John Tyndall. Lessons from history.


9 thoughts on “John Tyndall. Lessons from history.

  1. Anonymous

    G.W well done for reproducing the September 1999 issue of Spearhead, it's totally relevant to what's happening right now within the party, John Tyndall hit the nail on the head!

  2. Anonymous

    I never had the privilege of knowing John Tyndall (RIP) but I did have the good fortune to watch his first ever TV PPB. He was totally sincere and clearly a man of principles – and stature had he been given the chance.State compromised Griffin on the other hand, aided and abetted by his band of thugs (both in the cyber world and the real world) has shown himself to be totally unfit to run a fairground Carousel never mind a country in distress. Griffin has been an absolute disaster for true nationalism but this unprincipled creature will go to bed at night wholly satisfied that his state mission has been accomplished and sleep well because of it. He is not one of us but one of THEM. The Zionist supporting, masonic bought and paid for creeps who secretly despise true nationalists and what they stand for. This is why the virtual turd Gri££in rips us off (or at least tried to) at every opportunity. The game is virtually up and the Gri££in fake nationalist excrement is about to be finally flushed down the toilet and not before time. This nation is not for sale to or by the Gri££in crooks and shysters any more than it is by their Zionist paymasters. Tribute to John Tyndall RIPYou'll Never Walk Alone(Beautiful Spanish subtitles and showing occasional ethnic minorities in Britain when nobody really cared until the social engineering NWO experiment was forced and thrust upon us)

  3. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… G.W well done for reproducing the September 1999 issue of Spearhead, it's totally relevant to what's happening right now within the party, John Tyndall hit the nail on the head! 10 August 2010 00:40"We can't claim credit for this, a nationalist researcher did all of the work, scanning etc, we merely published it. It does show that J.T. (R.I.P.) was correct all along. On the plus side a lot of members are waking up to this fact now, at long last.One must always look for the good, in any situation.

  4. Ex-Cadre NF

    It's funny isnt it – everyone acts now as if NG's darker side is something new. He lied about his ITP comrades to gert his first foothold in the BNP — and a paid position!So the underhand tactics and profiteering started way back in the 90s!!!He quit the NF in 1989 slating Harrington for taking a wage in order to collect the Cadre dues.He then joined the BNP in order to take money for designing leaflet — i assume he also took a wage for editing Spearhead as Tom North.Work many patrriots would have done as a privilege and duty.The money-taking aspect and stabbing comrades in the back to further his own career goes back a long way.

  5. Anonymous

    "Tribute to John Tyndall RIPYou'll Never Walk Alone"No offence, but those of us who did know and respect JT leave that kind of mawkish crap to the Nu Nats.Thank you.

  6. Anonymous

    re anon @ 11:53Yes you're probably right and no offence taken at all. I'm deservedly admonished. Well meaning but ott sentimentalism getting in the way of judgement I'm afraid. It's an age thing. I should have died before I got hold (lol) but it seems only the good die young. The likes of Griffin will go on for ever and a day. I often think what might have been had Griffin never gained his party wrecking, money grubbing foothold in British nationalism. Talking of money, I see the arch Griffinite Green Arrow supporting s*ite is asking for wheelbarrow loads of it to fight the Welsh Assembly elections! Are they serious? Any money donated to Griffin supporting sites is likely to end up in Gri££in's bank account. Will the Griffin supporting dupes never learn?


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