Scotland comes onboard. A statement from Roy Jones.

Brief statement regarding my position as to the Eddy Butler leadership challenge from Roy Jones, former Aberdeen and North East Scotland Sub Regional Organiser, candidate at council, European and Parliamentary level for North East Scotland and North Aberdeen.

Firstly I would like to say that certain events since the announcement of Eddy Butler’s leadership challenge have left many of us in Scotland with a very bad taste in our mouths concerning the tactics used by the party management.

It has become perfectly apparent that the BNP has become a dictatorship in which freedom of speech is being denied to officials, activists and members alike. Many nationalists here in Scotland met Eddy a couple of weeks ago. In a full and frank conversation it became clear that the problems we have had here in Scotland are much the same as those experienced by the main party down south. We seem to be on a merry go round of good people offering their support to the party and being willing to work but finding themselves cast aside when they have voiced their views and concerns over the leadership style. This is quite obviously synonymous with what is happening throughout the rest of the party.

Clearly Nick Griffin’s achievements since he took over should be recognised and he will be remembered as the most successful nationalist leader in our history up until now, but something has gone wrong. We seem to be in a one step forward two steps back scenario. Just as we are about to achieve a breakthrough with the British public, we score an own goal and the resulting bad press undoes all our good work. Those people advising Mr Griffin are quite clearly not doing their jobs properly and seem to be there just to secure his position as Chairman.

The old adage that all publicity is good publicity simply is not true. Bad press is exactly what it says. This week’s latest bad press involving Nick was so sad to see. Instead of allowing the odious Peter Tatchell the chance to express his opinions, Tatchell was forcibly bundled away by party security at the very moment Nick Griffin was claiming to have been victimised by the establishment when he was banned from Buckingham Palace. This debacle will have just cost us thousands more votes. The idiotic media storm disclosing details of the alleged murder plot just before a general election probably cost us tens of thousands of votes.

As we all know, the present financial situation of the BNP is extremely precarious and the succession of law suits, costs and damages against us demonstrate that all is not well with the party leadership. This must change and would never have happened, had someone done their job properly and advised Nick that the consequences of his decisions would lead to financial meltdown.

We are now in a situation where our own head office is leading a gutter smear campaign against Eddy. If we were a truly democratic party, then this would never have happened. The lies spread by some people within the party concerning the highjacking of websites etc. is both sad and destructive. To allow themselves to be manipulated like this to secure their positions shows exactly why we will never move forward unless someone puts a stop to this type of conduct.

It is now time for this leadership challenge to go ahead in a reasoned, democratic manner with both sides allowed to express their opinions in open debate. Rumours abound concerning possible purges after the conclusion of this challenge, should Nick win. This is quite disgusting. We are all nationalists and must work together afterwards, otherwise we will be finished as a nation.

Members up here in the far north east and throughout Scotland fully support this leadership challenge by Eddy Butler. We all feel this will bring a much needed breath of fresh air. This is essential if our cause is to advance.

Kindest Regards

Roy Jones”


5 thoughts on “Scotland comes onboard. A statement from Roy Jones.

  1. Anonymous

    'Clearly Nick Griffin’s achievements since he took over should be recognised and he will be remembered as the most successful nationalist leader in our history up until now… '.I beg to differ Griffin is like a turd laid on the sea shore by a passing dog and then carried to record heights up the shoreline by the Tsunami of racial and economic chaos facing the Western World.The height reached is unfortunately not due to the innate qualities of the turd but due to the dire cicumstancies we face.

  2. Anonymous

    The BNP is going nowhere anymore and will continue in fast reverse with Gri££in staying on at the helm. With Zionist supporting hate sites like Morris's Green Arrow rabidly supporting the Griffin camp, I wouldn't have any truck whatsoever with their phoney multicult, I love racist Israel vicious brand of nationalism. They attack 'fellow' true nationalists while sucking up to their new best Sikh friend who is clearly an establishment approved plant. It's not nationalism even in the loosest sense yet Morris on one of today's articles bangs on about it being just that. Is he trying to jerk people off? How the hell can a party that now welcomes all and sundry and with self confessed Zionists on board like Mike (Mikahil) Green(berg) and others call itself a nationalist party? It's ridiculous. It's part of the liblabukipbnpcon trick. Griffin's BNP is now definitely part of the establishment problem.

  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if the white race and true Britons/Europeans can ever be saved? Do they/we deserve to be saved? When you have Zio-hate sites like Morris's Green Arrow pretending to be 'nationalist' and the dopey dupes falling for it, you have to ask yourself if the game really is up and we will soon be 'gone with the wind'. You're doing your very best GW but the odds against are now enormous. It will be a very close call if we manage to ever pull it off. When sheepish whites are brainwashed into virtually hating themselves and their fellow kind while loving all-comers, you just know the writing is on the wall – except nothing is written? Time alone will tell.The White Race Explained in 3:27LO QUE EL VIENTO SE LLEVÓ

  4. Giddy

    Just got this from BNP Scotland Blog – "Anonymous said… Raikes what a fucking worm, come into Aberdeen again and dont be surprised if someone has a pop at you. This is not a threat, just a word from someone looking out for your safety. As the word is you are going to be getting it. 28 July 2010 14:52 News Team said… Well this sums up Butlers supporters. Nick Teasdale 28 July 2010 15:48 "Nick Teasdale? I would guarantee he is Gary Raikes. Funny how a comment containing abuse goes up and then under an hour later (when usually the comments and articles are not updated for days) a news team response appears blaming "Butlers supporters"! Eddy if you do get elected do what NG failed to do June 09 sack that fool Raikes before he creams in a pension(taxpayers expense) under PR system next year. He could do serious damage to Scotland BNP leading to the first and last ever MSP.He (GR) has no idea what he is doing! Thats why I left, I couldn't stand on the street anymore promoting Raikes, Griffin and Dowson.


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