It’s amazing the pictures that you come across on the net.

Caption competition anyone?



5 thoughts on “It’s amazing the pictures that you come across on the net.

  1. Anonymous

    They gave me this t.shirt when i landed in your country and said it represents north,east,south,west and will guide me to many benefits im still looking.coco de la coono

  2. Anonymous

    As promised, The Green Arrow has produced some limited edition T-shirts to present to those who have in their own way NOT supported this Zionist/Sayanim site and what it promotes and believes in…Nick Griffin's BNP/Israel and sod all else. After all, those who do not support me, Israel or Nick Griffin's BNP are Jew baiters, anti-Semites and Nutzies. If you read it on Green Arrow it must be true…must it not? Actually between you and me it's not true, not a word of it but like the racist slap down word it works a treat in getting critical true nationalists off my site so I can be surrounded by just my deluded sycophant posters. These T-shirts will be awarded retrospectively and in the future. There will only ever be 50 made, until that is the next 50 are made and so on. The Green Arrow alone will decide who the stupid goyim award winners will be and what to charge them, whether they want one or not. The chosen few (who do NOT support the 'chosen people' and their Zionist/Sayanim sites like Greenberg Arrowitz) will be recognised for what they are wherever they go.Fortunately like everyone and everything in Gri££in's BNP, they will eventually be for sale to anyone daft enough to want one. Price guide £99.99. I'll also keep the penny change.Picture shown is NOT posed by a model but the latest recruit to Nick Griffin's multicult BNP (rumoured to be EHRC Trevor Philips' son) where everyone but true nationalists are welcome but remember to carry your cheque book/credit card/cash with you at all times and just forget the worthless membership card.

  3. Anonymous

    For only fifteen-hundred pounds a nice Mr. Gri££in and a nice Mr. Dow$on just sold me this shirt with a life-time gaurantee that should I meet with an unfortunate accident I will get a bed and intensive medical care in a NHS hospital, all for free.Fly On mThe Wall


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