Green Arrow and the promotion of miscegenation.

The Green Arrow webmaster Stuart Bainbridge aka Anjin Sama is yet another reason for real nationalists to shun the Green Arrow webs*ite.

“As I mentioned once before, Anjin-sama is an ex-pat who works in Japan where he met and married his lovely wife Tomoko.  Both have a keen interest in motorbikes but not just any old motorbikes but Harley-Davidsons.” 

The modus operandi of any zionist/sayanim infiltrators is the promotion of miscegenation for any of the other races (the “chosen zionist ones” of course shun miscegenation in their own houses).

Well at least we here at G.W. are exposing these “nefarious hangers on of nationalism”, whose leech like grip is being broken on a daily basis, judging by the G.A. webs*ites ever plummetting Alexa stats.


33 thoughts on “Green Arrow and the promotion of miscegenation.

  1. Anonymous

    "The modus operandi of any zionist/sayanim infiltrators is the promotion of miscegenation for any of the other races (the "chosen zionist ones" of course shun miscegenation in their own houses)."It gets worse, much worse! Miscegenation Morris fashion just took on a whole new meaning. As we all know by now, Morris is taking a penguin vacation from Welsh lamb which is good news for them but bad news for penguins everywhere. Here's what I mean!Morris M'ars Attacks! God help them!

  2. Anonymous

    they slag off Butler's supporters who race mix or are poofs.BUt NG supporters who race mix, are poofs, zionists etc. are all OK!the only thing that counts is if you support NG the money grabbing bastard

  3. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    If you ask me I would wager a princely sum that old Anjin has a touch of the tar brush if my tired old eyes don't decieve me with regard to his decidedly Asiatic countenance.Definitely not of my fathers house, as the saying goes, wouldn't you agree?.Anjin – Sama is a Japanese honourary title of if I remember correctly.I find it most offensive that traitors such as Bainbridge, who jump ship for foreign parts in order to bed down with the beast of the field still try to convey the appearance of being British and oh so patriotic by putting an oar in and 'muddying' the waters back home.Not hard to see why race mixing is regarded Biblically not only as the original, but also the unpardonable sin.Pip pip

  4. Anonymous

    re Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot @ 23:25If I'm not very much mistaken, the Americans not so long ago use to refer to Ashkenazi Jews as Asiatics, which is what they are in effect. They did not want them on their shores and in their society with very good reason."I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. That menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation was founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention."-Benjamin Franklin

  5. Anonymous

    "I have to pop out for a while" says the demented Morris at Greenberg Arrowitz. Let's hope it's a very long while. re Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot @ 23:25William Adams (1564 – 1620) also known in Japanese as Anjin-sama (anjin = pilot and sama = Japanese honorific equating to Lord/Excellency) was an English navigator who travelled to Japan and is believed to be the first Briton to reach Japan. Sourced from WikipediaI agree that Mr Bainbridge does seem to have a look of the Asiatic about him. The result of another British male/Japanese female union?

  6. Anonymous

    You self serving hypocrite.What does this nonsense mean? – "I can also assure you that i do understand Nationalist ideology and have had to soften my views over the years to stay with the BNP because the NF's views make them completely unelectable and therefore irrelevant which is of course why they haven't had a knock at their door from Mr Phillips. "If you had ever been any kind of Nationalist then those days are long behind you."In the matter of making judgements about people I don't know, I have no need to. You and your type have cropped up again and again in this movement. I have met many like you over the decades, craven, cowardly, unprincipled, back stabbing, people always ready to sell out principle in the chase for votes, and, in the case of this Green Arrow crowd, venal and barely educated, the crawling associates of the most appalling example to date (Morris) of all that has gone wrong since Nick Griffin connived and plotted his way to the leadership of the BNP.Who do you half literate traitors to all that was ever worthy in British Nationalism think you are, to call the the expulsions of Nationalists who were part of this movement and key to its survival when most of you were still taking pocket money from your fathers or weighing up the pros and cons of which of the mainstream parties to vote for – that is assuming that any of you ever had a real political thought in your heads.You are nothing, you are nobodies, you conduct yourselves in public like a disorderly rabble of undisciplined children, spitting venom at all and sundry, wrapping yourselves in the flag you disgrace and appropriating for yourselves the good name of "Nationalism" to conduct attacks on Nationalist veterans whose feet you are not fit to kiss.Our movement (not – and never – your movement) must, within reason, draw on all shades of Nationalist opinion if it is to prosper, as any genuine Nationalist recognises. But when I trouble to read through the articles and comments left on this Green Arrow website do I feel any sense of fellowship with the authors of them?I do not.What I read is some watered down, bastardised imitation of the Nationalist creed focussed on hatred for Islam and little else, enough to impress the horde of followers who, to judge them by their comments, would encounter the severest difficulties in making head or tail of the exceedingly short columns of The Sun newspaper.No, you are no Nationalists. Nationalists have backbone and principle, commodities notable by their almost complete absence among the semi-literate whining back stabbers of the Green Arrow."

  7. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… Scott McLean has spoken out now. See Butler's blog. 3 August 2010 12:59"Scotts writings won't be published on here. Considering what he wrote, he may as well not have bothered!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Several interesting comments on Butler's blog saying McLean got it wrong about JT and the 1999 leadership challenge ! McLean seems misguided and thinks that JT play dirty and Gri££in and Lecomber's power bid was squeaky clean, what a twist on the facts!

  9. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said…lol. Morris is exposing himself.God I feel so sick. There can surely be nothing more repulsive than the thought of Morris in the nude.There's never a Tatchell around when you need one to teach him a hard lesson. Someone pass me the smelling salts, I feel rather faint.

  10. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said… lol. Morris is exposing himself.===================================GW, so you've noticed, too, that Morritzshzenhowser as well has having nothing upstairs he's got nothing to talk of downstairs to expose – no wonder his four-legged girlfriend is baaahing with disappointment.

  11. Anonymous

    Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said… I would wager a princely sum that old Anjin has a touch of the tar brush if my tired old eyes don't decieve me with regard to his decidedly Asiatic countenance.===================================Colonel Buckshot, your wager's safe as Ajamrag Sammy definitely has a dash of the tar brush about him – and that nose condemns that parasitic foreign import as one of the Red Sea trotting descendents of Mose the Nose.

  12. Anonymous

    Stuart Bainbridge looks like a so called chosen one to me.This is what 'chosen ones' occupied governments are capable of towards for example Anjin-sama's Japan. Japan yesterday, 9/11 USA or 7/7 Britain today or tomorrow. It's what they do and are best at. Destroying other countries and their peoples for profit.Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Reenactment who fails to heed the lessons of history is doomed to repeat them.

  13. Anonymous

    I regret to have to report that Morris is back, this time pathetically trying to do a hatchet job on Michaela Mackenzie with his latest 'offering' – Michaela Mackenzie and the BNP. Morris seems to make a kind of Freudian slip in the first sentence of the third paragraph: "Now I do not know what sort of "patriot" would seek to destroy Our Country's only hope for money….."Morris should be far more careful with what he says and how he says it considering the overwhelming evidence out there that the Gr££in BNP money grabbing and squandering machine's only hope and purpose in its miserable life IS all about money and is not about achieving power – not ever. He really is an out and out numpty and a deluded and demented one at that. How decent patriots can suffer this cretin and continue to prop up his worthless (to Nationalism) Zionist/Sayanim webs*ite is absolutely beyond me.Will no one out there in Gri££in's BNP rid us of this troublesome beast and put him out to grass with his fellow Welsh sheep? Or should that be put on ice, as in put on ice with his fellow penguin family that he promised to spend more time with in his earlier "I have to pop out for a while" nonsense?

  14. Anonymous

    just recieved a meassge which is very strange form a BNP Hi. This is the qmail-send program at'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.: does not like recipient.Remote host said: 550 Unrouteable addressGiving up ????last time i had a message like this was when a client who owed me a lot of money went out of business !

  15. ex-bnp 2009

    I’m sorry to say it but the BNP is almost completely finished. Gri££in has abused it and drained it of its life blood – cash and talented people. This bastard deserves to rot for what he has done to the party. This latest ‘Dowson travesty’ is the final nail in the coffin – the pasty-faced little weasel of a conman is nothing more than Belfast’s answer to Del Boy. The level of lies, hypocrisy, greed and cowardice displayed by Gri££in is quite unbelievable. He doesn’t even have the balls for a stand-up fight with Eddy and so pulls in a couple of morons to ‘thin out’ and pervert the challenge – I mean what a shit-bag!Back in 2007 I doubted some of what was being said and written about Gri££in by the Decembrists, and it is my deepest regret that I did not take enough notice and act. EVERY bloody word and fear of what will happen to the BNP has come true – it was written by them THREE YEARS AGO!With exception of Matt S, (A criminal that I think should have ended up in prison or a secure nut-house), the Decembrists should be brought back in. They proved at least that they had the guts and foresight to see this terrible mess when it was looming on the horizon and try to prevent it. Although the Colin Auty challenge was botched, because it was ill conceived without proper support, it at least had the effect of showing that a respected party member CAN find the balls to stand up to Gri££in. Eddy’s challenge is honourable and I have been impressed with the moral ground he has taken, however I think that some of those that are supporting him are not attacking Gri££in enough and exposing him for what he has done. There is far too much of this “Nick is a nice guy but….” nonsense being bounded about. He is NOT a nice guy, he is a crook and a bully that has been holding nationalism back for years. Slander, intimidation and character assassination are the tools he uses to secure his chairmanship. We will never rid ourselves of such a rotten albatross by being ‘nice’ to it.

  16. Anonymous

    EX bnp 2009Same boat my friend.If i were still a betting man these are the odds i would give of griffins funeral pyre :blacks 20/1muslims 16/1reds 10/1taxman 5/1M.I.5 4/1members 2/1ex members 1/5

  17. Anonymous

    Dodgy Dowson posted this on Green Arrow today, he seems so sure he will carry on and survive, he must be plotting something?"The BNP will survive the scorn of McKenzie and so will I but…."

  18. Anonymous

    re anon @ 11:40 and the Michaela Mackenzie and the BNP article by Green Arrow.Judging by a few of the comments, the Griffin BNP faithful seem to finally waking up to the awful reality of Nick Gri££in MEP BNP SHYSTER. I've tried to get a couple of comments of my own on that article today without success. I can't say I blame the Green Arrow Admins really for not publishing them. The first comment was roughly worded, "The next time I see your ugly face Morris I will rip off your head and defecate down your neck after which I will rip off one of your arms and hit your removed head with the soggy end." First message ends.The 2nd rejected comment is not fit for publishing on a family blog like this. Suffice to say, I accused him amongst many other expletives of being born to parents out of wedlock and inviting him to go have sexual intercourse with himself instead of with innocent Welsh lambs all the time. He has absolutely no sense of humour the sad b******!

  19. Anonymous

    The ZOG and establishment bought and paid for hatred displayed by the truly despicable Morris – like all rabid Zionists – knows no bounds. He has crossed the line today with his hateful attack on the lovely Michaela Mackenzie. There is but one solution:Paul Morris of Greenberg Arrowitz Penguins and Sons Gets Tasered's the only way.

  20. Anonymous

    Interesting comment on the old forumThere are thousands of ex members who have left due to Griffin over the past decade there are around 30,000 people who have been a member of the BNP but aren't anymore doesn't that say something? If dowson is such an industry expert 30,000 members is a dam site lot of money to go down the plughole.My membership has been lapsed for sometime now,yet the begging letters and emails still arrive but i am yet to receive one with the words " we notice your membership has expired grovel,grovel " etc.

  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… EX bnp 2009Same boat my friend.If i were still a betting man these are the odds i would give of griffins funeral pyre :blacks 20/1muslims 16/1reds 10/1taxman 5/1M.I.5 4/1members 2/1ex members 1/54 August 2010 18:46===================================members 2/1 ???? – seems long odds for a dead cert .o( * (dead cert – geddit?) * sign of the one-eyed cunt.KEEP DICKING NICK

  22. Anonymous

    Just received the latest Dowson/Gri££in BNP begging letter from Belfast sounding more desperate than ever. 'grave situation''suffering acute…financial pressure''we are David to the establishment's thuggish Goliath. But right now were (sic) out of slingshots…'I haven't been a member now for some time and haven't donated for even longer but still the begging letters come. If Dowson is such a business expert, how come the BNP is in such a financial mess? The EHRC case was never fought even though the appeal for money from the membership was fraudulently based on the promise/claim that it would be. The continuing case is now about contempt for not doing exactly what the Gri££in BNP agreed to do regarding the wording of the new membership criteria or something. It has to be deliberate just like Marmitegate and Palacegate. I won't give a penny to the BNP as long as Gri££in and Dowson are on the scene and even then, I would need a lot of convincing before parting with my money ever again. Gri££in and his cohorts will leave a bitter and long lasting, even eternal legacy for true nationalists and true nationalism and I am not sure that the severely damaged BNP political brand can be saved or will be worth saving. A totally fresh start may be best and I think will be needed. A sure fire case of not throwing good money after bad and not pursuing lost causes. The electorate will never vote BNP in sufficient numbers to affect Parliament, partly if not mainly because of Gri££in and the negative legacy he will leave in his wake.


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