"If you’ve got a green arrow badge, you can get in absolutely free"

Well the Green (zionist/sayanim) Arrow website have surpassed themselves in the self exposure stakes this time.
Remember if you are docile enough to click on the sites donate button, you won’t be helping the B.N.P., you won’t be helping nationalism, you will be helping Morris with his own self promotion and the massaging of his already over inflated ego.

How much has the production and commissioning of these 50 badges cost the unsuspecting “sparrowites”, lord only knows!. What we do know is that if Morris wanted to help nationalism, he wouldn’t be squandering funds in this frivoluous and self promoting manner!!!.

Perhaps he will tell the gullible “sparrowites” that:

“If you’ve got a green arrow badge you can get in absolutely free”

(only into the green arrow paltalk room though, not into museums and the like lol)

“Bertie, get it off me!!! isn’t it”


Some interesting audio of Morris, from his paltalk room, when he isn’t out on a “mission” lol:



6 thoughts on “"If you’ve got a green arrow badge, you can get in absolutely free"

  1. Anonymous

    I once had a blue peter badge i also have a once very proud BNP badge.I have gone back to wearing the blue peter badge as since i woke up i have a little bit more respect for john noakes than nick griffin.

  2. Anonymous

    Probably welsh roger the artful dodger behind the scam.All super activists in the BNP these days are robbing members left right and centre and the twats still hit the donate button personally i would rather hit the self destruct button.

  3. GriffinWatch

    Well the good thing in all of this, is that Morris is exposing himself on an almost a daily basis now, the G.A. Alexa stats are plumetting earthwards."One must always look for the good, in any situation"

  4. Anonymous

    Hey GW, why don't you commission the same badge but with the correct spelling? "Greenberg Arrowitz"? Also instead of the arrow through GA (I only wish) make the background the Israeli flag with "Israel/Griffin's BNP: Brothers in Arms" on it. Send Morris and his Zionist co-writers a few freebies suggesting they visit Israel and be sure to display the badges proudly and prominantly. When a member of the IDF asks them wtf they think they're playing at just before he or she shoots them, be sure to tell them to say please and thank you and the IDF may make it quick but I wouldn't bank on it. After all, Israelis just love Griffin's BNP, don't they?

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Hey GW, why don't you commission the same badge but with the correct spelling? "Greenberg Arrowitz"?=================================== I think a badge depicting Arrowitz with his head stuck in Griffin's arsehole would sell by the thousands.


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