BNP Accounts late yet again. David Hannam caught lying.

Regulatory Action
The following two parties failed to submit their accounts to the Commission.

  • The British National Party 
  • Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”
The British National Party’s Regional Accounting Unit also failed to submit their accounts to the Commission.

The SDLP Assembly Group accounting unit submitted accounts before the deadline, but failed to include an auditor’s report for their accounts as required by law; accordingly their accounts are considered to be late and are still outstanding.
For late submission of their statements of accounts the parties will be fined a minimum of £500 and the accounting units will be fined a minimum £100. This figure will increase if the accounts are more than three months late.
Peter Wardle, Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission, said:
“The rules that we regulate demand that political parties, who play a crucial part in our democracy, are transparent about how much money they raise and how they spend it. Their annual statements of accounts help give that picture.”

The likely fine/fines to be incurred for the accounts being late are detailed in the link below. Ed.

But wait, there is more: Ed.

On the 28-10-10.
David Hannam, the B.N.P.s Treasurer (sic) said in an email (screenshots below) and we quote here:

tick All legally-required Statement of Accounts are submitted on time.”

This is a blatant lie, Hannam must have known, as the treasurer that the BNP accounts had not in fact been submitted on time. Ed.

Are the lying cabal of Griffarage and his cohorts (co-defendants?) seriously expecting the long abused members to click on the donate button in the above screenshot? Ed.
(Hannam pictured above)


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