The expected purge takes place.

Nick Griffin’s discredited regime has dived deeper into the sewer today with the mass suspension of people who are known to support my leadership challenge. This has been expected for several days. Part of the reason was clearly to protect Griffin’s failed regime at the Advisory Council meeting scheduled for this weekend when a version of the party’s accounts are supposed to be put on view.

These accounts have still not been published by the Electoral Commission.

One word out of line and your name goes on Paul Golding’s list (make no mistake it is his list).

It is like that famous scene from ‘Dad’s Army’.

Private Pike sings a song disrespectful to the Golding character’s boss.
The Golding character says: ‘Your name vill also go on ze list. Vot is it?’
Captain Mainwaring says ‘Don’t tell him Pike.’

Once when faced by a tyrant wishing to grind down dissent, in order to show solidarity and to identify with honourable rebellion we might have said ‘I am Spartacus’.

In today’s BNP it is more appropriate to say ‘Don’t tell him Pike’. Those in authority in the BNP are now a joke. It is more honourable to join the list of the suspended than it is to shrink back and avoid notice.

The list of suspended persons will be updated when people have got home from work and been able to obtain their registered letters. The list so far can be found below.

Members who acted as agents at this year’s elections will be interested to know that due to the collapse of the party’s finances, approaching £100,000 worth of General Election expenses have still not been paid.

This is in contravention of electoral law – specifically the Representation of the People Act (1983) – as follows:

Section 78(3) – Paying a claim in respect of election expenses where payment was made more than 28 days after the date on which the election result was declared.

Breaching this makes the agent liable to a fine not exceeding £5,000.

Section 82(6) – Making a false declaration as to election expenses.

As our candidates and agents will have wrongfully (as they have been lied to by the leadership) stated that all expenses have been paid, they could be liable to a fine or up to one year’s imprisonment.

These expenses are owed to printers scattered round the country and also to the courier firms who had to transport the leaflets from our depot to Royal Mail sorting offices. This is despite the fact that our branches, groups and regions paid had the necessary funds in their accounts to meet these expenses.

Head Office has stolen this money to pay for the bloated central bureaucracy – particularly to pay for the over staffed and highly costly Belfast operation and also to pay for the court cases which we are embroiled in due to Nick Griffin’s incompetence and irresponsibility.

Rather than act as a petty jumped up tyrant, spending all his time at our expense writing out suspension notices, our National Elections Officer/National Organiser Clive Jefferson would be better employed sorting this mess out. As a start he should issue an immediate apology to our election agents on behalf of our failed Fundraiser Jim Dowson and our incompetent National Treasurer Dave Hannam for this appalling mess.

As always the buck really stops with the Party Chairman Nick Griffin. Nothing happens in this party without his say so.

The final leadership election meeting in the nomination phase took place in Chatham in Kent on Sunday 8th August. It was well attended. No matter what the outcome when the nominations are opened this week, this is just the end of the beginning. We now move onto phase two!

After the meeting a large group of us went for a meal in Rochester to celebrate the massive success achieved so far in our ongoing campaign to save our party from destruction.


Suspended unless otherwise stated – some have pre-empted this by resigning

Bob Gertner (London)

Charlotte Lewis (London)

Rowena Savage (London)

John Savage (South West)

Charlie Baillie (Scotland)

Simon Bennett (South West)

Mark Collett – expelled (Yorkshire)

Max Dunbar – resigned (Scotland)

Andrew Emerson (South East)

James Fitton (South West)

Robert Lassen – expelled (West Midlands))

Peter Lucas (South West)

Peter Mullins (South West)

Frank O’Brian – expelled (West Midlands)

Peter Phillips (South East)

Peter Squire (North West)

Peter Stafford (North West)

Richard Trower (South East)

Anthony Ward (North West)

Jeffrey Marshall (London)

Christine Mitchell (Eastern)

Simon Deacon – resigned (Eastern)

Chris Roberts (London)

Bob Gertner (London)

John Savage (South West)

Carl Whelpdale (North East)

Roy Jones (Scotland)

Shelley Rose (Eastern)

Julian Leppert (Eastern)

Lawrence Rustem (London)

Tony Avery (London)”


11 thoughts on “The expected purge takes place.

  1. Anonymous

    Can anyone name a strong BNP branch? Griffin has went through the party like a dose of salts.If one-eye thinks he has covered his tracks with stolen party funds he is mad, the fraud squad has jailed professionals and they know their stuff.

  2. Anonymous

    The Incredible Fulk that is Morris at Green Arrow signs off his latest twin vid pathetic nonsense with the words:"Roll on tomorow." Well I have some sound info and advice for the Morris Mutton Mutant: Tomorrow is promised to no one my Welsh Jackal so treat each day as if it was going to be thy last because one day it will be – for all of us.

  3. Anonymous

    Every branch in the SW seems to have collapsed. At one time was is Bideford or Barnstaple that was being praised up with a whole load of new members and meetings. It's always the same being given a load of propaganda on the BNP website then disappearing without trace. Only the gullible remain.

  4. Richard Chadfield

    the fraud squad has jailed professionals and they know their stuff.9 August 2010 18:55————————————–the fraud squad belongs to the state. The chances of any investigation i estimate as approximately zero. For what i consider obvious reasons.Richard Chadfield

  5. Anonymous

    East Mids still have money even after being looted to the tune of £8 grand and no suspensions yet which is surprising as they generally supported Butler.

  6. Anonymous

    re: Gri££in/Holland ripped me off @ 19:34I hope you didn't get caught out with that clear (to me anyway) money making scam but by the sounds of your name and comment I suspect you did. I had given quite a few quid over time to Gri££in's BNP but by the time of the Life Membership appeal I was streetwise to the shocking reality of what it was really all about. Fortunately, I had stumbled across the Gri££in Watch site when I started to become suspicious and read or was linked to – I think – an article on the Truth(sic) Truck and the rest as they say is history. It helped that my spouse was a financial adviser who cared about people and their money and not just money. She instinctively knew something was seriously amiss.Not that it always works, pays and protects to be a money know-all. A bank employee friend – working in the fraud and security section no less – was contacted by a call centre of one of his own credit cards…or so he thought! These fraudsters are very, very good at what they do, a lot like Gri££in's BNP Polly Peck Inc. They had somehow obtained ALL his personal details including this credit card number but were missing one vital piece of information…the verification number on the back of the card where we are usually just asked for the last three digits. He had not lost the card (which he had right there in front of him) and the call related to a recent internet purchase he had made where the verification code had been corrupted. The expert fraudster read out every single one of his personal details (which of course they criminally had right there in front of them) asking him to repeat them, such as full name, first line of address and so on which he dutifully did, suspecting nothing. When it came to the verification code of course they couldn't say it first because they didn't have it so with the victim's guard completely down by now, he just gave it to them seeing as this was the very purpose of the call. Hook, line and sinker; game set and match. By the time his credit card company called him as a matter of urgency to ask him if he wanted to increase his credit limit…!? You can imagine the rest but suffice to say thousands of pounds worth of stuff was purchased via the internet on his behalf and delivered somehow to numerous ghost addresses. Oops!I hope you got the Dowson Discount £100 off voucher with the Life Membership scam. Live and Learn! It's the only way no matter how little or much you lose. £395 is a lesson well worth remembering but hardly a tragedy. Every one of us is just one dropped guard and fool move away from being had in exactly the same way, especially when one's country along with one's children, grandchildren, love dones are deliberately used to pull at one's emotions and heartstrings – but especially wallets and purses in constant begging letters. It's almost an art!

  7. Anonymous

    Richard Chadfield said… the fraud squad has jailed professionals ……….===================================Richard, forget a fraud squad – Gri££in and Dow$on need a firing squad. .o(Fly On The Wall

  8. Anonymous

    Of course a side issue and consequence of these mass suspensions and probable resignations/expulsions is that even less money in the way of donations and membership renewals will be forthcoming. Any monthly direct debits to the party from these members will certainly be cancelled. Knock on effects to the Trafalgar Club and Solidarity are likely to be felt for the same reasons plus other members leaving the party in disgust at what is happening. Is this why the latest ludicrous appeal has been launched on Green Arrow asking for a wheelbarrow load of cash for the Welsh elections in nine months? It has the same ring as the Life Membership scam and has a Dowson feel and signature about it. Nine months ffs! It will be a miracle if there is either a BNP or anyone left in the party in nine months. Many will quit if Gri££in wins and vice versa. There will be a rump of a party at best and this latesy appeal smacks of getting some last bit of dosh before the party and game is up. The BNP is likely to be bankrupted because of Gri££in's and Dowson's shenanigans and any money donated to Green Arrow will almost certainly find its way into their coffers so they can run off with as much booty as possible.Green Arrow faithful, you have been warned!


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