished for? Should we have been more careful what we wished for? No! I don't buy into this 'we are denied what we want and get what we deserve'. Nationalists didn't deserve this or the monstrous likes of the Green Arrow et al. It was a monstrous Zionist state assault. No decent right thinking person could have seen it coming.The name Richard Barnbrook will keep me out of the New BNP because RB is of the same whore's afterbirth as Griffin.

  10. Anonymous

    Richard Barnbrook, you treacherous bastard, you're fooling nobody when pretending you know nothing of Gri££in's deep corruption, mismanagement, and deliberate sabotaging of the BNP's election chances.Re. your ridiculous claim "I have a duty to put their interests and the interests of the British National Party first."Barnbrook, you dumb coward, your duty is to put England's interests first – as Nickin' Gri££in is the BNP, your undying supporting loyalty for the BNP is undying supporting loyalty for a proven State-controlled traitor who's all but totally destroyed the BNP.You sodden pisshead, don't bother trying to whitewash yourself – it's fooling no one – you're no better than Gri££in because you, too, are putting your own personal interests before your country and before the BNP.Your claim "Over the last few months allegations of serious wrong doing concerning senior British National Party officials have been spread both within and outside the British National Party" is pure obfuscating bullshit because you know ALL the serious allegations against senior British National Party officials were made by BNP employees in key positions, BNP officials such as Regional Organizers, Regional Fundholders, BNP Councillors, BNP activists and ordinary BNP members `in the know', not by `outsiders' – your deliberate failure of mentioning the leading villain of the piece, Gri££in, either by name or official title, shows you're protecting this traitor, and is further proof of your utter hypocracy.Barnbrook, you could save the BNP by publicly telling Gri££in to:1. Make all the accounts available to ALL BNP members, especially to the BNP member, John Savage, a trained investigative accountant.2. Reinstate all the BNP members he's dismissed.3. Cut Dow$on adrift, without a golden pay-off.4. Set up an Investigative Committee to hold Hearings any BNP member can attend, either as a witness or as an interested spectator – the committee to consist of at least four officials from each of the BNP regions; any BNP official tainted with a whiff of corruption cannot be elected to the Investigative Committee.Barnbrook, the above is for starters – should you refuse to help rid the BNP of the corrupting, sleezy and criminal infestation then don't pretend you're a patriotic nationalist.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… The name Richard Barnbrook will keep me out of the New BNP because RB is of the same whore's afterbirth as Griffin.===================================Annonymous, fear not, that yellow-backed, self-serving, arse-licking, craven piss-head pretending to be a hetrosexual, will not be allowed to join a new BNP if he doesn't get involved in getting rid of that state-controlled treacherous one-eyed cunt, Nickin' Gri££in.

  12. How did NG realy lose his eye?

    NG told a mutual friend a year or so back that he didnt trust Barnbrook.remember that RB was at the head of 12 councilors – a possible power base to oppose NG [remember what NG did to Oldham, Burnley etc.]NG has no loyalty only greed.

  13. Anonymous

    Had to do a double-take this morning, in my local bakery shop, because I thought I spotted Richard Bumbandido's name on a packet of sliced bread – but on taking a second glance I read the words THICK CUT.Fly On The Wall

  14. Nemesis

    Fly on the Wall said,Had to do a double-take this morning, in my local bakery shop, because I thought I spotted Richard Bumbandido's name on a packet of sliced bread – but on taking a second glance I read the words THICK CUT.Very droll, Fly on the Wall, very droll!I also noticed something weid the other day on the website of that awful pro-Griffin and pro-Zionist blog, the Mean Marrow, where an article was spouting the usual rubbish about Patrick Harrington and his miniscule Griffinite "trade union" grouplet, Solidarity (or should that "Squalidarity" considering the corruption and disgraceful conduct of those running it?).The article was entitled "STOP THE CUTS", and I thought for a moment that it said something else and was referring to a call to arms of those opposed to the BNP leadership of Nick Griffin and Co.But then of course I realised that the Zionist creature Paul Morris and the corrupt and loathsome Patrick Harrington would never countenance any sort of attack or criticism of their Fuhrer, would they?


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