The most important thread in British Nationalism. A repost.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Nicks Masonic Handshake. Just like his dad?

“Frenchman Jean-Marie le Pen (member of Paris’ Grand Orient Lodge) warmly welcomes Masonic brother Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP). Jean-Marie le Pen, head of a supposed right-wing populist party in France, is oft criticized in that country’s press for what they say are his anti-Semitic views. In fact, by this hand grip and by other clear Masonic gestures he has made publicly, it appears that le Pen is a covert Mason, which would make him more akin to Zionism and its Communist Hegelian philosophy. “

” Further to Tartarus’s article on the exposure of Edgar Griffin, father of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, as a long-standing freemason, we have now receieved confirmation that Peter Silver (of Chartered Accountants Silver & Co) is a Lodge Grand Master and is based at Bridgenorth, Shropshire.
Clearly such a position of masonic authority conveys considerable power within the masonic community and the non-masonic world where fellow masons would be expected to work within the rules of the fraternity where it concerns mutual aid to fellow brothers.
It seems perfectly justified to assume therefore that Nick Griffin’s father, Edgar Griffin (a long-standing lodge member) would have chosen the accountancy of Silver & Co to carry out the auditing work of the British National Party.
Edgar Griffin’s lodge is at Welshpool, in close geographical proximity to Bridgenorth, Shropshire, where Silver & Co have the second of their two offices (the other one being in Cannock, Staffordshire).
The reasonable inference is that Silver & Co were selected on the basis of masonic connections between Edgar Griffin and Peter Silver.
Edgar Griffin manages the BNP’s Trafalgar Fund and essentially administers the BNP Treasury, the actual Treasurers of the BNP seemingly front men for what is primarily a family-run business for the Griffins.”

This post is by far the most viewed post that we have ever made on GriffinWatch  (it surpasses the Collett/Hannam Blackpool posts) and with good reason, it has been viewed worlwide from France to Florida, from Sweden to Norway, from the Lebanon to Libya, even Israel have had a peek.

It is a given that the B.N.P. under Griffarage, is a state sanctioned safety valve, it is also clear that if the establishment really wanted rid of Griffarage, they would instigate a hard hitting investigation into the B.N.P. accounts, they have provably failed to do this, despite the real BNP accounts being leaked on this very blog, which is regularly viewed by the M.S.M. 

Actions speak louder than words, the actions of the establishment have made no real efforts to remove Griffarage, one can only assume that they are quite happy with Griffarage continually holding nationalism back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “The most important thread in British Nationalism. A repost.

  1. Anonymous

    Just as with Gri££in planned/State condoned/arranged (twice) leaked membership lists, Gri££in planned/State condoned/arranged attacks by UAF unwashed on newly elected BNP MEPs at Parliament Green, Griffin planned/State condoned/arranged "don't darken my royal doorstep Mr Gri££in" with HM's supposedly last minute persona non grata at the Buck House tea party, this constant lateness with the accounts has got to be planned/condoned/deliberate/forgiven or something similar. The BNP is the 5th largest political party in the country with one of the most demonised party leaders in history. What's going on? The msm should be in a feeding frenzy!Gri££in is 100% STATE make no mistake. The ZOG State's Gri££in is there to give false hope while those who offer at least 'some' hope (Eddy Butler) other than Gri££in's 'no hope' are vilified by bought and paid for Zionist scum/sayanim sites like Paul Morris's Green Arrow, the laughable Reconquista's Brothers in Arms of criminal Zionist Israel.

  2. Anonymous

    COLLETT CHARGES DROPPED No evidence to substantiate the allegations of threats to killThis morning Thursday 29th July Humberside police contacted Mark Collett and informed him that there would be no further action taken with respect to allegations by Nick Griffin and James Dowson in March this year about telephone call threats to kill.These malicious accusations were deliberately spread to the world media by Nick Griffin and James Dowson at the outset of our General Election campaign and at a stroke undermined the work, commitment, and loyalty of our brave candidates our hard working activists, and generous donors.This act of treason by Nick Griffin and James Dowson destroyed our election campaign at the outset.This is just further evidence that Nick Griffin's time as leader must come to an end.

  3. Anonymous

    anon @ 20:43I'm hearing rumours that Butler has been expelledExpelled from Gri££in's BNP? Badge of Honour! 'Shotgun Ed' Butler!This internecine warfare aka the BNP leadership 'challenge' really is taking on the appearance of L A Confidential where Everyone (but Eddy Butler) is suspect; everyone (but Eddy Butler) is for sale; and nothing (but Eddy Butler) is what it seems.But seriously in L A Con, unbribable Ed 'shotgun' Exley is vilified and ostracised for whistleblowing on some 'fellow' corrupt cops. He is promoted to Detective Lieutenant, much to the dismay of the dodgy Los Angeles Mayor and a viciously evil and corrupt DA who reminds me of NG for some obscure reason.Here's DA/NG getting some toilet training from hard man 'Bud White' (cool indigenous name) while Ed Exley watches approvingly. It's the only language Gri££in will ever understand.


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