My, what a big nose you have! Paul "Pinocchio" Golding exposed.

My answer to an act of desperation by Paul Golding
It was brought to my attention that Paul Golding, one of the current Chairman’s chief supporters and, amazingly, the British National Party’s current Head of Media, Propaganda and Fundraising has sent out an open letter to me addressed to party officers in Eastern and London Regions. Strangely, he didn’t send this open letter to me, but I have been forwarded a copy.

In this document Paul Golding amply demonstrates that he is unfit to hold a senior position within the party. As the supposed ‘head’ of our media unit he has potentially landed us in yet more trouble with the Equalities Commission. He has misused our e-mail database, which he has been entrusted to hold for party purposes, in order to send out his personal, long and rambling hate message. In doing this he has violated the Data Protection Act and abused work colleagues in such a way as to constitute grounds for constructive dismissal.

Nick Griffin is abroad on an extended holiday so I can only imagine that, in his absence, he has entrusted party business to Paul Golding. God help us.

Virtually every single claim made by Paul Golding is a lie. In the light of Golding’s ill informed and highly inaccurate claims, I will reinforce one major issue, which I am compelled to do, due to Golding’s foolish intervention


In mid March, serious allegations of the theft of very large sums of party money were brought to my attention. I contemplated bringing the matter before the Advisory Council after the General Election, provided the allegations were confirmed. However, before this matter progressed much further, the information was leaked to the current Chairman Nick Griffin, who reacted by removing from office the three people who knew about the allegations and the plan to raise it at the AC: myself, Emma Colgate and Mark Collett.

As a direct result, Mark Collett was accused of making threats to kill Jim Dowson. This allegation was deliberately leaked to the media by the BNP leadership. To do this at the outset of the General Election campaign was an obvious public relations disaster but served to distract attention away from the real issue. Nevertheless, for the good of the party and so as not to prejudice the work of our activists and candidates, everyone kept quiet.

After the General Election, I asked Nick Griffin to hold an independent internal investigation into the BNP’s finances to clear the matter up once and for all, and to restore confidence in the party’s finances. This was refused and made a leadership challenge inevitable.

At that stage, the allegations were just that – allegations. I have been open about this. As I was not the Treasurer, it should be obvious to anyone that I could not prove anything. However, as a senior officer, if very serious allegations from another senior source were made, it was my duty not to ignore them or be involved in a cover up.

Since then, further information has been brought to my attention. It is such that, if brought out into the public domain, it would be very damaging to the entire party’s reputation, so it is not a matter to be talked about lightly. By releasing a highly edited tape of a secretly recorded conversation and by sending out his private e-mail using party lists, Paul Golding is making it more likely the allegations of theft of very large sums of party money will take centre stage in this leadership contest.

It is important to remember that, even if these allegations are untrue or if the information that I have mentioned is not released, then it is obvious that the party’s financial situation is in total disarray. Rather than talk about large scale theft of party funds I have focussed my campaign around issues relating to mismanagement, incompetence and lack of care. I make no apology for this.

Many readers may want to stop here. To many, rebutting the nonsense that spews forth from the party’s so-called leadership may seem tedious. Nevertheless, for the sake of putting it on record, it is necessary. Incidentally, it is obvious that Paul Golding’s letter has actually been ghost written by Jim Dowson – as is the case with virtually all his literary offerings.

Paul Golding’ s explanation for sending out his diatribe is that he claims to have uncovered an outrageous lie about himself and wished to clear his name. We have to wade through an immense amount of nonsense before we get to that stage. Paul Golding says he doesn’t support my leadership bid (no kidding) but that, and his uncomplimentary opinions about me, are his prerogative.

Paul Golding claims that after the Euro Elections I suddenly enjoyed a cosy relationship with Mark Collett. I was on reasonable terms with Mark Collett most of the time as he was a colleague I had to work with closely. Sometimes our work relationship was frosty, such as when he once neglected to put an imprint on a mass produced leaflet. I was not on particularly good terms with him after the Euro election and I don’t know what sinister implication is meant by this. Golding repeatedly claims Collett is a ‘hard line Nazi’, but actually he takes moderate and sensible political stances. I would not judge Marlk Collett’s current political position based on what he said and did as an immature 20 year old.

I could comment on Paul Golding’s real political views, as regularly expressed to me and very many others, but I won’t, since it would discredit the party. However, publicising that an existing member of staff and someone who until a few months ago was the BNP’s Head of Publicity, is a Nazi, is not what we would expect from our Head of Media and Propaganda. Is Paul Golding trying to do the enemy’s work for them?

Golding goes further and makes a disgraceful and totally unsubstantiated allegation that Mark Collett was caught trying to defraud the party of tens of thousands of pounds through dodgy printing contracts. I can confirm, categorically, that no such charge has ever been levelled at Mark Collett. Anyone proved to have done so would have been instantly dismissed, expelled and possibly prosecuted.

Mark Collett is still a member of staff and has had no disciplinary action taken against him. It is grossly inappropriate for our so-called Head of Media, Propaganda and Fundraising to make these attacks on a member when he hasn’t provided the slightest evidence. Indeed, a public e-mail broadcast is not the appropriate place to make such allegations, with or without evidence. Paul Golding’s behaviour, on this issue alone, renders him totally unsuitable for employment with this party or from holding any office.

I do not state these facts to defend Mark Collett, but to set the record straight.

Paul Golding complains that, as National Organiser, I acted as some sort of ‘director general’. This has a degree of truth in it because it is what I was expected to do. By moaning about it, Paul Golding shows that he is unable to act within a team structure or to accept advice or instructions.

In fact, my position was delicate as several staff members ‘went missing’ and I ended up having to do more than was originally intended. I was operating with a lot of responsibility but little power, as any decision or initiative I suggested was likely to be overruled by Jim Dowson or Nick Griffin. Dowson operated as Nick Griffin’s unofficial ‘director general’, undermining all other senior members of staff. Nick Griffin was an absentee ‘ruler’ giving all his attention to Europe while at the same time arbitrarily intervening in domestic matters when the whim took him, and again, undermining his staff and officials, making it impossible for anyone to have the confidence to do their jobs properly.

Paul Golding claims that I have little ‘real life’ experience – apart from as a low level civil servant, to which he adds the snide remark that it is strange I was never exposed by Searchlight.

I have never been a low level civil servant, which might explain why I was never exposed. I was a middle ranking local government officer which is quite different. I was not exposed because I was discreet about my real employment status and did not court the limelight or stand in any elections until just before I left.

However, as Paul Golding has extremely little ‘real life’ experience, he is not in a position to know that. If he wants any credibility, he, and others, should have thought this one up before the leadership challenge. The thought never occurred to him while I was still National Organiser.

I have been continuously active in nationalist politics since I joined in 1980, while still at school. I have been responsible for more local election victories, in more areas, than anyone else. I have longer experience in being a national officer and regional organiser than anyone else currently in the party, with the exception of Richard Edmonds. Before working in local government I held a number of different jobs in the private sector. I only started to work in a paid role for the party when I was 46 and have a wealth of ‘real life’ experience that amply qualified me for my role.

Paul Golding should know this. I ran the successful campaign which resulted in him being elected a councillor! Some gratitude!

Golding’s ‘real life’ experience consists of being in the BNP for a couple of years when in his teens. Then he dropped out, disappeared for seven years and had absolutely nothing to do with us. He suddenly re-appeared, just as he lost his job as a fork lift truck driver (or something similar) and when we had gained large scale publicity in London following our GLA victory in 2008. His natural environment is the south east London ‘club scene’, not nationalist politics. His background gives serious ground for suspicion that he is a ‘Searchlight spy’ – his sudden re-appearance for example, but unlike him, I don’t make unfounded claims.

Golding claims I didn’t take my role as National Elections Officer seriously. Since I was officially employed two days a week as a European assistant to Nick Griffin, two days for Andrew Brons, and one day as National Organiser/National Elections Officer, you can appreciate the difficulty. This shows that the only person who didn’t take the role of National Elections Officer seriously was Nick Griffin, since it was he who defined my roles and their time allocations.

Paul Golding is obviously still smarting because I remonstrated with him when he interfered with a fundraising event I organised in my region. In his e-mail he emotionally describes how I was ‘beastly’ towards him. My guess is that hardly anyone in the party has ever seen me shout or lose my temper. I am probably known for being very even tempered and to some people, monotone!

The gist of poor Paul’s complaint is that he ‘advised’ me to change a fundraiser in my region. What he actually did was lobby with various people involved to cancel the event two days before it happened, while I was away in Brussels on European Parliamentary business. I had already set the event in motion and did not require his input. He had, for some time, been acting well beyond his remit, sending out e-mails in my name (as National Organiser) without consulting me, threatening officers with severe disciplinary action if they didn’t bank their local funds promptly or if they spoke to the press. I had repeatedly told him not to do this as it was making me look ridiculous. I am amused to learn he has not leant his lesson and is causing the same problems to my replacement.

Golding’s reasoning was that the London roadshow had taken place at the same venue a week earlier, when actually it was two weeks before. I chose to hold it there, rather than elsewhere, as there was a Barking and Dagenham day of action that day and I didn’t want to lure activists away from it. In fact, I arranged for a big crowd to turn up at the venue and we raised a substantial amount of money – no thanks to his interference. His only contribution was to turn up late and forget to bring a backdrop.

I have outlined at the start of this article the background of the so-called ‘palace coup’ against Nick Griffin. Paul Golding gives a fictitious version that does not make sense, claiming I was going to ambush Nick Griffin with lies at an AC meeting. He doesn’t explain the mechanism whereby I or anyone else could ‘ambush’ the Chairman at an AC meeting, probably because he doesn’t understand our constitution and hopes the readers don’t either.

The only power the AC has is to call an EGM over the head of the Chairman if they vote by a 2/3 majority. If I managed to persuade the AC to do this on the basis of lies, then I would have been exposed at the subsequent EGM. What use would lies have been at an EGM? If I persuaded the EGM that the accounts needed to be examined, then nothing was found to be wrong, what purpose would it have served? The Chairman would have been exonerated and I would have looked a fool at best.

The whole ‘false accusation to discredit the poor innocent Chairman’ routine holds less water than a colander.

I have explained what happened, openly, at around a dozen meetings. Paul Golding doesn’t have to rely on sneaks secretly recording me. It’s there, on camera, for all to see, on my blog and my website.

Paul Golding claims that a secretly taped conversation between Mark Collett and David Hannam (the Party Treasurer) condemns me. A recording of Mark Collett speaking to David Hannam about a variety of things cannot possibly constitute proof of anything against me. Significantly, I was banned from the meeting where snips of the Collett-Hannam tape were played but I have a good idea what was said and my interpretation of the inaudible bits (which I’m told is most of it) would probably have caused discomfort for the ‘party line’. I am told it was inaudible even to those who “examined’ it, in secret, in a separate room. Only a few minutes were played of what was a 90 minute long tape.

It is of no concern to me if the full tape is played or downloaded to You Tube. It has nothing whatsoever to do with me. Paul Golding has been very vocal in claiming there are tapes proving I said this or that. There are no tapes of me saying anything to prove I was doing something wrong or unconstitutional or planning any such thing. Golding claims that Nick Griffin could ‘finish me’ by playing the tape. Then why doesn’t he? It’s because I don’t feature on the tape. I wasn’t there and I wasn’t party to any discussion.

Golding makes the pathetic claim that they can’t release the tape as it would unleash a media storm against us. So why haven’t they played it to me in private to embarrass me into silence? Why did they unleash a media storm against us in the first place by announcing to the world that the Director of Publicity was threatening to kill the fundraiser? Any sensible leader would have had a private meeting with Collett and, if necessary, quietly sacked him, with no damage to the party.

Significantly Paul Golding has produced another shabby tape purporting to show that I have lied about financial wrongdoings. In fact, these tapes show nothing of the sort. His specialist technique is to edit out a few words here and there to alter the context and supposedly ‘prove’ something. In fact, even the edited version proves nothing.

Golding then goes on to claim that I was offered the chance to resign and actually did so in front of ‘witnesses’. If that was true, why am I still legally employed by Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons and the party? He claims I had no other option but to resign, but I clearly did, because I didn’t resign.

He suggests I was offered a European research role with Nick Griffin in an attempt to buy my silence. Golding makes the laughable claim that they wanted to help me ‘save face’ after I was involved in a vicious plot to unseat our innocent Chairman and in a plan to kill Jim Dowson? Doesn’t quite add up, does it?

Incidentally, the offer of a research role (which is true) flies in the face of those who have tried to claim that I am only challenging Nick Griffin because I lost my job. They tried to buy me off with another job when they saw that I wasn’t going to roll over. Jim Dowson even said I would be on more money. Thanks for confirming that Paul. It also proves that I did not resign.

Paul Golding then moans that I have ‘blagged’ several more month’s wages – to buy new suits with. Make your mind up. Am I skint and on skid row (unless I am being secretly funded by Searchlight, wink-wink), or am I still a member of staff?

If I am still a member of staff, is it my fault because I didn’t oblige by resigning, or is it the highly efficient party centre’s fault by not acting to dismiss me, if that was what they wanted to do? Why should I have obliged Nick Griffin by resigning? Does Nick Griffin think I owe him something? Incidentally, nearly all my salary is paid by the European Parliament and Nick Griffin has been still been claiming my wages, so I have not been penalising the party.

Golding claims I am ‘blackmailing’ someone (not sure who) with threats of legal action. I will certainly take legal action if there is any withholding of the wages and expenses I am owed.

I have also threatened legal action against Nick Griffin and his paying agent under the Data Protection Act, as my personal pay details were released on Nick Griffin’s Eddy Butler Exposed blog. I have so far taken no action but I have made it plain to them that I am reserving the right to do this. I am not willing to accept unlawful behaviour from these people towards me.

I have also made it plain that should they attempt to frustrate this leadership election process then I am perfectly willing and able to take legal action against them for redress. Perhaps Nick Griffin should amend his behaviour instead of having Paul Golding try to justify it.

Then Golding makes a number of attempts to link me with Simon Bennett. Simon Bennett is not my webmaster. Simon Bennett did not re-direct Richard Barnbrook’s website to my site, he re-directed it to his own site. He also says my main supporter is Mark Collett, which patently isn’t true. Golding also claims I heaped praise on Collett at a Yorkshire meeting which disgusted local people. I have news for Golding, I set the record straight about Collett, I didn’t praise him and the meeting was a massive success.

Golding thinks he is clever by staying that I have not provided any proof of the theft of party funds.

I have already said this myself… repeatedly.

If financial wrongdoing means theft, then I have provided no evidence, nor have I made claims in that regard.

If financial wrongdoing relates to head office providing fake figures, wasting virtually all our income and throwing the rest away on avoidable court cases then I have provided, at great length in open meetings and on my blog, a massive amount of hard evidence that shows there has been financial wrongdoing.

Paul Golding himself was heavily responsible for us losing thousands of pounds in the Unilever-Marmite case. Paul Golding tried to lie through his teeth about this to a meeting of Essex officers recently, and I subsequently set the record straight for them.

In his e-mail Paul Golding still spreads the blatant lie that we raised £1.6 million in donations last year. I have proved that the true figure is about £1 million and of that, only about £200,000 was left after the cost of collection is deducted – including Jim Dowson’s high personal fee.

Golding again thinks he is clever by reproducing an e-mail where I took a member to task for sending out circulars complaining that our fundraiser deducted a fee of 7.5% from our donations as his commission. As National Organiser I did indeed have to keep order in the party. Every time they try to show that I used to support Griffin’s regime, they just prove I was not plotting against him.

In my leadership meetings, if someone in the audience makes a rash claim, I still defend aspects of the current regime or of our fundraising operation. I don’t indulge in blanket criticism. If we did receive 92.5% of our donation income to use for our cause (and the only loss was the 7.5% commission) then that would be excellent. However I have since established that this is a very misleading headline figure as it does not take into account the other costs of collection, and in reality only a very small proportion of our donation income is available to us to fight our political battles.

Paul Golding then launches into a diatribe against Jonathan Bowden. One minute Bowden is a Tory, then an Odinist, then a fascist, then a KKK supporter, then a modern artist! If he is so bad why was he so sought after as a speaker and why did Griffin appoint him the party’s Cultural Officer? The truth is, he only became a ‘pariah’ after openly expressing support for me. I don’t think I have ever suggested handing the party over to him as Golding claims. Jonathan is popular in the party though, so I guess Paul Golding finds his support for me unsettling.

Golding claims that I am the Searchlight ‘darling’. The most remarkable thing about Searchlight’s, and indeed the entire media’s, treatment of this leadership contest is that they have avoided all mention of what I was saying until the last couple of weeks. The mainstream media still barely mention it.

It is clear to more experienced observers that the reason for this is that they did not know how to play it. It is obvious that they would prefer Nick Griffin to remain as Chairman. They know how to deal with him, and his regular embarrassing stunts such as the recent Buckingham Palace debacle.

I don’t pretend they fear me, but they know I will only be Chairman for a year and then what? Someone they haven’t got the measure of? An unknown quantity? Someone who could actually lead us on to better things? They have their own agenda for wanting to keep Nick Griffin in place because he has the baggage and history to supply them with endless copy. From Searchlight’s point of view, what is the best tactic? If they really want one side to win in an internal nationalist dispute, then clearly it is the kiss of death for Searchlight to back that side. Accordingly, they will make sympathetic sounds towards the group they fear most.

Paul Golding, the seven year drop out who came back because he needed a job, claims he is a dedicated nationalist. Our head of media says we don’t want any homosexuals or ethnics in the party. Is the Equalities Commission listening? Well done Paul! I am sure your e-mail is lodged in their evidence tray ready for the new case in the High Court.

After slagging off Jonathan Bowden, Golding turns his dubious attention to Shelley Rose, just because she supports me, and lies by claiming I said she is a plant or a ‘wrong un’. That is an invention of Jim Dowson’s and as Paul Golding is Dowson’s boy, it is his invention as well.

I am going over old claims here but Golding then tries it on again with the nonsense that I had Sadie Graham’s and Sharon Ebanks’s numbers on my party phone. Golding thought he was being exceptionally clever by getting his techno-geek friend to restore the phone numbers to craftily catch me out. Being of limited intellect Golding neglected to take into account that my phone had been used by Michaela MacKenzie before me, and by Sadie Graham before that. They simply restored all the numbers that had ever been on there.

Golding claims that I visited Kenny Smith when I went to Scotland recently. Kenny Smith fell out with Nick Griffin a few years back and got embroiled in one of the numerous schisms that characterise Griffin’s rule and which have lost us thousands of otherwise useful and valuable members. I did indeed bump into Kenny Smith when I visited Scotland recently as all the good Scottish nationalists still socialise together. Kenny Smith was in no way associated with Sadie Graham and Matt Single’s treachery and has totally disassociated himself from them. Golding wasn’t even in the party when this happened so he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I don’t have a problem with Kenny Smith. Nick Griffin does, but that is Nick Griffin’s problem.

Golding then gets into a tremendous muddle trying to justify the suspension of various supporters of mine on the grounds that they have broken the Data Protection Act by using party lists for non party purposes. In fact, none have yet been given a reason for their suspension. These suspensions will not stand up when challenged because the lists were being used for legitimate party purposes. They were being used in conjunction with the party’s constitutional leadership election. Head office hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Suspending these people is an act of petty tyranny by a politically corrupt and morally bankrupt regime.

Meanwhile Golding misuses this e-mail list for his own personal tirade. The only person who has broken the Data Protection Act is Golding, who has scored an ‘own goal’ by supplying useful extra evidence with which to demolish any action taken against those suspended.

For good measure Golding slips in other accusations here and there that I will debunk just to show that every word he utters is arrant rubbish.

Early on Golding repeats the brothel lie that he so favoured on his Eddy Butler Exposed site. He claims he had nothing to do with Eddy Butler Exposed – yet he was caught red-handed sending an e-mail circular out to the BNP e-mail database advertising the site.

Golding claims I stole a USB memory stick from Dowson’s home, or his office, in July. This is a libellous falsehood. The memory stick in question had been left at the Stroud Office when I cleared it of furniture and equipment in early September. I only saw what was on the memory stick much later when I used it to save some data. I mentioned it to someone as a matter of mild amusement, and that person obviously told Dowson who got very jumpy and asked me to return it, which I did. It wasn’t part of any deal. Perhaps Dowson imagined there was some secret data on it that I might use against him, as at two subsequent meetings he flourished the memory stick like a mystical talisman. This whole episode typifies the pathetic level of accusation that emanates from the current BNP leadership.

He says I interfered with other staff and made myself unpopular. I am more than confident I will assemble an excellent staff team if I am elected as Chairman, with some existing staff and some new staff. I am certain the good existing staff will welcome this change.

If you have got this far you will probably have forgotten that the reason Golding wrote his diatribe was to correct a blatant lie that I am supposed to have told about him.

It is that I am supposed to have told Michael Barnbrook that Golding had claimed £20,000 in expenses.

In fact Golding asked Michael Barnbrook if I had told him this and Michael told him point blank that it was nothing to do with me. Like virtually every word in his e-mail, Paul Golding is making the whole thing up!

I have no idea how much Golding has claimed in expenses. It may be more than £20,000 for all I know. I first heard about this when I had a strange telephone call from Andy McBride, the South East Regional Organiser, asking me about it some time ago.

The only outrageous lie is Golding’s claim that I had anything to do with telling anyone about his expenses.

However, now that Golding has raised the issue of his expenses I will say this much. From the day he was appointed, Golding has consistently been one of the highest expenses claimants in the party. As he is a Griffin favourite (which means he has no discernable political talent and no political achievements to his credit) Golding was taken on the payroll almost as soon as he re-emerged from the south east London club scene. When Jennie Noble was Treasurer her ‘run ins’ with him over his expenses were legion, and those queries continued after Jennie was sacked. I have no idea what the figures were and I haven’t spoken to anyone about this before, but Golding isn’t on firm ground when he mentions expenses claims.

Finally, Golding releases his woeful You Tube film which is supposed to nail me over financial wrong doing claims. Not surprisingly, the film is made in exactly the same style as those on the Eddy Butler Exposed site.

The film begins by saying that a senior Advisory Council member was barred from a meeting ‘proving’ that I don’t believe in transparency. The meeting was private, to discuss matters relating to the leadership challenge. Why would we have wanted Clive Jefferson (for it was he) there? Why bother making such a ridiculous claim? Would I expect Griffin to invite me to one of his meetings to discuss setting up the Eddy Butler Exposed Blog with Paul Golding? Of course not!

As it was, a sneak was there, covertly recording it. The best he could get is…

Clip one has me saying: “I’m not the treasurer, I’ve not got all the invoices, so clearly I can’t prove anything”.
This is what I have said all along so I haven’t a clue what this ‘revelation’ is supposed to prove.

Clip two has me saying something like “so although there has been wrong doings in the finances in some respects it is a red herring…” then the tape is cut. What I said was, it was a red herring to expect me to have proof. Because I am not the treasurer with a box of invoices to hand!

Golding claims that he doesn’t care if anyone listens to the film – yet went out of his way to play these snippets at an officers’ meeting in Essex in a pitiful attempt to blacken my name.

The fact that Golding is reduced to lying and fabricating evidence against me shows that, besides being financially bankrupt, the party leadership is also politically and morally bankrupt.

Golding concludes with a grandstanding declaration of his loyalty to the cause. He arrogantly claims to be the most active member apart from the Chairman! In reality his involvement has been transitory at best. As I have pointed out Paul Golding was briefly active for a couple of years around 1999. Then he dropped out for seven years and rejoined when he lost his job and we won a seat on the GLA and seemed to be on the up.

Although we should welcome everyone in the party to help us to victory, he is not a long term nationalist – he’s a fair weather nationalist. I suspect that sooner or later his enthusiasm will wane, once again, and he will gravitate back to his natural environment.” 


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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Paul Golding or Goldberg? Doesn't he have the "look" of Jack Straw?===================================It's Goldberg – as for someone recently mentioning Goldberg's `shnozzle' I thought the bastard was chewing a banana, but then all yids, including Jack `The Kike' Straw, look like they're either sucking or chewing a Fifes.Goldberg is a complete stranger to truth, and is out of touch with reality – but that's the enevitable results of a £4000-a-month Columbian Nose Sherbet Powder snorting addiction.As demonstrated by Michaela MacKenzie, destroying blatant lies by Gri££in, Dow$son, Goldsteinberg and gang, is easier than shooting fish in a pisspot.Eddy, best of luck with your leadership challenge.KEEP DICKING NICK AND GOLDSCHIZENFly On The Wall

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