More from John Tyndall.


9 thoughts on “More from John Tyndall.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffin is state no word of doubt on that.To think we once had people like Sharon Edwards outed by Griffin and now if not hundreds but thousands more since griffin took over the party and the leckies over on VNN,GREEN GOBSHITE SITE etc still think nick can deliver our country back to the paymaster general ? The party has been state operative under griffin and since he got his his big fat salary under the guise of the european union its now time to shut up shop.I hope certain nationalists out there that i told you so a long time ago realise what myself and many others were talking about all them years ago ! griffin is a disgrace to the white race and was only put there to keep tabs on a growing nationalist movement.MAY JOHN TYNDALL PROSPER IN HEAVENMAY NICK GRIFFIN ROT IN HELL !

  2. Anonymous

    A little Light Relief!re: anon @ 20:33MAY NICK GRIFFIN ROT IN HELL!Please don't try pushing more of your dead earthly muck like Gri££in onto me. I have enough to contend with down fiery under. We're not just talking long weekends or three score plus 10 year's earth time down here but forever, as in to hell for eternity – loved the film. Birdman of Alcatraz and some nice broad. They're in the 'Other Place' I think though I don't have a direct line to be certain. I deal with most evil doers in my own 'devil may care'laissez faire attitude and stride; however, betrayers and destroyers of whole nations are just much more trouble than it's all worth.No chance of you having Adolf H and Josef S back is there? We don't use surnames down here as it tends to lower the tone of the place as well as damage my image and reputation. No? Didn't think so but worth a try.Oh btw, the best trick I ever pulled was using the Zionists to convince you in the goyim world that I didn't exist.

  3. Nemesis

    It was predicted that Butler would not be allowed to win the challenge, let alone get through the first hurdle of the nomination procedure.You can't deal a straight hand with a crooked dealer. Understand that fact first and foremost.The Butler's camp decision in not pursuing legal action against Griffin for this debacle is a farce. It is regarded as a lack of action and determination, and will haunt the anti-Griffinites. I am sure that many nationalists would contribute to a pot for the legal fund if a case was launched.A bad, bad decision.


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